“Yes to Peoples’ Sovereignty. No to Brussels’ Bureaucrats.”

The following campaign commercial was released recently by Vox, the conservative Spanish political party. It features a guest appearance by the leader of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, who may well be the next Italian prime minister.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It is so thrilling to be here again, in Andalusia, where the big change took place.
00:04   In 2018 nobody thought this change was possible.
00:09   No survey, no talk show, not even those who are so smart
00:12   that they always know what’s going on, did.
00:15   None of them was able to predict the change. Now we do know what’s going on.
00:18   Now we know they are wrong. Now we know we are many.
00:22   Now we know we are majority. And that we will be a much bigger majority.
00:26   And that sooner than later, VOX will be the first party in Spain.
00:30   Being faced with these challenges, there is no possible middle ground.
00:33   Either we say yes, or we say no.
00:36   Yes to the natural family.
00:39   No to the LGBT lobbies.
00:42   Yes to sexual identity. No to gender ideology.
00:46   Yes to the culture of life. No to the void of death.
00:50   Yes to the universality of the cross. No to the Islamist violence.
00:55   Yes to safe borders. No to mass immigration.
00:59   Yes to peoples’ sovereignty. No to Brussels’ bureaucrats.
01:04   And yes to our civilization. And no to those who want to undo it.
01:09   We need to tear down the ideological walls they have enclosed us with and abandoned us in.
01:14   By betraying, above all, Spanish workers.
01:19   Who belong to the Spain that gets up early.
01:22   To whom we are particularly honored to give voice.
01:26   The Left used to claim to defend the most helpless.
01:30   The Left that used to claim that is only interested in nonsense and frills now.
01:35   All the time, talking about the end of the planet. Taking measures that do nothing but
01:39   affect the poorest. Siding with immigration, which is something that doesn’t affect them.
01:43   That is why, in those places with the highest rates of illegal immigration
01:47   and of cultural clashes, with the highest crime rates,
01:50   In those places in Spain where the most humble live, VOX is the first party today.
01:55   Because it is VOX that sides with the most humble and the neediest in Spain.
01:59   Whereas the Left only cares about the whims of the powerful.

6 thoughts on ““Yes to Peoples’ Sovereignty. No to Brussels’ Bureaucrats.”

  1. VOX populi, fine as it is truly the voice of the people and not the disguised communists who would be lurking in the back corner.

  2. Electoral victories are all well and good but as Trump showed, winning an election with majorities in the other branches of government doesn’t necessarily mean the destruction of the Deep State.

    If Vox wins the election they’ll still have the dead weight of the bureaucratic state to contend with and a very hostile EU superstructure and hordes of highly hostile elites working behind the scenes to keep anything of substance from changing. It is still my contention that nothing will change in a meaningful way until there is violence and elimination of those working against populist initiatives and working for the EU globalist elites along with the elites themselves. And even that isn’t enough; their families and anyone who could possibly be heirs to their vast fortunes or the seeds of new elite networks, plus the vast fortunes that are the means by which they capture individuals and governments to do their bidding must also be eliminated. The more I ponder the totality of their capture of the levers of power the more I understand just why the French Revolution and the Bolshevik purges were so bloody and so thorough in their violence; a regime that wishes to survive cannot afford to spare any of the beneficiaries of the old regime if they don’t want credible challengers to their new regime to arise.

    • “Families and… heirs”? Even for a just cause (unlike, to some extent, the French and Bolshevik Revolutions), this is a lot of blood to spill.

      Israel, which has a just cause, does its best to minimise civilian casualties, even though many of the said civilians have been indoctrinated with Jew hatred.

      • I don’t think anyone could look at the Israeli efforts to pacify the Palestinians and say that they are successful or that it is a long term solution. Their restraint is more likely due to the need to avoid sanctions from Western governments and not from a belief that killing fewer Palestinians will result in an eventual end to their problems with Palestine. One side completely eliminating the other side is the only real solution to a problem where the leadership and the population of at least one side is completely incapable of rational thought or civilized behavior.

        Eliminating families and heirs is just simple self preservation and a realization that this conflict between the globalist elites and the rest of the world’s population is existential and their plans for us would see most of us exterminated where they to prevail. Those fortunes which would survive the deaths of their owners are incredibly dangerous and would enable the children of Soros, Schwab, Gates, etc, etc, to resume the battle to implement the nightmarish dreams of their fathers.

        One doesn’t strike down the king and then leave his son and the former king’s wealth alone to grow up and one day seek revenge.

      • Yes Mark, there is going to be a lot of blood spilt because nature demands it, these elites and their bloody offspring [intemperate recommendation redacted].

        As for the Israeli’s? They play silly games to garner support of just humanitarian their war of selection is. They should have [intemperate recommendation redacted]. Until the Israeli do just that, there will never be peace with those bloody savages, so [intemperate recommendation redacted].

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