Sweden Democrats Confronted by Scary Culture-Enricher in Norrtalje

Members of the Islam-critical Sweden Democrats were alarmed by a menacing culture-enricher when they visited the town of Norrtalje. In the following video you can see the young migrant screaming obscenities at them and threatening them with violence.

Many thanks to Ingrid Carlqvist for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   F***ing dirty c**t! Go to work and wipe your a**!
00:04   You c**t! Tomorrow I will chop your head off.
00:08   I will be here tomorrow. Stand still you rat.
00:12   I will chop your head off, you disrespectful little c**t.
00:16   You want to know what I will do to your children?
00:20   Do you want to know what I will do to your children?
00:24   (Spitting on the ground) I will rape them.
00:28   Andrea Kronvall, Sweden Democrats in Norrtalje. Andrea, you were there. Can you tell me what happened?
00:32   What happened was that we were a group from SD
00:36   that went to Rimbo in Norrtalje
00:40   to campaign and talk about our politics as we always do.
00:46   Suddenly a man comes from nowhere,
00:50   screaming that we are not allowed to be there.
00:54   That we must leave,
00:58   and he was very aggressive from the get-go.
01:02   We kept ourselves calm and he disappeared
01:06   for a minute, before coming back,
01:10   and starts yelling again and escalates his threats.
01:14   For example, he said that
01:18   he wanted to cut our heads off
01:22   and that he would rape our children,
01:26   mine and the others, one pregnant and one 80-year-old.
01:30   So he was very aggressive to all of us,
01:34   but primarily against us women.
01:38   That’ how it started and it went on for a while,
01:42   with the aggressions from this man.
01:46   How did you feel in that moment?
01:50   I was just angry, because no one
01:54   can tell a politician where they can be,
01:58   what we can and cannot do.
02:02   We have all the right in the world
02:06   to be in Rimbo, where we have many voters.
02:10   So in that moment I felt anger,
02:14   and we said to him, I said to him,
02:18   we will be here every day, get used to it.
02:22   But! In hindsight,
02:26   it’s not nice to think about what he said,
02:30   to rape our children,
02:34   cut our throats, come to our houses.
02:38   First anger and then…
02:42   Were you afraid?
02:46   Well, yes… I realized this was a man that actually
02:50   could act on it, so I was scared
02:54   that he might get physical.
02:58   He was ready to throw a punch.
03:02   Luckily this time we were quite a few there,
03:06   around seven people,
03:10   which gave us some security.
03:14   And I must say that the people around us
03:18   came to our defence.
03:22   No one agreed with him.
03:26   He got everybody against him, and it was scary
03:30   that he went away after three to five minutes,
03:34   threatening us, and then he disappeared,
03:38   but then he came back and took our SD flag
03:42   that we had brought, took it,
03:46   threw it away and said he would burn it.
03:50   Because we were not allowed to be there.
03:54   He came back several times,
03:58   and I thought next time he might bring a knife or something,
04:02   because he was really crazy.
04:06   The whole thing was really, really scary.
04:10   Yes, he looks very aggressive in this clip.
04:14   Have any of you experienced this before?
04:18   Does it happen all the time?
04:22   No, it’s not common nowadays.
04:26   I’ve been campaigning for six years,
04:30   and this has only happened once before
04:34   At this level. So it’s not common.
04:38   We have a big support in this municipality.
04:42   From third-largest party to the largest party.
04:46   So, with the exception of this man,
04:50   the crowd was very positive mood.
04:54   Many said they were happy to see us,
04:58   that we are being active here,
05:02   so it’s not common to see this behavior in Norrtalje.
05:06   Have you reported this to the police?
05:10   Yes, we called the police
05:14   the first time he threatened us,
05:18   but unfortunately they came after he had left.
05:22   They took it seriously,
05:26   took our statements
05:30   and said they would try
05:34   to find out who he is.
05:38   The police were very nice, and came
05:42   as soon as they could.
05:46   But it took them around twenty minutes
05:50   to get there, so he had time to disappear.
05:54   There were simply no police officers available.
05:58   They had to find a patrol that was not busy.
06:02   So there is a thing that makes us unsecure.
06:06   What if he had become even more aggressive,
06:10   if he had come after us and the police had not been there?
06:14   They did all they could to come quickly,
06:18   but there are not enough police officers,
06:22   which became really obvious to us.
06:26   Do you know anything about this perpetrator?
06:30   No, we don’t know anything at this point.
06:34   We are at this place very often
06:38   and none of us Sweden Democrats recognized him.
06:42   We talked to the crowd afterwards, people who live there.
06:48   They did not recognize him,
06:52   He was not someone that they knew,
06:56   So the police will have to work hard
07:00   to find out who this man is.
07:04   This is of course a threat to us,
07:08   a threat to the democracy, that they want to silence us,
07:12   and make us not talk about our politics.
07:16   But just think that this man is walking around in our society
07:20   like a ticking bomb. What is the next thing that makes him tick?
07:24   It could be anything, and it’s not pleasant to think
07:28   that aggressive people like him,
07:32   eventually intoxicated,
07:36   wander around freely in society.
07:40   That is profoundly worrying.
07:44   Let’s hope the police find him, and thank you so much, Andrea.

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  1. Good thing they are a feminist humanitarian superpower otherwise who knows how he might have been dealt with. Why, the poor confused thing might have been beaten or shot by the police in a less enlightened country.

  2. In those cases, police presence should be an impediment for adequat action.

    • No, the police would protect him.

      I can think of another solution, but I wont post it. (But you all know what I mean…)

  3. The fact that he is described as scary instead him being the one having reason to be scared basically reveals everything.

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