That Deadly Red “Z”

I reported last night on the German brewery Moritz Fiege, which decided to eliminate the prominent red “Z” on the label of its Zwickelbier. By this means it hoped to thwart the evil black magic of Vladimir Putin and his satanic Russian forces. Or something.

In my introduction I remarked that I was unable to find a photo of the offending label with the red “Z”. It seemed that Internet had already been cleansed of the doubleplus ungood image.

Fortunately, our Hungarian correspondent László is a skilled digital sleuth, and found the photo shown at the top of this post. He includes these remarks:

I was interested in the picture of the bottle with the red Z, and I found several photos in DuckDuckGo (using the search words “Zwickel beer Moritz Fiege”).

But yes: it is being scrubbed from cyberspace. They could not scrub it from the entire Internet, because it can still be found in the general search results, but it was deleted from the ad agent photographer’s site.

Google cache still has it.

From that web cache you can get to the original upload (which is now somewhat hidden in the direct search results) of the photo agency.

At the risk of giving ideas to the idiots who act as the proctors of our online culture, I must point out that the letter “N” is simply a “Z” turned on its side. What if innocent unsuspecting citizens were to see a bottle, can, box, package, or other consumer good featuring a prominent “N”, while laid on its side? Might they be inspired to commit atrocities in the name of Putin, or even — gasp! — doubt the veracity of official government reports?

We can’t have that. The “N” must go, too.

6 thoughts on “That Deadly Red “Z”

  1. Reducio Ad absurdum

    the edge of the wedge

    70 years ago someone said to me that democracies last no more than 200 years. I hardly believed him. He added that freedom in a democracy is its killer. From day one the hatred and struggle among different factions and layers and especially parties become so bitter and people become so unconscionably godless that they attempt anything to smear their opponents. They repeat the word democracy every 10 minutes to assure the unwary that it is democracy. They fabricate trumped-up accusations against the other party. Manufacture overseas wars to spread “democracy” as a destrAction.

    And the mobs will be the real rulers. and decent people will go and hide.

    While imploding internally to the deadly brink of civil war.

    We can see the disintegration right here.

    • A WW1 British soldier and Governor General of Jordan Sir John Glubb wrote a short essay on that topic.

      Search the www for Fate of Empires.

    • amazing memory you have, Adam. I was a first grader 70 years ago, but I do not remember one thing somebody said to me. So you you have achieved 90 somethings?
      Be blessed.

    • It is not mobs that take over from decadent and feckless democracies, it is the ruthless strongmen of Napoleon, Franco, Pinochet, Mussolini and Hitler’s that take over, or the return of the Emperors or Kings. These globulists types and their 3rd world pets really have no idea what is coming, but to their collective horror they will, for history has bore this out to many times to count. I look forward to it, for there is a lot of chaff that needs to go.

  2. so now the Z bottles are collector’s items. I vant to buy Z bottle and taste Z beer. Does Trader Joes sell Z beer?

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