“Z” Must Go!

The following article describes the decision by a German brewery to remove the evil letter “Z” from the labels on its beer bottles.

I wanted to post an illustration of the offending letter on a bottle, but I couldn’t find one. The article says a red “Z” appears on the label, but none of the photos in my search results showed anything like that. In all cases the “Z” was simply the first letter of “Zwickelbier”, and was not red.

Has the internet already been scrubbed of abominable Slavic symbol on the beer bottles?

I wonder if the company is planning to call its product “Wickelbier” from now on…

And what will become of Zwieback? Must we call it “Wieback”?

The island of Zanzibar will be renamed “Anibar”. And Zazz seltzer will be reduced to a single letter “A”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from NTV:

Brewery removes “Z” on Zwickel beer label — reason is Ukraine war

Due to possible misunderstandings in connection with the Ukraine war, the Moritz Fiege brewery in Bochum is removing the red “Z” on the labels of its Zwickel beer. “The letter ‘Z’ took on new meaning as a result of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and has been used as a symbol by the Russian army and its supporters since hostilities began,” explains the brewery. The company expressly distances itself from this.

The labels are to be redesigned. During this period, the bottles will be delivered without a belly label, a spokeswoman said. Zwickelbier is a naturally cloudy cellar beer that the brewery has been offering since 2018. The “Z” stands for “Zwickel”. The beer remains recognizable by the smaller label on the neck of the bottle — but without the raised “Z”, according to the spokeswoman.

Afterword from the translator:

“Brainwash cycle complete” is all I have to say to this.

10 thoughts on ““Z” Must Go!

  1. “How dare they to keep double V?
    It should be Ickel!”

    After having the pleasure of drinking it once I suggest “icky beer”.

    • Uh, oh.

      What? Did you say, “Oreo”?
      No, I said “Orro”.
      What’s an “Orro”?
      I can’t say.


      • Who now remembers the American humorous writer James Thurber? His most famous character, Walter Mitty, was played in a film by Danny Kaye (in 1947- I wasn’t (quite) born then).

        In “The Wonderful O”, said letter of the alphabet is banned; consequently Miss Ophelia Oliver feels obliged to withdraw from public life altogether.

  2. Z was the title of a French political film some decades ago,about the assasination of a doctor member of the Greek communist party .The result was ,the exile of the royal family,the coming of the colonels,the loss of half of Cyprus for us and at the end the socialist curse on my country.
    Z means “Αυτος Ζει” = He lives.
    In the trial for this assassination the Judge later became President of the Hellenic republic,a patriot,to be honest.
    This is a historic Letter.
    Actually Z means LIFE.

  3. Russian tanks and other military vehicles are marked with the painted-on letter Z, while Ukrainian military vehicles are marked with the letter V. But neither Z nor V is among the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet used in both Russian and Ukrainian.

  4. Zelenski (meaning “from the green”) will from now on be called Elenski (meaning “from the Christmas tree”).

  5. Ugh! This gets so sickening. If it was just one country going mad, it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s like the whole world is going mad.
    I totally support Ukraine, and wish Putin was off the planet – but you don’t fire a conductor because you hate Putin, and he doesn’t. He was hired as a conductor for God’s sake.
    And orchestras don’t even want to play Russian composers right now?
    Soooo stupid.

    God, if there were vicious Aliens over-lording over us but admired what backbone, and courage we had (like we did in WW2) I would imagine they would be so disgusted, and wipe us out in a second for turning into such spineless dweebs.

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