A Mujahid on Vax Guard Duty

This story is a rare convergence between the Great Jihad and the Great Corona Crisis: A young Austrian culture-enricher who was employed as a security guard for a government testing and “vaccination” center turned out to be a previously convicted terrorist for the Islamic State. To make matters worse, he had recently been arrested for allegedly raping a work colleague.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung:

Man in investigative custody

ISIS terrorist was security in Austria Center Vienna

A convicted ISIS terrorist was working at the beginning of the year in the vaccination and testing station in Austria Center Vienna (ACV) as security. There the 21-year-old was arrested on January 6 — he reportedly forced himself upon a work colleague the previous night. Since then the man has been in investigative custody. On Wednesday he had to appear before the Vienna regional court for rape, which was when his criminal record emerged.

How the 21-year-old succeeded in getting a job in the security service at the largest vaccination and testing station in the federal capital, as a legally convicted ex-ISIS terrorist, along with three other relevant convictions, seems a good question to ask not only the State Prosecutor.

His previous record had obviously not been checked by the company that hired him — neither the Austria Center Vienna nor the Worker Samaritan Federation Vienna (ASBW) as a vaccination-testing operator, as research by APA (Austrian Press Agency) showed.

Man was already convicted

It is a fact that in June 2017 in Vienna, the man was sentenced to 2½ years’ imprisonment — at least 10 months to be served — for association with terrorism and a criminal organization. For a young man — he was 17 years old— a not inconsiderable degree of punishment. According to the verdict, at the end of May in 2016 he had joined the radical Islamist militia Islamic State (IS), and intended to go to a terror camp to undergo combat training.

However, he was grabbed by Turkish authorities in the South Anatolian border town of Gaziantep, prevented from traveling onwards, and was sent back to Austria. Back in Vienna, in July 2016 he approached 11- and 12-year-old boys in a park and tried to recruit them for ISIS.

Also surfaced after imprisonment

After serving the minimum mandatory part of his sentence, the young man no longer surfaced in committing terrorist crimes. He did, however, continue to commit offenses; most recently he was convicted of committing intentional serious bodily injury.

Reportedly raped a work colleague

On January 5, as a security guard in the Austria Center, he met a co-worker at the vaccination station, with whom he made an appointment after work. They met in the city, went to a fast food shop for something to eat, and according to the complaint, went to a hotel at his urging. As the prosecutor laid out, the woman was reportedly intimidated at this point by the tall, strong, and dominating man.

She then lay down in bed and went to sleep while he took a shower. When he came out of the bathroom, he ordered her to undress, counting to 10, and despite her crying and pleas, repeatedly raped her.

The accused: “She went with me”

The accused, who on the grounds of his terrorist past, was brought into the courtroom by a heavily armed special commando unit of the Justice Guard, denied it. He got along with the woman very well: “She went with me, I did not ask her at all.” In the hotel, she laid her head on his chest as they watched TV in bed, caressed him, and asked if he wanted to sleep with her. To that, he said yes: “I am a man. When she said: I don’t want anymore, I immediately stopped.”

Samaritan union” “Terrible incident”

Both the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) and the Worker Samaritan Union Vienna (ASBW) commented on the circumstance that a convicted ISIS terrorist had worked as security in the largest Vienna testing and vaccination station. “In the course of close and good cooperation with the Austria Center Vienna, we immediately learned of this terrible incident at the beginning of this year. The security firm concerned is a well-known company and has assured us that all workers deployed in ACV in turn will be checked by the police. We are shocked by the events. To the victim, we would like to express our sympathy and hope for a speedy legal resolution,” the Samaritan Union stated.

ACV requires good character certificate

The ACV stressed to the APA that the sexual attack against a vaccination station employee happened outside work. The female employee reported it to a supervisor the next day, “whereupon the Austria Center Vienna immediately notified the police due to the seriousness of the accusation,” it said in a detailed statement. They questioned both persons separately, whereupon the suspect was taken to the police for further questioning.

The female employee is still employed by the Austria Center Vienna. The accused was hired by a security firm, which was commissioned by the Worker Samaritan Union. According to the Worker Samaritan Union, its security firm was contractually obligated to provide for the Vaccination and Testing Station only personnel who have presented an impeccable character certification.

6 thoughts on “A Mujahid on Vax Guard Duty

  1. A convicted criminal jihadi guarding the forced poisoning of the population while raping them: this story is the epitome of the war on the West.

  2. First they force this reckless people to take this experimental gene and for the bonus convicted jihadi reaping them how clever to Austrian citizens wow !! The stupidity of government and authorities can’t be more obvious OMG…

  3. Not to condone rape but she must bear a good deal of the responsibility for what transpired.

    What did she expect would happen when she agreed to go to a hotel room with her coworker? Do women not know anymore what happens or what’s implied when they accept such an invitation? That the accused rapist was described as “tall, strong, and dominating” implies that there was some kind of attraction, interest or curiosity which is likely why she agreed to accompany him to a hotel room in the first place.

    • Indeed: it in no way justifies what happened.

      One is nonetheless left thinking that it takes a special kind of naïveté not to have seen it coming.

      But the law – should – exist to protect the naïve.

  4. You have accurately described the interpersonal dynamics of rape. Now women must accomodate themselves to the dinamics of rape jihad. But hey, the times they are a-changin’ in Viennabad.

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