Ukraine: Field Test of the Great Reset

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick:

In the shadow of war: Ukraine as the Great Reset laboratory of the global tech elite

While a very real conflict is raging in Ukraine, naturally no spotlight falls on the digital distribution battles. The advocates of radical world restructuring and total surveillance have long recognized the potential of the Eastern European country. With the strong participation of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine would not only be a Mecca for US bio-weapons laboratories, but also pave the way for digital networking, the Metaverse and the transparent citizen. The lynchpin is the digital ID app “DiiA”, an abbreviation for “The State and I”.

Zelensky’s social credit system

The journey takes us back to 2019. Zelensky had only been a few months in office, and founded a “Ministry for Digital Transformation”. Its most important task was to create a platform for the “state on a smartphone”, the DiiA app finally rolled out in February of 2020. Since then everything has been going fast: more than 50 applications, proofs and official channels are now running via the app: driver’s license, Covid vaccination pass, student card, starting a business, insurance, social benefits. A French tech portal writes: “A model that we only knew from China with its social credit system.” By the way: “ID Austria” is supposed to go in this direction in the final phase.

The social credit system is also to be taken quite literally: last year Zelensky promised every citizen who could provide proof of a full vaccination certificate in DiiA a reward of 1,000 hryvnia (roughly €30) — about a tenth of a typical monthly wage. Authorities may no longer insist on the paper form of documents — and observers assume that the dual variant is only an interim solution. The timing is hardly a coincidence: Two weeks before the release, Zelensky was the guest of honor at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit led by the “Great Reset” architect Klaus Schwab.

“Investment Mecca” for tech companies

In Zelensky’s WEF speech, the catchphrase of a “new normal” was already mentioned. The current global institutions did not work efficiently; one needed to rethink international security. His vision at the time: Ukraine should take a leading position in Central and Eastern Europe. He openly presented his country’s investment opportunity and recalled that some “big tech” companies started in garages. His stated dream was to open a kind of East European Silicon Valley and transform his country into an “investment Mecca”. Or as Zelensky put it: “Ukraine is the place where miracles are made a reality […] there is a significant opportunity to expand new industries.”

Schwab was impressed and happy with the “reforms” in the country. The WEF itself initiated some of these with its subordinate think tanks for Ukraine.

It’s not that there hadn’t been considerations like this in the past. The globalist “Atlantic Council” recognized the potential for “innovation” shortly after Zelensky’s inauguration. It mentioned an app in which you can operate your door intercom via your cell phone. The blockchain company Bitfury also mentioned it positively, as well as a number of other IT companies in Ukraine. At a networking meeting, Schwab’s “young world leaders” discussed Justin Trudeau and Zelensky, how such “innovations” could be deepened further. Davos also has its own “Ukraine House”, which is regularly available for “networking work” as part of WEF meetings.

Deals with Apple & Microsoft: Digital Census

After the WEF appeal, things proceeded rapidly. A deal was quickly struck with Apple to conduct a digital census jointly in 2023. This would also run on the DiiA app again, and the US company would help to improve it. In particular, it is to “identify priority projects that promote Ukraine’s transition to paperless mode.” Cooperation is once again underway with the “Ministry for Digital Transformation” — and it is not an isolated case. Because also in 2020, the department closed a similar deal with Microsoft, which was expected to add a value of US$500 million. The cooperation is said to be far-reaching: it is about creating a “highly secure cloud platform ecosystem”. These would affect “various industries and promote energy transition, the digital transformation of agriculture and sustainability.” In addition, the workplaces of the Ukrainian government and authorities are to be given a fully networked environment.

By the way: Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, who works on the Metaverse, a kind of virtual reality that is connecting more and more areas of life, has already had his picture taken with Zelensky. The activist Naomi Klein already feared during Corona that “Silicon Valley” was working on the digital substructure for a global dictatorship. It is quite conceivable that the Ukraine war would also be another springboard for such goals.

Ukrainians are bought for virtual life: five times the salary

In order to attract further investments, the so-called “DiiA City” was also announced in 2020. This is a digital model for an economic zone with tax breaks for tech companies. Among the few taxes in “DiiA City” is a military levy to support the Ukrainian military. There would also be high wages there — about five times the average salary. This should create 450,000 relevant jobs. It would be an “economic model for simplified economic rules” which “will be the basis for the economic transformation of the entire country”. Zelensky fully supported the project. He repeated what he said in Davos: “We want to make Ukraine a global IT hub, a leading country in innovation and technology.”

Ukrainian and international IT companies, high-tech companies, investment funds, startups and educational groups would be attracted. The fields that one wanted to till ranged from agricultural technology to artificial intelligence, drone construction, aircraft and space technology, financial technology, medical neural networks and biotechnology, the advertising industry, trading platforms, the Internet of Things, publishing, blockchain companies, digital outsourcing, the graphics industry, and e-sports companies. In other words: A huge tax-privileged technology park for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, in which man and machine merge. At the end of this, of course, there is the “Internet of Bodies”, in which, according to the WEF plan, we collect “body data via a series of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.”

Beginning of the end of China-style cash?

The plans are quite obvious: Ukraine is to become the test run for the fully connected Great Reset World. The renowned Forbes magazine also attested to the country’s being a leader of the “digital currency revolution”. It’s a double-edged sword: What starts as a decentralized attempt to regain financial freedom can quickly turn into a cashless nightmare. Think of China, for example, where free cryptocurrencies are banned — but at the same time the country has started work on the digital yuan. Chinese civil servants are currently receiving part of their salary as state digital money. In China now even begging for alms will be done with QR codes. Similar plans have long been in place in Europe — as Wochenblick reported.

Ukraine as a hub for the digital market: This is also nothing new. The so-called “Non-Fungible Tokens” are a lever for this. These are digital goods that, as unique items, have a certain equivalent value. Examples so far are digital art, music or unique items in PC games. In theory, however, NFTs can take any popular form as long as it is represented on the blockchain. So in a particularly dystopian future, people could theoretically have to speculate with cryptocurrency for a loaf of bread. In any case, just recently an NFT of a Ukraine flag was sold for US$6.75 million to pump this sum into the country.

From the digital nightclub to the real virtual Hell

Digital applications in the Metaverse can take any form — and again Ukraine is a playground of these ideas. The Kyiv-based startup MultiNFT released its own token-based cryptocurrency a few days ago. So far, the company has operated digital nightclubs in the Metaverse. Of course, such venues and events could also be used to support the country in the current conflict and beyond.

What currently sounds like an environment of solidarity could in the future become a illusory horror world of metaverses that exist side by side but are networked with one another. The WEF is already hoping to correct the “system error” of the uncontrolled Internet. If we all have to go into virtual reality as cyborgs or holograms for all the important paths, it is all the easier to eliminate any dissidents — and that can then be taken quite literally. Under such circumstances, the WEF’s praise for the “Climate Goals of the Central Bank of Ukraine” sounds almost like the more harmless part of the radical restructuring…

Afterword from the translator:

I don’t know about you, but reading this article (and translating it) was like being in a horror movie with no way out, except through a lot of bloodshed. I don’t think that in ALL of human history there has been as much evil in this world as we have now.

22 thoughts on “Ukraine: Field Test of the Great Reset

  1. Seems a perfect way to eliminate 77 years of fiat currency inflation, mismanagement and outright theft which has likely exceeded 100 trillion USD.

    • Elimination of the FED, the IRS, the U.S. Inc., its criminal, corrupt politicians, elections, and worthless bureaucracies, the confiscatory taxation (theft) and inflationary systems, and the federal, state, county, and municipality CAFR systems, and all of the unconstitutional gun “laws” (the Constitution is the LAW of the land!) would be a good start. Distributing all of those accumulated assets and profits among the country’s citizen-serfs would free them, and eliminate the usurious debt-burden on their backs! Make freedom free once again…return to the Constitution!

  2. Hey, this goes against the narratives and memes that Russia is bad, Ukraine is just an innocent, guileless, waif trying to make an honest living.

    Zylensky is a Soros/Rothchild/Bloomberg/WEF/NWO valet and chauffeur.

  3. Gypsies who fled from Kyiv to Lviv, were caught on stealing.

    The photographs show representatives of the Roma diaspora who were humiliated because of their ethnicity in Ukrainian Lvov, where they arrived as refugees from other cities of the country. Soldiers of the national battalions doused them with brilliant green and tied them with adhesive tape to poles in the city center.

    Information spread in local publics that the gypsies were allegedly tied up for theft. But these rumors have not been confirmed.
    This morning on the Euronews channel (not yet blocked) they showed Zelensky who appealed to Israel and said that Ukrainians saved Jews in World War 2.

    HM. My Belarusian grandmother, who saw the beginning of the war in Ukraine, would not confirm this.
    Um… Have you read “Hospital of Transfiguration” by Stanisław Lem and “Confession” by Jan Karski?
    I think they would doubt it too.

  4. Here in Poland, for a long time I’ve been using a smartphone app that enables me to access a digital form of my ID card, vehicle registration document, driving licence and (since the vaccines got started) my Covid vaccine certificate. From what I’ve just read about the Diia app, it sounds quite similar…

    The main benefit of such apps, is that I can show those docs without having to carry them everywhere. Are there drawbacks? Probably. Hackers are an obvious risk, and there may be others too… But seems like Ukraine, rather than being the leader, is playing catch-up in this field – and more digitalised countries like Estonia are probably even further ahead!

    Also to bear in mind, that Ukraine is hardly a hi-tech heaven – in the countryside, “hole in the ground” toilets are still used while in the cities many blocks are run down. And while 30 Euros might get you more there, than in Western Europe, in Kyiv it’ll be enough for maybe a couple of cinema tickets, popcorn and coffees.

    While I’m no fan of incentives to get vaccinated, I’d probably rather have such a small incentive, than get fined thousands of Euros for being unvaxxed, like in Austria.

    • The people in Austria are not paying the fine and dare the govt to jail them, it is causing one hell of a dilemma for the leftists there.

    • Ever thought what you would do if all of that info and your bank details were on the phone and you lost it or had it stolen? you would be totally helpless, especially if you were in another city or abroad……best get it all put on a chip and insert it into your wrist then you can’t lose it. (sark)

      • That’s always a risk… But the app is optional. Younger people prefer it as it’s more convenient. And hopefully one phone call to a bank would cancel everything (which I use to login to the government app).

        But yes, it would be a problem. Which is why I do my best, to make sure I have my phone with me everywhere.

      • Digital implants will become very popular with the youth, first. Then everyone else will be pushed to have them because it will become harder to do any business without them. In the end, the remaining stragglers will be compelled.

        Those with an ear to hear, need to decide what they REALLY believe.

  5. Another thing – it’s traditionally been difficult to do business in Ukraine, there is a lot of bureaucracy and taxes… I had a small sample of that last year, having tried (and failed) to export a car there.

    Coupled with the widespread corruption which has existed for many decades, this has meant that the Ukrainian economy is one of the weakest in Europe.

    As a result, millions have left, many for Poland where around 2 million Ukrainians had already resided, before the current Russian invasion started.

    During my visits last year I also noticed a lot of construction: new roads being built and renovated, which had not been done for a long time…

    Perhaps it’s just my guess, but I suspect such investments, along with the digitalisation etc were simply attempts by the government to finally modernise the county’s economy, and reduce the huge brain-drain of young people leaving for abroad.

  6. By the way, about the Euronews channel. Which should be blocked soon. In the morning there was a sentimental story about transgender people stuck in Ukraine who cannot evacuate. Children receive much less attention.

  7. So Russia saw the writing on the wall that would have it as the new metaverse target that would enable the WEF elite to correct any program errors prior to unleashing their digital beast upon the entire world. Russia, in the person of Vladimir Putin, is now fighting for its life even with the specter of Putin being replaced by some NWO lackey.
    It has been said that George Soros put Zelensky in power by a coup-de-tat that was engineered by Obama, both Bidens, and Clinton and Kerry.
    It would then seem that the God that America is one nation under has been replaced with something that seems to have been spawned in the pit of hell.
    May God have mercy upon us all who are awaiting His return for us.

  8. I agree with the translator.

    I believe that once AI comes fully online and connects to cutting edge robotics (between one and two decades hence) there will be no need for more than one percent of current humanity to maintain a viable gene pool and support the Executive class, which is approximately 0.001 of the current world population, in the manner to which it has become accustomed. Once the Executive tires of the “hobby” of trying to manage 7 billion useless eaters they will get about the business of expeditiously culling their livestock and the more satisfying project of returning 99% of Gaia to her pristine state, as they imagine it, of precivilization.

    The only silver lining is that the Executive will no longer require the services of the Toady class: politicians, entertainers, “Studies” departments, and bureaucrats; and, much to their chagrin, they will be consigned to the mega fertilizer processors along with the rest of the vermin.

  9. Thoroughly missed by these observations, is the track record man has with technology. Man believes that next great tech break through will be the one to create paradise, when of a truth, G*d has shown exactly why man has no business there. Creating Hell on earth is what will happen, as the Baron points out so well. And not just for the hapless victims, the authors of this rubbish may find out their perfect population doesn’t have enough doctors, or people that know how to grow food, or to man a distribution system. They also might discover their worker bees to be of the violent revolutionary type, especially if some of them stumble onto a historical record of what preceded them. Guys like Schwab really should forget about the whole world conquest thing. Man proposes, G*d disposes.

  10. The Ukraine is a brutal autocracy ruled by a handful of men with a large number of neonazi fighters to enforce their rule, termed by a friend of mine who worked for Rand Corp. as the most corrupt country on Earth…The invasion, assuming it succeeds, is the best thing to happen in a while for the people of Ukraine…

  11. And the dullard seals will clap while derping for muh convenience.
    Terminal Peak Stupidity is when EVIL always runs wild.

  12. Digital implants will become very popular with the youth, first. Then everyone else will be pushed to have them because it will become harder to do any business without them. In the end, the remaining stragglers will be compelled.

    Those with an ear to hear, need to decide what they REALLY believe.

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