Somalis in Sweden Consider Ukrainian Women Fair Game

A group of women and children fled the war in Ukraine for Sweden, where they have been subjected to close encounters with Somali culture-enrichers. Now they want to go back to Ukraine — compared with Africans, the bombs don’t seem so bad.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Night of terror for Ukrainian women — Somalis invade residence: “I am so afraid that I want to go home”

Thousands of Ukrainian women and children have fled to Sweden in the past weeks. Now Samnytt can be the first media to report that some of them who moved to Örebro want to return to the war in Ukraine. The reason is that, after an incident during the week, when foreign men entered in their accommodation, they no longer feel safe.

“When the bombs fall, I know that in every case I can go down in the cellars and hide there,” one of the women says.

Busloads of Ukrainian refugee women with children have arrived in Örebro in the past few weeks. A number of them have been offered beds in the Örebro city hostel.

But the Ukrainians do not feel safe in the hostel. The background is some incidents that occurred on the night between Sunday and Monday, when a number of unidentified men tried on several occasions to get to the women.

Volunteer reports

Samnytt has spoken to one of the Ukrainian women at the hostel. We have also spoken to a female volunteer in Örebro who works with the women. Neither of them wants us to publish their names.

By talking with both women, Samnytt has been able to provide a description of what happened Sunday night/Monday morning.

First Somalis

The first incident occurred around 3am. At that time, two Somali men began to pound on the front door of the hostel. Without opening the door, the Ukrainian women attempted to talk to the men outside.

“They looked like African-Americans, if I am expressing myself correctly. They were black people. Tall and slender with black skin color,” she tells Samnytt.

She explained to the men that there were only Ukrainian women and children living at the hostel, but they claimed they had a friend living there. After asking the name of the friend, she could confirm that no such person was living in the hostel.

But the men didn’t give up. After a while, a third Somali man showed up outside the hostel. The women felt the situation was becoming unpleasant and went back and locked themselves in their room.

Pounded on door

Somehow one or more of the Somali men then managed to get into the hostel.

“They began to bang on the door of a woman living there with her two small children, ages 2 and 4. They were very scared. The 4-year-old was quiet, but the 2-year-old screamed,” the volunteer says.

“They tried to get to her. The men were speaking in a foreign language. The woman in the room did not speak English, but knows the sound of English and understood that the men were speaking another language.”

Then came Arabs

Around 5am a group of Arab men came and tried to enter the hostel.

“They were not able to get into the hostel,” says the volunteer.

“I spoke with the women. They are scared. In Germany, a Ukrainian female refugee was gang-raped.”

Confirmed by the hostel

The attempt by a group of men to enter the hostel was confirmed by an employee to whom Samnytt spoke. On the hostel’s part, however, they tried to tone down what happened.

“Someone knocked on the door and wanted to find someplace to stay overnight. They were trying to find accommodation,” the employee says.

In the middle of the night?

“I have not spoken to those who knocked on the door.”

The hostel has now hired security to keep watch. They have also informed the Ukrainian refugees that they can either contact hostel personnel or call the police at the telephone number 112 if they feel unsafe.

Police unaware of incident

Ola Olsson is duty officer with the Örebro police. He tells Samnytt that he is unaware of the incident at the hostel on the night between Sunday and Monday.

According to the volunteer Samnytt spoke to, there is an explanation for this. The Ukrainian women did not dare call the police since they were afraid of getting into trouble.

“The interpreter told them they could not call the police since they are not registered with the Migration Agency,” says the volunteer.

According to Samnytt’s information, a police report should have subsequently been made via the police website.

Want to go home

According to the volunteer, many of the women are so shaken by Sunday night’s event that they regret moving to Sweden. Some even wish they had stayed in war-torn Ukraine.

“I am so afraid that I want to go home,” says one of them.

“When the bombs fall, I know that in every case I can go down in the cellars and hide there.”

9 thoughts on “Somalis in Sweden Consider Ukrainian Women Fair Game

  1. “The interpreter told them they could not call the police since they are not registered with the Migration Agency”

    Unfortunately this means that the interpreter is likely directly involved in human trafficking. Feeding this false information is the usual tactic used by human traffickers so that the women and children they kidnap for forced prostitution don’t dare to contact police. They are also commonly told that the police officers are very dangerous indeed and will abuse them even worse than the traffickers themselves…

  2. Yes, I think they will find that the west is not the land of “milk and honey” they were told it was. They will have to comply with lots of rules like vaxxing that they never had to put up with before and be expected to love cultural enrichment which, I must admit, the neo Nazis would have kept under control. They will soon realise that they can be raped by new Swedes and be expected to forgive them for it. That will be a shock for them.

  3. Those poor women. They needed to stay in Poland where the government is largely sane would know how to deal with scum.

    • Poland has not much space left, unfortunately. Especially in big cities such as Warsaw or Krakow, accomodation is very hard to find, even on someone’s sofa.

      Hence when an attractive offer comes up, to go to such a wonderful country as Sweden, some may be tempted, thinking it’s a wealthy paradise full of hard-working, blonde, protestant descendants of Vikings.

  4. Those Animals – and I apologize profoundly to Animals – are having all their Jihadi Wet-dreams fulfilled in Western Europe.
    They can rape, pillage and murder to their heart content and then claim that their victims have been racist Islamophobes.
    And we all know what the virtue-signalling and morally morbid Left will say:
    “Racists and Islaomophobes Lives don’t matter”
    What more can a Muslim man want from life and in the pursuit of Sharia happiness?

  5. Seems that this is already becoming an issue. With “cultural enrichers” (naturally), but Europeans in general also looking to take advantage of the situation…

    Already when the flow of refugees was starting, I saw plenty of memes from places like Britain about the “expectation” being such refugees to be all attractive nice ladies… And on Polish “Help for Ukraine” Facebook groups, there’s ads from men in Britain saying they will “offer accomodation” to a “young Ukrainian lady”. Perhaps this may be one of the reasons, why 150,000 people have already offered to host refugees, in Britain alone?

    And seems like, in other countries the expectation is not much different. The article below is about “human traffickers” on the Polish-Ukrainian border, targetting “lone, attractive young women”:,114158,28235872,handlarze-ludzmi-na-granicy-polsko-ukrainskiej-poluja-na-samotne.html#s=BoxMMtCzol3

    Examples (from the article):

    – A woman got to know a man in Lviv, who promised her work in Turkey, and bought her a ticket to Turkey from Warsaw. When she got to Warsaw, Poles she was staying with got suspicious, tried to talk her out of it… Eventually they contacted police, who called the “benefactor”, who hung up straight away. And finally, she saw sense and didn’t get on the plane.

    -;People at the border offering to take “women and children” to Germany, but getting stressed, when asked about the destination.

    – Buses from Denmark marked “only for women”.

    – Also stories about rapes in Poland.

    “Cultural enrichers” are probably especially ready for the situation, and know where to be, what to say, and how, and have all the steps laid out… And refugee volunteers in Western countries are likely to be especially clueless, concerning the risks of placing Ukrainian women and middle-eastern “enrichers” in the same accomldation.

    There should be a big campaign to warn Ukrainians, especially women planning to leave Poland, and head further West…

  6. Very bad times are coming.

    The police detained a Muscovite for the image of a dove on her clothes.

    “Three officers come up, point at a piece of fabric with a dove pattern that was attached to my coat, and say that they suspect me of participating in an unauthorized action,” says detainee Anna Gorovets.

  7. During the Maidan protests in 2013-2014, a young Ukrainian woman held a placard: ‘I want lace underpants and to be in Europe!’

    I wonder, if it is really such great fun to be a young pretty Ukrainian wearing lace underpants in modern Europe.

  8. Swedes as with the rest of Western Europe see themselves as fair game. Muslims quite naturally are taking them up on their offer.

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