Ukrainian Woman Raped by Culture-Enrichers on the “Oscar Wilde”

This story is so strange it sounds like a satire: A ship called the Oscar Wilde is anchored in Dusseldorf and is being used as an accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. While on the ship, an 18-year-old Ukrainian woman was raped by two “Ukrainians” from Nigeria and Iraq.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the German tabloid Bild:

On Dusseldorf hotel ship

Ukrainian female (18) raped by two refugees

March 14, 2022

Berlin/Dusseldorf — This crime makes one angry and shocked: In a Dusseldorf refugee accommodation, a young woman was raped! According to Bild‘s information, it involves an 18-year-old Ukrainian woman as victim.

According to information received by Bild, the crime occurred on March 6: On the hotel ship Oscar Wilde, which is currently serving as housing for refugees from Ukraine, an 18-year-old Ukrainian woman was reportedly the victim of a sexual attack. She was reportedly abused by two men, one after the other, from Iraq and Nigeria (37 and 26 years old).

Both reportedly possess Ukrainian citizenship. The police have initiated an investigation into “suspected rape”. Among other things, it must be clarified how the two alleged perpetrators obtained Ukrainian passports.

At the time of the crime, about 25 refugees were reportedly living on the ship alongside paying hotel guests. The accused men are currently in investigative custody. The prosecutor’s office in Dusseldorf confirmed the investigation in response to a Bild inquiry on Monday.

Politicians are shocked and outraged. Union [CDU/CSU] faction leader Andrea Lindholz (51) tells Bild: “The police authorities must take concrete steps with the control of the accommodation to protect Ukrainian women. The Dusseldorf case obliges us to act immediately.”

The head of the federal police union, Heiko Teggatz, tells Bild: “Politicians should now ensure that such terrible rape cases on the Dusseldorf hotel boat do not happen again. Hard and fast punishment with subsequent deportation is the only language such perpetrators understand.”

11 thoughts on “Ukrainian Woman Raped by Culture-Enrichers on the “Oscar Wilde”

  1. Is it all politicians outraged, or only CDU? What do Greens and SPD think?

    Not only are they now the government, but in all likelihood control the local government, in big cities like Dusseldorf.

  2. If they are Ukranian citizens, aren’t they supposed to be in Ukraine? All the other men of that age could not leave the country. I think they should go back and fight. I hear there is not sufficient arms, ammunition or body armor for everybody. Maybe tatoo their foreheads with “We will rape you or Putin” in Russian. I think that will scare the Russians enough to leave.

  3. Doesn’t anyone find it strange that they are now so upset because a Ukrainian woman was raped by these Third World Thugs?
    Those selfsame Politicians have been silent and been ignoring the same happening to native German women for years.
    But since the Ukraine is their new pet-project, it’s not surprising that Ukrainian Womens Lives are so much more important to them.
    One has to signal the right Virtue after all, hasn’t one, if one is to climb the political crack with his or her tongue?
    After all, there’s more vanity in a Politician than Lies howling in the bilges of Hell.
    So, one really shouldn’t be surprised by this.

  4. Ukrainians wanted to become a European nation. Unfortunately, they have forgotten that nowadays a European nation is a nation that allows indigenous white people to be raped, mugged, robbed, harassed and killed by non-white migrants in almost absolute impunity.

    They should have thought about it.

  5. It tells everything about the times in which we live. Europe is (sort of) confronting Russia over its invasion. And they are giving refuge to Ukrainian women only to have them raped by the horde of third world and Muslim culture enrichers they stupidly allowed in. Ukrainians are between a rock and a hard place. They can choose to lose their freedom under the despotic Putin or they can join the EU and have their women raped by Muslim invaders. Hate to say this but the deranged Putin may be the better alternative.

    • This hardly happens in Poland. (Though predator Poles, or even Ukrainians also exist).

      It’a more the ones who go further west, who fall prey to local woke warriors’ genius ideas, such as placing middle-eastern males and Ukrainian women and children in the same accomodation.

      • These 3rd worlders know if they rape a native in an eastern country, that it could earn them a one way trip to the forest and a hole in the ground.

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