Breivik: A Madman Returns to Court

Long-time readers are cognizant of the fact that Fjordman has strong personal reasons for paying attention to news reports about the convicted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. Below is Fjordman’s account of the recent parole hearing for the Butcher of Utøya.

Breivik: A Madman Returns to Court

by Fjordman

In January 2022, the mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was in court again in Norway. This time, he was asking for parole. The case was largely a formality. Hardly anybody truly believed that he would be set free. As expected, the court rejected his bid for release.[1]

Norway does not have the death penalty. A few traitors were executed shortly after the Second World War, most notably the Nazi collaborator Vidkun Quisling. Yet nobody has been executed since 1948, and the death penalty was formally abolished in 1979.[2]

Norway does not have life imprisonment, either. The most severe sentence you can get for any crime, even mass murder, is 21 years in prison. This is the sentence which Breivik received for the 77 people he killed in 2011. It amounts to a little over three months per murder. That number does not consider the dozens of attempted murders which he also committed during his attacks.

Breivik also received forvaring, which may be translated as preventive detention. This means that he can still be held behind bars, in theory for the rest of his life, if he is still deemed to pose a threat to society. However, this detention is not a regular prison sentence. Nor is it referred to as such.

Although most people still call him Anders Behring Breivik, the killer legally changed his name to Fjotolf Hansen in 2017.[3] Hansen is a common surname in Norway. Fjotolf, however, is an extremely unusual and possibly unique given name. It sounds like the kind of name which a three-year-old child might give to his imaginary play friend. It is an appropriately absurd name for an absurd person.

I currently live in exile and will probably not return to live in Norway again for many years, if ever. The reason for this is that some of my legal texts were quoted without my knowledge or approval by a mentally disturbed man I have never met. This is strange, but true.

Since I had already wasted years of my life on that man and the July 2011 case, I was initially reluctant to follow the 2022 trial closely. However, what was new this time was that some mass media would post video from the proceedings. I had read his so-called manifesto, plus many books and articles about the case. However, I had not actually listened much to Breivik himself speak on video. Neither had most other Norwegians.

The national newspaper Dagbladet on their website showed 96.7% of Breivik’s own statements to the court in January 2022.[4] The fact that they cut out a little bit was negative, but they still showed most of it unfiltered and uncensored. This was quite eye-opening for many viewers.

The forensic psychiatrists who assessed Breivik in 2011 concluded that he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and is insane. This triggered an outrage from major media and many politicians. After massive pressure, the judges in Oslo District Court relented, ignored the first psychiatric assessment and concluded that Breivik is sane. However, many people still suspect that the original assessment was correct.

If ABB does indeed have paranoid schizophrenia, he is not likely to have improved after spending over a decade in isolation in a prison cell with no known medical treatment. The Breivik which the public saw in 2022 was at least as deranged as he was in 2011. Possibly worse.

For me personally, Breivik turned out to be even crazier than I expected. On a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is maximum insanity, Breivik comes off as 11 or 12. He is not merely borderline insane. His insanity is off the scale. This is my subjective view, of course. Yet many other people noticed the same pattern.

In every other sentence, ABB makes reality-defying or utterly absurd statements. He seems to be living in a different reality from the rest of humanity. Much of the time, he is just plain incomprehensible. Breivik now claims that he “died” as an individual in 2009. What does that mean? Is he Schrödinger’s terrorist, who is both alive and dead at the same time?

In Breivik’s bizarre mental universe, he appears to have the status of a demigod, or a one-man superpower of global importance. He, or his imaginary organizations, will be able to make “deals” with large countries such as China on an equal footing. He has consistently, from at least 2011 until 2022, claimed to be a powerful leader of non-existent organizations.

He also contradicts himself constantly. Even people who are in the same room with him struggle to understand what he is talking about.

Breivik has sometimes caused problems in prison. On at least one occasion, he made a swastika out of his own feces.[5] He now claims to be a kind and peaceful neo-Nazi, but he hardly comes off as very convincing even under that banner. Even neo-Nazis will probably not be enthusiastic about following Der Führer if he makes artwork out of his own poo.

Others, too, found the ability to watch Breivik’s statements by video quite enlightening. After seeing and hearing ABB during the trial in January 2022, a couple of prominent Norwegian psychiatrists publicly expressed their professional concern about what they had witnessed. Professor of psychiatry Tor Ketil Larsen as well as psychiatrist and chief physician Fred Heggen both believed that Breivik gave the impression in court of being a psychotic and mentally ill man who should receive medical treatment.[6] Alf Petter Høgberg, who is a professor of law at the University of Oslo, asks whether the Oslo District Court made an error when they in 2012 concluded that Breivik is sane.[7]

The psychiatrist Randi Rosenqvist has conducted several assessments of Breivik over the past decade. She says that he suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, but is sane.[8] In a debate on national TV and radio with fellow psychiatrist Tor Ketil Larsen, Rosenqvist compared Breivik to Donald Trump. Yes, Breivik has some strange ideas, she suggested, just like Trump has the strange idea that he won the 2020 United States presidential election.[9] This comparison is, to put it mildly, not very apt. Whatever you may think of Trump as a person, he is a billionaire and was a wealthy, famous and successful person long before he decided to enter politics. When campaigning to become American President, Donald Trump received 62.9 million votes in 2016 and 74.2 million votes in 2020 because he is good at communicating with people. Anders Behring Breivik is a mentally disturbed mass murderer and child killer who sometimes likes to play with his own excrement and seems incapable of communicating well with anybody.

Rebecca Mistereggen is a journalist for the independent news outlet Document in Norway. She has written about her personal observations after being present during the 2022 trial of Anders Behring Breivik. Her summary is that “Nothing of what he says makes any sense.” ABB’s statements are totally disconnected from reality, and so incoherent that they cannot be labeled an ideology. What Mistereggen saw and heard was a deeply confused man saying bizarre things out of context and without basis in actual reality. In her view, not a single normal, healthy person will be influenced by the incoherent nonsense which Norwegian politicians and media refer to as Breivik’s “ideas.” Mistereggen concludes that Breivik firmly belongs in the domain of psychiatry. He is irrelevant to any serious political discussion.[10]

The trial was an undignified circus that unfortunately was not funny at all. An obviously insane man was displayed like a monkey, uttering confused and incoherent nonsense to the cameras. Yet the mass media largely portrayed him as a sane person, using him purposefully to smear critics of Islamization and mass immigration. This cynical and undignified spectacle has been going on for more than ten years. It is high time it ended.

At the same time in January 2022, the violent Islamic fanatics of the Taliban were invited to Norway for public diplomatic talks. Norway was the first Western country to do this. High-level officials from the Taliban were flown from Afghanistan on a private jet, paid for by Norwegian taxpayers.[11] They were invited by a Norwegian government with a Prime Minister and Foreign Minister from the Labour Party.

Coincidentally, in 2007 Norway was also the first Western country to recognize a Palestinian government with Islamic terrorists from Hamas.[12] This, too, was conducted by a Prime Minister and Foreign Minister from the Labour Party. The same Norwegian Labour Party has spent more than a decade smearing their critics with the actions of a lone madman who has zero support across the political spectrum.

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