An Appeal From a Canadian Trucker

In the following video a Canadian trucker from the Freedom Convoy makes an appeal to everyone who sympathizes with the cause — not just Canadians — to take meaningful action in support of the truckers, even if it’s just to write a letter to a legislative representative or head of state:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

4 thoughts on “An Appeal From a Canadian Trucker

  1. The guy is right, and I wrote a scathing letter to my MP, some piece of garbage from the “Liberal” Party.

  2. This is the letter I wrote to my MLA and that I will copy and send to the MP. I have sent it to friends, and one of my friends has asked to use it as a template. I am doing something. I am standing with you. Take courage.

    “ Dear Don Davies,

    I am writing to express my full support for the Truck Drivers and Protesters in Ottawa. I have never felt so proud to be a Canadian, I have never heard the words of our anthem resonate with such meaning. I wish I could be among them.

    I am a mother of two elementary school aged children, living in Vancouver. I am, and will forever be, grateful to those who drove to Ottawa and remain there now until they are heard by government. Until they are heard by you. They have given us hope and inspired the world. This is true power.

    My husband is Swiss. In Switzerland, restrictions and mandates have been lifted, as they have been in Denmark and more and more Countries around the world are following this example. Not Canada. What are you waiting for??

    My father lived in Communist Poland as one of the few surviving Jews, lucky enough to return from as far as Tajikistan, where he lived out the war years. He was only 2 when he fled, he is today, alive and healthy. His family was sponsored to immigrate to Canada in 1958. When borders opened for a short window, offering Jews the chance to leave- otherwise, impossible, behind the Iron Curtain. The current travel restrictions in Canada for the unvaccinated is reminiscent of the same totalitarian measures. They are a direct and clear violation of the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms, and cannot be tolerated.

    Is it too long ago to remember that the project of Eugenics began as a Public Health Issue at the start of WW2? A project that ended in the elimination of more than 90% of my family, and 6million of my people. As Norman Doidge so brilliantly pointed out in his recent article “Needle Points”, Public Health, in a free and Democratic society, can only move as fast as Public Trust. You are mistaken to celebrate high vaccination rates, when people have been coerced to vaccinate. Coercion has eroded, if not destroyed, public trust. Canada’s and BC’s Vaccination rates do not reflect the trust of the people in Public Health policies or Governement. Open debate and respect for the medical freedom of individuals are the building blocks of healthy policy – protected by the Nuremberg Code.

    Lest we forget.

    It’s time to admit that the singular hope, at the expense of all others, that MRNA technology would save us from COVID is flawed. This “Hope” has become, if it was not from the start – ideology masquerading as science.

    Our children need to breath again, we need to breath again… put an end to mask mandates for school children. They are being suffocated by these measures.

    It is up to you to shake off the COVID rhetoric and start listening to the Canadian people. ALL the people. I urge you to do the right thing, and stop the divisive, demeaning and demonizing of citizens with different opinions, especially those in the scientific community, those who are standing up for their rights, for their children’s rights, and for the unvaccinated. All Canadians deserve the protection of the our Charter, and the Nuremberg Code.

    I urge you to do all that is in your power to end the mandates and free this nation “Glorious and Free” sing with us “Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee!”

    Sharon Feder”

  3. The days of writing letters is over, for they are ignored and the public goes back to watching TV and the politicians keep doing what they are doing. Get up off your backsides and start protesting in front of the powers that be at their homes offices and Parliament itself, the greater the numbers the more nervous they will get. When they over react, and they always do, then take the war to them and really put the fear of God into them.

  4. Download a picture of the convoy, write “Truck off, Trudeau!” and “Canada’s friends around the world are watching”. Print out copies. And tape them to the door, window, gate, of the nearest Canadian embassy, consulate or other affiliate near you. Or just anywhere really.

    Canadian truckers are doing GREAT!! Guys, it WILL be tough. You are rising up against tyranny. That is never easy. Stay strong. We WILL win!

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