Vax Reax to the Max

The following report from Germany describes the officially acknowledged instances of hospitalization — which are more numerous than the government would like to admit — caused by the Corona “vaccines”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Hospital bills show: Cases of serious vaccine damage have increased twenty-fold

The data analyst Tom Lausen has been evaluating the figures from hospitals, the Robert Koch Institute and the Divi intensive care register since the beginning of the Covid crisis. In the current interview with Milena Preradovic, based on the accounting data from German clinics, he has now proven that the Covid vaccination has led to an alarming incidence of serious damage that has required medical treatment.

Hospital accounts show that in 2021 up to September more than 18,600 people with severe vaccination damage were treated in clinics. The figures from the end of the year are still unavailable. As a result, up to September alone, the cases of confirmed severe vaccine damage increased 21-fold compared to previous years. According to Lausen, however, there haven’t been 21 times as many vaccinations as in previous years — so the difference cannot be explained by a mere increase in the doses of vaccine administered. The risk of serious side effects seems to be significantly higher with the supposedly safe Covid vaccines than with other vaccines — even if politicians and the established media dispute this.

2,000 adverse vaccination reactions were so serious that treatment in the intensive care unit was necessary. Lausen estimates that 500 to 700 more cases will be added through the end of the year.

Data disprove media myths

The case numbers described do not relate to suspected cases, but rather represent patients who had to receive hospital treatment due to an adverse vaccination reaction. The vaccination was thus noted as the cause. meanwhile, it is not known how many cases omit any reference to the Covid vaccination, which never finds its way into the files remains. The well-known hype in the media that all reports of vaccination side effects are nothing more than “suspected reports” cannot be applied here. The claim that the vast majority of side effects of the Covid vaccine consist of temporary glitches such as a painful puncture site is also refuted here: A painful puncture site undoubtedly does not require hospital treatment. On the basis of this still incomplete data and unclear or unreported cases, there can no longer be any talk of “rare” severe reactions.

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  1. I support this findings.

    I have a colleague at work. She received the second jab and since then at least once a week we need to call the emergency services to send an ambulance just for her.

    But of course no connection to the jab…

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