The Muslim Brotherhood in France

The following article from a French Christian website concerns the Muslim Brotherhood in France. It was first published in 2020.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

The hellish network of the Muslim Brotherhood in France

by Guillaume Gattermann
June 16, 2020

Last February 17, the independent media site Lieux Communs published a document of utmost interest: A complete layout of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France (re-named Muslims of France in 2017), representing the French network of the international Islamic organization. In other words, the galaxy of the Muslim Brotherhood in France, its allies, and supporters.

In total, the document lists almost 100 individuals and some 50 radical organizations, which provides quite a worrisome overview of the situation.

The development of such a document has as its objective to “expose the collection of individuals, of structures, and sectors of activity tied in various degrees to the circle of the Muslim Brotherhood in our country, and provide precise information on each of them,” and, “shine the light on the interconnection of the entire galaxy with the Association of Muslims for an Islam of France (AMIF), which tends to favor communitarianism [the establishment of parallel societies] and separatism,” the site states.

As a reminder, the Muslim Brotherhood, born in 1928 in Egypt, constitutes “one of the two great currents of worldwide Islamism, with Salafism,” whose goal is, “Islamic hegemony by the infiltration of societies, construction of mosques, and education of youth in religious schools. Its ideology is based on the notion of “Islam as a just middle ground,” and it gives itself a peaceful, even peace-making image.”

At the heart of the Brotherhood is found the UOIF, which for years has been weaving together a powerful network of different movements and militant associations around media personalities such as the Islamologist Tariq Ramadan.

As for the AMIF, created in April 2019, it is an “ideological tool for the Islamisation of Muslims, favoring communitarianism and separatism,” Lieux Communs reports. However, “it is this organization that the government risks officially entrusting with representing Muslims in France.”

Furthermore, in his last speech on this subject, given in Mulhouse, the head of state, while reaffirming that, “Islamist separatism is incompatible with freedom and equality, incompatible with the indivisibility of the Republic,” never mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood, UOIF, or AMIF… Appalling.

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  1. The French military is rubbing it’s hands in glee as the politicians continue to run the country into the ground.

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