One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Last Sunday I reported on an ISIS recruiter who was deported from Sweden. Now comes news that two returned ISIS brides have been released from custody without being deported. So Sweden has lost one mujahid and gained two mujahidettes.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the public broadcaster SVT:

Suspected ISIS women released

January 28, 2022

The two women who were taken into custody yesterday, suspected of committing war crimes in collaboration with the terror group, ISIS, have been released, reports Ekot [Swedish Radio]. They remain, and a preliminary investigation is in progress.

The women were taken into custody yesterday when they landed at Arlanda [Stockholm Airport]. They were met by a delegation of, among others, police, social services, and doctors. The women’s children were taken in by social services authorities.

The women and children were picked up by a Swedish delegation in northeastern Syria where they had been in the Kurdish autonomous area’s camp for suspected ISIS members.

Preliminary investigation initiated

A preliminary investigation into war crimes was initiated against the two women on Thursday, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The suspicions remain against both women.

Prosecutor Johan Udén at the National Unit Against International and Organized Crime, who is conducting the preliminary investigation into one of the suspected women, would not go into any details about the ongoing investigation.

“There are some measures to be taken. So we will have to agree on a time and see if can proceed or if it should be closed,” he says to Ekot.

Third group of women

According to information obtained by SVT Nyheter [Swedish State TV News], the two women are reportedly from western Sweden and Skåne.

This is the third group of women deported from the Kurdish enclave in northeastern Syria. Previously, a total of six women with children have returned to Sweden.

Several of the ISIS women who have returned to Sweden are suspected of crimes but continue to be free. Almost all children have also been taken into the care of Social Services according to LVU [Social Services].

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  1. Good the children are still in care so they can’t commit atrocities against the children in their kindergarten. You know in childcare we get incidents of children sexually assaulting other children in the bathroom. Have to be supervised at all times.

  2. This is what happens when bleeding heart females are put in charge of anti-terrorism efforts. They are just making sure their demise comes sooner because of asinine, stupid decisions like this.

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