Herbert Kickl: “You Will Not Escape Your Just Punishment”

Herbert Kickl is the leader of the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). The FPÖ is the only major political party in Austria that opposed the recently-enacted mandatory “vaccination” that will be required of all adult Austrians.

The following video features Mr. Kickl’s speech in the Austrian parliament just before the vote on the mandatory vax. I don’t speak German, but over the past fifteen years of editing and watching our subtitled videos I have picked up quite a bit of German vocabulary and got a sense of the rhythm and texture of the language. To my ear, Mr. Kickl displays considerable eloquence and rhetorical skill in the remarks he directs at his fellow legislators.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator has supplied these introductory notes:

Herbert Kickl is one of very few politicians I admire and actually trust. During his party’s coalition with Sebastian Kurz he was Minister of the Interior, and he really did more for the security of Austrians in this short period than anyone before him. He returned faux refugees to sender, etc.

During the contrived scandal (Ibiza, Russian Floozies, loose tongues, booze, suspiciously “discovered” by a nasty piece of German MSM close to Merkel) everybody thought that the hapless then-leader of the Freedom Party was the target of what was obviously a set-up, but I am inclined to believe the rumors that circulated at the time that Kurz and his string-pullers wanted to get rid of Herbert Kickl. They could not find anything on him, other than that he was very anti-Muslim-invasion, hard, straight and unafraid. At the time they even went so far as to “forgive” the Ibiza scandal and let their minor government partner stay in power with them, provided they got rid of Herbert Kickl. It did not work; the party stayed with Kickl.

He is into mountaineering, cycling and all the boringly clean stuff — I think he is quite incorruptible. He goes on — and even sometimes leads — the Austrian anti-Corona-Nazism marches. He is, in my opinion, a true conservative with courage. I fear for his security.

I hope that one day not too far in the future Herbert Kickl will be Chancellor of Austria, and break the Adolf spell.

His speech in the Austrian Parliament was given a few hours before they voted for compulsory “vaccination”. While the speech contains quite a bit of “inside baseball”, it could become of historical import (at least as far as the Anschluss-Austrians are concerned) during Nuremberg 2.0.

The camera work of these Austrian parliamentarian sittings is often delightful as well — the camera zooms in on the person that Kickl is addressing, and it’s lovely to see them squirm.

This is how Mr. Kickl introduces his video on the Freedom Party’s website:

“The introduction of compulsory vaccination is a gigantic attack on the freedom of the people in Austria! Compulsory vaccination is an assault on the human dignity of the population.

“One can only be ashamed of the behaviour of the government and the MPs of ÖVP, Grüne, NEOS and SPÖ.

“Even if the FPÖ remains in the minority in today’s parliamentary vote, together with you we will definitely overturn compulsory vaccination — by using the existing administrative apparatus and through democratic elections! We promise you that!”

Video transcript:

00:00   Ladies and gentlemen on the government bench,
00:04   esteemed colleagues, but above all, dear Austrians
00:08   who are following today’s — I would like
00:12   to say “historic” debate, which it will be — from home.
00:16   I tell it to you as it is, I tell
00:20   it simply: I am terrified,
00:24   I am stunned, I am shaken and I am
00:28   shocked, in view of what the Federal Government
00:32   consisting of the ÖVP [People’s Party] and Greens, together with their
00:36   stirrup-holders of a sham opposition here and today want to bring on the way
00:40   within the framework of the compulsory vaccination law.
00:44   And I assume that there are currently millions
00:48   of people in this country who feel exactly as I do.
00:52   And I will tell you why: simply because
00:56   this introduction of compulsory vaccination, which is nothing other
01:00   than compulsory vaccination, is nothing other than a gigantic attack
01:04   on the freedom of the Austrians,
01:08   and because
01:12   it is a real attack,
01:16   I would say, on the human dignity of the Austrian population.
01:20   It has all been planned and prepared
01:24   meticulously by an irresponsible
01:28   federal government, under the command of an irresponsible
01:32   chancellor, hand in hand with an irresponsible health minister.
01:36   This is the government of which people outside
01:40   the walls of this parliament and outside their ministries have long said
01:44   that it is the worst and most cold-hearted Government
01:48   that Austria has ever had.
01:52   this law will be implemented,
01:56   one could also say “approved”,
02:00   by members of the ÖVP and the Greens, just as irresponsibly
02:04   by MPs who have forgotten that this parliament
02:08   is not an extended workbench for ministries
02:12   who have forgotten that they have taken an oath on the Austrian Federal Constitution,
02:16   and who obviously confuse this High House with
02:20   a plenary assembly of Pharmaceutical Lobbyists, ladies and gentlemen.
02:24   And,
02:28   to make matters worse, these irresponsible actors
02:32   are willingly supported by equally irresponsible
02:36   so-called “opposition” parties,
02:40   named the SPÖ [socialists] and NEOS [The New Austria and Liberal Forum].
02:44   Ladies and gentlemen, I have the feeling you are hostages
02:48   of your two party leaders, two ladies who sacrifice,
02:52   for a very cheap supporting role, sacrifice everything
02:56   that is sacred to their party. For a supporting role in a pitiful government pantomime,
03:00   your own principles are thrown overboard;
03:04   your own voters, your own members, your own functionaries and your own club
03:08   are betrayed. You can really congratulate yourselves.
03:12   Ladies and gentlemen, this compulsory vaccination is
03:16   an act of disenfranchisement. Millions of Austrians will be, in one fell swoop
03:20   “downgraded”,
03:24   as one would say in “New German”. They are no longer independent,
03:28   no longer sovereign people, but they will be reduced to the
03:32   level of “recipients of orders”, subjugated people, knaves
03:36   and “serfs”, as Mr. [former chancellor Alexander] Schallenberg, your [aristocratic] predecessor
03:40   of unhappy memory, would have said. With this vaccination,
03:44   ladies and gentlemen, the way is being prepared for totalitarianism in Austria.
03:48   It is nothing other than the introduction
03:52   of HEALTH COMMUNISM. It is a cruel irony of history
03:56   that in order to fight a Chinese virus,
04:00   we are introducing the Chinese social model in Austria,
04:04   which is characterised by many things, but not by freedom and democracy.
04:08   Totalitarianism: what the individual wants
04:12   no longer counts, only what is good for the masses counts,
04:16   and what is good for the masses will be dictated in future by experts
04:20   of the calibre of Health Minister [Wolfgang] Mückstein,
04:24   who will tell us what is good for the masses, and whoever
04:28   does not comply will be persecuted like a criminal. Ladies and gentlemen,
04:32   this is a door opener for dilettantism and arbitrariness
04:36   in equal measure, and can never gain our [Freedom Party’s] approval.
04:40   And I tell you quite honestly:
04:44   I am ashamed today at this lectern
04:48   for the members of the ÖVP and the Greens, and I am ashamed
04:52   for the members of the NEOS and the Social Democrats
04:56   who want to push all this through,
05:00   in their blindness, without regards to losses.
05:04   I am also ashamed for those who did not find the courage
05:08   to express a dissenting opinion here in the Parliament during the vote,
05:12   but rather stayed at home under any flimsy excuse.
05:16   And, ladies ad gentlemen, at the same time I am proud,
05:20   very very proud, to be the chairman and party leader
05:24   of the Freedom Party here in this House,
05:28   because we are the only ones who are not going along with this insanity,
05:32   because we are standing up to your totalitarian tendencies,
05:36   because we are voting against it, and because we thus, without ifs and buts,
05:40   are defending the freedom of the Austrian people, and with it
05:44   the constitution, and with it the truth in this country.
05:48   You know I am not surprised that you have pushed
05:52   the negative development so far that we arrived at
05:56   this point that we are at today.
06:00   And I will tell you why: Think back to December 2020,
06:04   when the Freedom Party
06:08   started a petition against compulsory vaccination
06:12   in this country. That was two weeks
06:16   before you started your vaccination campaign,
06:20   and we did that because we were alarmed and shocked
06:24   by the obsessiveness and
06:28   by the fanaticism that you have shown in
06:32   bringing this vaccination to the public as the exclusive game-changer,
06:36   and declaring everything else to be inadmissible.
06:40   That alarmed us
06:44   and made us alert. And we told the population:
06:48   “Watch out, warning, it will all boil down
06:52   to compulsory vaccination. Everything else is only
06:56   a preliminary stage, and in the end there is total power for a government,
07:00   and on the other hand the total abandonment
07:04   and total powerlessness for the Austrian population.”
07:08   That is what we said, and for that we have been vilified,
07:12   made to look bad, and this federal government,
07:16   and with it, of course, the mainstream media — how could it be otherwise? —
07:20   have called us “liars”.
07:24   And much more has happened, the representatives of this federal government
07:28   swore that it would never come to that,
07:32   that it would never come to that, there would be no compulsory vaccination,
07:36   and I have brought you a few quotes
07:40   to refresh, to “boost” your memory. Colleague [Elisabeth] Koestinger [ÖVP]
07:44   on April 21: “We definitely do not want compulsory vaccination
07:48   in Austria”. The Greens Health Minister,
07:52   Mückstein: “Well I am against compulsory vaccination, because I believe that we
07:56   will not achieve anything with it.” ÖVP chairman [August] Wöginger, here in this Parliament:
08:00   “I stress there is no compulsory vaccination
08:04   in this country and there will not be one.” Your former Chancellor
08:08   Sebastian Kurz, if you can still remember him: “We do not have
08:12   compulsory vaccination in Austria, and that is a good thing.”
08:16   Constitutional Minister [Karoline] Edtstadler: “I categorically rule out compulsory vaccination;
08:20   there will be no such thing. People should decide for themselves.” And last but also least,
08:24   of course Werner Kogler [Greens] must not be left out: “I exclude
08:28   compulsory vaccination; I indeed exclude a general compulsory vaccination.”
08:32   Yes, ladies and gentlemen, now this compulsory vaccination is at our door.
08:36   In a few hours you want to pass it here inside,
08:40   and now I ask you: who has told the untruth here,
08:44   and who has lied to the people, and who has
08:48   told the people the truth?
08:52   Every one of these statements that I have quoted,
08:56   every single one — and these were by no means all of them —
09:00   is a single stab into the heart of your credibility; you have
09:04   bled to death in the meantime, as far as your credibility is concerned.
09:08   And you see, ladies and gentlemen, this is the problem of this federal government:
09:12   there is nothing left of this credibility after two years of so-called “Pandemic
09:16   Measures”, and I understand that you are blocking this out,
09:20   you of the ÖVP and the Greens, but that the NEOS and the SPÖ do not
09:24   notice this is somewhat surprising.
09:28   You now trust those who, in a few hours, jointly
09:32   decide what they have ruled out for a year, and you
09:36   thus trust those who lied to you and are now telling you that
09:40   all this is necessary, the only way out of the crisis and so on.
09:44   Ladies and gentlemen, you can not be
09:48   be serious as self-confident representatives of an opposition party.
09:52   I cannot believe that this is possible.
09:56   Do you really think that the people
10:00   outside the walls of the parliament really
10:04   don’t know what is happening outside the borders of Austria?
10:08   Do you really think that they don’t know that the measures in the UK are coming to an end, that Sweden,
10:12   without this torture and division of its own population,
10:16   has come through the crisis better than Austria,
10:20   and do you really believe that the people don’t
10:24   know that the Czechs are just scrapping their plans for compulsory vaccination
10:28   that is epidemiological toxic waste,
10:32   that is ending up in a landfill site, ladies and gentlemen, and that people
10:36   are noticing it. And if you don’t believe me, let me quote
10:40   a news channel, MTV (I hope it’s good enough
10:44   and hope it’s not already a “Schwurbler” [fake news] for your fact-checkers.
10:48   I quote: “The Omicron wave is huge but
10:52   amazingly harmless. Spain, the UK, Denmark and
10:56   Switzerland already want to treat the virus like the flu.”
11:00   And it gets even more interesting for you:
11:04   the virological figureheads on your side,
11:08   Messrs. Fauci and Drosten, they are already stabbing you in the back.
11:12   They are going in a direction similar to that of those you have been insulting for years.
11:16   They are telling you: “The pandemic is coming to an end,
11:20   and in the end it will be like a flu.” What does that mean,
11:24   evidence-wise? It means “the virus is becoming less and less dangerous,
11:28   the vaccination is becoming less and less effective,
11:32   and you come along at exactly this moment with the proposal, in Austria,
11:36   with the proposal to introduce compulsory vaccination. You couldn’t (invent?) it.
11:40   You could not (invent?) it, esteemed ladies and gentlemen.
11:44   While all others abolish the measures, you want to drive
11:48   everybody from age 18 up to great-grandma to take the needle.
11:52   This is really a piece of insanity that you are introducing here today.
11:56   Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to address the
12:00   the members the individual clubs [parties]
12:04   at this point. Dear Green MPs, Mrs. [Sigrid] Maurer,
12:08   don’t say another word; don’t utter another syllable
12:12   in connection with data protection.
12:16   Game over for the Greens in this context.
12:20   In future, refrain from
12:24   any criticism of individual target investigations
12:28   by order of a judge in the fight against individual criminals
12:32   or against organised crime, if today you give
12:36   your approval to a dragnet search where millions of healthy
12:40   people are targeted by the police and health authorities
12:44   without being accused of anything.
12:48   I am not even talking about your position on genetic engineering; here, too,
12:52   your credibility has vanished into thin air, and some of the Greens
12:56   will have an elementary experience today, when they discover
13:00   that you are in fact enemies of freedom and friends of totalitarianism.
13:04   Honourable members of the SPÖ:
13:08   If I were you, I would think again whether
13:12   it is really a good argument to say: “The government has screwed up everything
13:16   in Corona management; it has failed wherever possible, and that is why
13:20   we are now supporting the losers in their biggest failure, namely
13:24   the introduction of compulsory vaccination.” What kind of argument is that?
13:28   I wouldn’t have a good feeling about it, but it fits in with the line of your
13:32   “red” mentors in Vienna, who now want to take away
13:36   jobs from the unvaccinated. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the
13:40   new line of social democracy: job destruction,
13:44   wealth destruction instead of protection of the workers in this country,
13:48   the people should know that. Addressing the NEOS
13:52   Ms. [Beate] Meinl [-Reisinger]: In your program it says so beautifully: “In doubt
13:56   for freedom,” wonderfully formulated. Well, don’t you have any doubts at all,
14:00   don’t you have any doubts at all about everything that is being set in motion?
14:04   I cannot believe that! What I can believe is that you are willing
14:08   to sacrifice freedom in order to please the powerful; that I can believe.
14:12   You can do that, Mrs. Meinl-Reisinger,
14:16   but to claim
14:20   to be the leader of a liberal party at the same time,
14:24   that’s then no longer possible.
14:28   Read Sir Karl Popper
14:32   about the “Open Society and its Enemies”. I think it will be
14:36   an enlightening lecture for you. And as to the MPs of the ÖVP,
14:40   perhaps you should also think about whether it is really an adequate
14:44   interpretation of Christian charity
14:48   to drive millions of people into despair, to make them worry
14:52   and fear, to criminalise them or to turn them into second-class citizens,
14:56   just because a few of your leaders want to continue
15:00   dancing around the golden calf of control, money and power.
15:04   Think about it, in the time that is left.
15:08   And now, I fear that all this is of no use.
15:12   I fear that you will have the majority today
15:16   in this vote, but this “voting success”
15:20   will not make you happy, I tell you,
15:24   simply because real contentment and happiness
15:28   can never be built on the suffering and lack of freedom of millions
15:32   of people. A look at the history books will show it to you,
15:36   and you will experience it for yourselves.
15:40   I predict that already today. We members of the Freedom Party
15:44   remain in the minority today, but only in this room, because outside,
15:48   among the people who are meanwhile dissatisfied with your measures,
15:52   we have long been in the majority, and this majority
15:56   is growing every day. And I tell you
16:00   together with these people, this is a promise,
16:04   together with these people we will
16:08   definitely overturn this compulsory vaccination,
16:12   using your own bureaucracy; you will be surprised.
16:16   We will bring you down by appealing to the courts
16:20   in all instances, and not only in Austria, and we will
16:24   cause you to fall above all through democratic elections.
16:28   Yes, you, the yes-men of today,
16:32   will not escape your just punishment tomorrow.
16:36   You will succeed neither morally, legally nor politically.
16:40   And you can be sure of one thing: unlike you,
16:44   I keep my promises, including the one that I will,
16:48   of course, continue to remain unvaccinated,
16:52   even if you want to force me, and millions of Austrians, to do so.

9 thoughts on “Herbert Kickl: “You Will Not Escape Your Just Punishment”

  1. God Please put the Emperor’s Crown on Karl’s head and rid ourselves of these traitors in one fell swoop.

    • As a Czech I must say: “Oh no, please God, not another emperor please! I want to live free!” 😉

      • I feel for you, Barn Swallow. Your people have demonstrated their love of freedom since the Hussite Wars, yet only twenty years after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1918 you got the Nazis, and after a very brief interlude, the communists.

  2. Thanks for this, very well said and very entertaining! 🙂

    I even learned few things from the Austrian politics today, for example I noticed that lady, Beate Meinl-Reisinger from the “Neue Österreich und Liberales Forum” – and I came to the conclusion that she is part of that good old Schwabian trick: “If you are a Communist, call yourself a Liberal”. Interesting that they always tend to go for the “NEW”. New Austria? What is the meaning of that? Terms like these make me uneasy…

    Anyhow, I find it quite true that the politicians voting for the mandatory injections should be ashamed of themselves, and the history will show that. Cheers!

  3. He is controlled opposition.

    He and his fellow politicians (of his party) could ave ended the dictatureship in one go.

    Colonel Count Stauffenberg came within handshaking distance of Hitler.

    And Kickl comes within an even shorter distance to the chancellor.
    Everybody has to use the restroom. (Cue Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible Fallout.)

  4. From Australia…as an Austrian born in 1947 – now a grandmother of 4 Australians – I completely empathise with Mr. Kickl and applaud totally and wholeheartedly his utterly true and relentlessly scathing speech. You all know (I hope) what is happening here in Australia. WE are the poster boy for exactly what Mr. Kickl is announcing. Our Internment Camps are built and ready. We are almost fully Vaccine mandated. The Legacy Media and the Federal and State Governments have FULLY ENDORSED the Ubermenschen and Untermenschen philosophies of the 3rd Reich. Right now they are madly spruiking 3rd Boosters. We slide around masked, avoiding contact with other human beings. Let there be a Universal Reckoning – a Judgement – on all those bought and paid for Governments, Media, Organisations and Institutions, Medical Health Tsars
    and the rest of the compliant, cringing, well compensated creeps – IMO it cannot come soon enough. Mr. Kickl is a Hero in my book. May Almighty God bless his life and preserve him as a priceless Truth Speaker and Truth Seeker for all unyielding Austrians and for the unbowed and unafraid the world over. 🇭🇲🤺🇭🇲🤺➕

    • As a fellow Australian I fully concur. Government-forced vaccinations cannot be justified if freedom has any meaning.

      Last week I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer on my head. I’m actually wondering whether I’ll be treated or not because I’ve chosen not accept the experimental therapies called ‘vaccines’ – which have turned out to be duds as real vaccines.

      • Not that you need my advice, Maryanne, but if you are required to be “vaxxed” before treatment, it has to be a lower risk than no treatment.

        Either way, hope it goes well.

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