Paul Weston: “I Look Forward to Nuremberg 2”

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the culpability of the elites for the devastation being wrought upon the general public by the official response to the “pandemic”. After examining the evidence, he concludes that political leaders, bureaucrats, scientists, doctors, and media people are “utterly complicit in corporate manslaughter”:

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8 thoughts on “Paul Weston: “I Look Forward to Nuremberg 2”

  1. If there ever is discovered incontrovertible evidence that the elites planned the pandemic and/or knowingly withheld alternative treatments in order to run up the death tolls then there shouldn’t be trials but summary executions. And the list of complicit individuals is very long indeed. In this, Phillipines president Duterte has the right idea by his method of dealing with drug dealers.

  2. Paul Weston is absolutely right. I hope he will continue to tell the truth while it is still possible.

  3. The only way a Nuremburg style trial can occur is if one group of ‘elites’ puts another group of elites on trial.
    Since they’re all the same group of elites these days, I can’t see that happening. The only way we could see proper retribution would a French Revolution style cataclysm.
    And that never turns out well; generally it just creates a new and more bloodthirsty elite.

  4. Nuremburg is why we are here in the first place. It has allowed the marxist globullist to take power and drive our countries into the ground. Now only bloodshed will put things right again.

  5. How does it compare to the evils of Hitler, Stalin and Mao?
    Paul Weston correctly states it’s right there.
    In fact, it may even be worse, because in our time, this same evil elite, which also installed the previously mentioned dictators, is torturing the entire planet and the totality of all Humanity. This global scope of the new dictatorship is the fatal result of globalization, which in its turn has only been made possible as a result of the skyrocketing development of cyber-technology, the very same technology that’s being used by governments to supervise and monitor the citizens’ activities, and soon even control our own private thoughts. Hitler, Stalin and Mao could only have dreamt of that kind of totalitarian power and control over their citizens. They didn’t have this access to our inner minds yet.
    The Gospel of St. John and the Book of Daniel already warned us for these highly advanced tools of the s-t-n, and many spiritual visionaries like Jakob Lorber, Rudolf Steiner, Fjodor Dostoyewski, Wladimir Solowyow, Baba Vanga and Edgar Cayce already pre-warned us for this dark technology in times long before it had become the gloomy depressing reality of today.
    Three other visionaries need to be mentioned here, who grasped three stages of the rolling out of this dictatorship: In Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” we see the world of the ignorant masses, who don’t pay attention to what’s going on, and instead live in the moment and indulge in consumption, entertainment, parties and casual sex, and have no clue what horrors are awaiting them beyond the horizon that’s rapidly approaching them. Only a few citizens are aware, but so far they suffer the fate of Cassandra, because the masses don’t wish to wake up out of their fake sweet dream.
    In Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” we observe the second stage being performed, in which the ruling power randomly picks out some individuals of the few conscious citizens, in order to publicly harass them without any motive and without any real trial, hence showing their absolute power over the citizens and intimidating every one into meek obedience. Subsequently, Orwell picked up the following stage, consisting of two striking components. In “1984” we see the grim world that follows when all conscious citizens have been incarcerated or liquidated, and the unconscious masses, now deprived of anyone who could speak up for them, make then aware and organize resistance, and dumbed down and weakened by lazy consumption, are no longer able to resist or even comprehend what’s suddenly happening to them. In “Animal Farm” we see the perfect image of a privileged class of collaborators with the evil elite (the higher cadres in government, the media, entertainment, education, science, even many churches are compromised, see this current fake-Pope), looking down on the dumb masses and even trying to convince them that the havoc that’s inflicted upon them is “for their own good”.
    We are heading towards this grim dystopia faster than most of us seem to think.
    Taking all this into the equation, it may not even be too far-fetched to come to the conclusion that the previous bloody dictatorships, going far back in time and even including the “religion of peace”, were just “exercises” by the diabolic elite for the final “great seize” of the Spirits of all Mankind, which is happening now, right before the awaited Second Coming of Christ which will set us all free of we believe in Him.
    The fact that most people are still unwilling to see this, can be explained by many different causes.
    – We are still in the prelude. Nowadays, when we think of nazism, we tend to focus on the horrors of Auschwitz and Treblinka and the grim battles of Leningrad and Stalingrad, and when we think of communism, immediately the Holodomor and the Cultural Revolution come to mind. People forget that these were the climaxes of developments that started much earlier, and that it all seemed to start “innocent”, even “necessary” and apparently “temporary” as well in its initial stages back then.
    – Many citizens have been too frightened for “corona” by the brain-washing MSM, in order to see how disproportional and destructive these so-called “measures” are, including lockdowns, travel restrictions and forced DNA-altering programs disguised as “vaccines”.
    – When we hear the term “dictatorship”, we are conditioned to think of soldiers marching in the street, tanks, gunfire, lots of blood and screaming leading figureheads. It still takes time to realize that the new technology of supervision, but also of brainwashing, makes these scenarios “unnecessary”. At least in the guilt-ridden West, especially in German-speaking and Nordic countries, where due to the Protestant conditioning many people are susceptible to unjustified feelings of guilt, there is an increasing willingness to deliberately put oneself into unnecessary suffering if this promotes the so-called “greater ideal”, whether this is “multiculturalism”, “anti-racism”, “gender-neutrality”, “lgbt-rights”, “climate change prevention” or, as the newest whip, “corona” restrictions.
    Oswald Spengler already said, that he fact that punishments for independent thinking were much harsher in the Middle Ages than in modern times, was because the human Spirit was much closer to God, hence much freer in the Middle Ages, and therefore much more able to think for themselves than in modern times, with its industrial standardized media. And this was in the early 20th Century, long before any internet or TV were invented, and even radios were still a luxury. He was only referring to the newspapers, with radio only as secondary source of dumbing down.
    In the same time epoch, Lenin said that Germany and Sweden won’t need a revolution like the one that was ravaging Russia at that moment. They were already conditioned to accept the conditions of the revolution without any bloodshed. It seems that this now is true for the entire Western World, unless we all wake up and reconnect to our cultural roots and spiritual origins.

    • When nature finally bites back, all these special interest people who are not of western civilization will flee in fear of the wrath that is coming.

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