I Warned You, Grandma — Now You’re For It!

Last week I posted a video clip in which German police officers threatened to crush the skulls of old-age pensioners who were demonstrating. As a sort of macabre counterpoint, the following report from Hamburg describes an incident in which Antifa “counter-protesters” knocked down and seriously injured a 90-year-old woman at a demonstration.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Hamburger Morgenpost:

90-year-old knocked down in the Corona demo: Broken thigh

On the sidelines of the Corona demo on Saturday in downtown Hamburg, at which, according to police reports, more than 11,500 people protested against the federal government’s pandemic measures, a dispute broke out in which a 90-year-old was knocked down and seriously injured.

In the area of the Jungfernstieg, several counter-demonstrators, apparently people from the left-wing scene, are said to have “acted” on the participants in the Corona demonstration from the outside, the police said: At least one bottle is said to have been thrown; previously they only chanted. Then there was a fight.

At the Corona demo in Hamburg: 90-year-old knocked down

When the police intervened, around twenty people who were said to be from the group of counter-demonstrators fled. The uninvolved 90-year-old was knocked down. The fire department paramedics took care of her and then took the woman to a hospital. MOPO [Morgenpost] learned that the pensioner suffered a fractured hip.

For older people, fractures of this kind can be dangerous and sometimes have fatal consequences: Because they are immediately bedridden, their medication intake has to be increased. They can barely move and they have to struggle with the consequences of the operation, in which serious complications may occur. Recovery is very protracted. Muscle breakdown is greatly accelerated by the lack of movement and leads to a general weakening of the entire body.

In some cases, the jarring of the bones during the fall can also loosen the bone marrow and thus promote arterial vascular occlusion, because it is precisely those bone marrow fragments that get into the bloodstream. In the worst case, this can result in an embolism, which is often fatal.

Afterword from the translator:

Let’s get this straight: these leftist counter-demonstrators are there to “protect” the general public from a virus and those who are spreading it, in their twisted minds, by any means, even if it injures or kills innocent bystanders. Makes total sense to me — NOT. And why am I not surprised? The old and proven adage comes into play here — “As above, so below”. The Klabauterbach must be so proud.

6 thoughts on “I Warned You, Grandma — Now You’re For It!

  1. The Germans repeated returned Merkel to office. I have little or no sympathy for any of them.
    Like the peoples of California, Minnesota, and other locals, they’re getting what they voted for. .

    • They aren’t getting it good enough, hard enough, or fast enough for my liking.

      The problem with the overeducated classes and the lower classes on the dole, both who support this crap electorally is that wealth or being on the government teet both provide a far larger amount of insulation from reality than the immediate proximity to reality which those who work for a living must deal with.

      • In Murderapolis, they certainly are getting it good and hard, even the most libtarded marxist is screaming bloody murder because they are getting home invaders, car jackings and shot in front of their favorite bar or restaurant that is unprecedented in Mpls history. They(whites) are now moving out of Murderapolis in droves. Let the place burn to the ground and let them revel in it.

        • I’ll believe it when feral Somalis are invading their homes and murdering and raping (in that order) at random the local hoi polloi while the police stand down in their donut shops. I live over the border in Pickuptruckistan and I see hordes of Minnesota plates so maybe they are fleeing. Local house prices are through the roof so likely some of it is idiots fleeing Minnesota like Commiefornians fleeing their state while bringing the stupid ideological poisons with them to infect wherever they end up.

          • Funny that in these cases there’s NO quaratine, but I guess that’s a Virus they want to spread agressively into all healthy countries.

          • Moon, of course they are fleeing, the same leftards are fleeing here to the north of you as well raising home prices through the roof. Home prices on the Range used to sell a house at about 20-50,000, now are going for 150-175,000 or more and every run down house is bought up and rehabed by the smart developers from the cities. Don’t even try to buy a house on a lake up here, average is over 500,000 now.

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