I’ll Bust Your Head, Grandpa!

The following clip was recorded during a confrontation between German police and a group of old-age pensioners. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The translator includes the following information on the provenance of the video:

The incident presumably took place at one of the demonstrations against COVID restrictions/vax mandates.

PolitikStube posted this text with the clip: “This video is going viral on Telegram right now. We don’t know when the recording was made or where the scene took place; it’s reportedly in Saxony. The police officers come from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).”

Video transcript:

00:00   Oh, man! —I’m going to say it one more time! Get out of here!
00:07   What will happen? Are you going to crush my skull or what? —For example.
00:11   For example?! —For example.
00:15   [NRW police officer threatens to crush the skull of the pensioner from Saxony.]
00:19   I recorded everything. —You recorded it? —Everything.
00:22   I’ll give you my number. He wants to crush our skulls.
00:25   That what he said. —Just a sec. I’ll give my number.

15 thoughts on “I’ll Bust Your Head, Grandpa!

  1. WTH happened to Germanistan?
    Oh…80 years of getting beat over the head with evil never existed until the Yahtzee party came along.

  2. German and European police are really “brave” Proof they threatened to crush the pensioner’s skull.

    They are even braver when they say worse things to invaders.

    After all they killed 10 Serbian civilians for every german invader.

    The west was even braver when it destroyed Yugoslavia because it sided with the Allies during wwII .

    I mean that’s honorable not betrayal.

    oh, sincerity, loyalty, conscience, honor, what are these? Where can you find them?

  3. Coming from eastern EU, I believe that the cop is right in his assessment. Riot police in full gear is dangerous once they are sent against a crowd of people.

    • Barn is right: the elderly man suggests that the cop might want to beat. But the cop denies. He should have said nothing instead. They do not employ psychologically trained rhetorics. In the end nothing happens in this footage, so please save us cheap propaganda.We get enough of that in the MSM.

      • @ Anonymous

        “the cop denies”

        — No, he does not. The policeman says “zum Beispiel”, that is “for example” (agreeing that he may indeed crush a skull).

        “In the end nothing happens in this footage”

        — Yes it does. Actually a lot happens. The intention of the policeman to potentially misuse his power, and an unlawful threat of serious bodily harm or even murder made by the police gets exposed. By that, the fallacy of the benevolence of ‘protecting people against the virus’ gets exposed, too. This is absolutely not “nothing”.

        Also, the cop might have had the intention (and the order) to break skulls — it is not possible to exclude that intention just because he did not act upon it (at least not in the video).

        So you have managed to force me to explain obvious things you deny. This trollish technique of gaslighting you are using, is amazing, I must admit.

        Lots of trollish techniques on your part actually… like 1) faked agreement with a regular commenter (Barn Swallow) 2) while twisting his opinion (he did not actually talk about the intention of the cop, he talked about the cop’s awareness of his ability to smash skulls.) 3) strawmen argumentation (of “psychologically trained rhetorics” that nobody commented about in the first place) 4) outright lies (by claiming that the cop “denies” when he did not) and 5) faked belonging to a group (“enough of that in the MSM”) plus 6) lies by omission (by denying the violent threat the cop made) — just to mention a few of your tools.

        You are apparently very well prepared — but still not well enough for this site…

        • thanks for your thorough reaction to my post. I am here because there are many well prepared and intelligent people commenting. My point was: next time a german cop crushes someones finger, let me know. They are pussies.

        • Are you a lawyer or KGB trained? Motion objected, your honor. And by the way, this is an anti- islamic, not an anti- german- cop blog. And I do not believe them, you included.

          • @ Anonymous

            a) You are doing so much trollish obfuscation again b) avoiding real dialogue c) using ad-hominem attacks d) faking belonging to the commenters again e) no shame after getting exposed f) going on with the agenda of discrediting this site: absolutely professional.

            But this name you are using for this job is so transparently fake. Awkward. You were obviously told that your nickname should be one that loudly signals that you belong to the “resistance”, deceiving both the readers and the commenters. Not so professonal…

            Still not enough.

          • @ Anonymous

            “And by the way, this is an anti- islamic, not an anti- german- cop blog.”

            — It is very revealing because this wording is used by those who consider themselves the enemies of this site. Those who support the values represented by this site, and generally Western civilization, NEVER use it.

            The quality of your preparation apparently has some serious limitations…

  4. Police has become again a by-word for State-Thug.
    They roam the streets with the self-importance of those whose bigotries are backed by the State and with their faces shining with righteousness and Evil.
    They are all small men/women living out their big tyrannical ego.
    A type of people that cannot survive without having power over others.
    Lives Failures what my Grandfather called them, along with Politicians, Clerics and Bureaucrats.

    • They have always been state thugs, they will follow the orders given to them by those from above, Does not matter if they are communists, socialists or so called new democrats. The trick is, to take power so they follow your orders and not theirs.

    • Hellequin,

      What they forget is that they all have to go home some time. We will follow them and when the dawn breaks, Satan will have another of his disciples delivered to his BBQ.

      There is a very flimsy edifice of “civility” ( a term used in the comments on this blog ) between us and the foot soldiers of TBTB. Once it has been removed as it recently was in Paris, do you think our side will act more or less with physicality than before.

      As our friend on here Mathoney will know well, once the infantry is broken its time for the cavalry to make the situation a rout. That will be the situation within a few months.

  5. Good job! An excellent act of brave resistance against state tyranny. This real fighter handled the situation perfectly by targeting the policeman’s intention to misuse power, that is his readiness to smash your skull in order to protect you from the virus.

    Thereby the man exposed this tyrannical hypocrisy of ‘protecting people’, a fallacy that is being used as a psychological weapon against the population.

  6. Police are overpaid scumbags , most are up to their ears in graft from organized crime. Police wet their pants when confronted by hordes of muslims or Soros funded masked antifa rioters. However police are tough guys when dealing with unarmed pensioners.

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