Austria is Recruiting for the Corona Stasi

Many thanks to László and Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Swiss daily Blick.

The bold comments in square brackets were inserted by Hellequin GB:

Austria is looking for people to check on vaccination refusers

Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated in Austria from February 2022 will have to reckon with a fine. To ensure that the fines are paid, (special) employees are taking care of it. That’s why the country is now looking for inspectors.

Starting in February, Austria means to get serious: Anyone over the age of 14 will have to be vaccinated against Corona. This was announced by the Austrian government last week.

This could create new jobs, as the example of Linz shows. The city has a population of just over 200,000 and is the capital of the state of Upper Austria, and has the lowest vaccination rate in the country. According to E-vaccine passport data, only 63 percent of residents have been vaccinated twice.

Going after the unvaccinated

Linz now wants to hire people to monitor vaccination refusers, as Heute reports. They are to check whether those who refuse to be vaccinated are actually paying the fines. Because those who do not get vaccinated will be asked to pay. Up to €3600 euro; converted, well, around 3740 Swiss francs.

The vaccination controllers receive a salary of at least €2774, the equivalent of about 2880 francs. The salary is paid 14 times a year. [NICE — more than Judas got for his trouble.]

Ösi [Austrian] with Matura and 2G

The job includes, among other things, the issuing of fines as well as the processing of appeals. In the job profile, a completed Matura [high school diploma] is required. [Not surprised — only completely academented need apply.] In addition, the hunters should be resilient and willing to work. [What do they mean by “resilient”? Without a heart or conscience, perhaps?] Specifically: willing to work more overtime! [Sounds to me that they’ll be going at it Gestapo-style.]

For the job only Austrian citizens will be employed. And of course the applicants must be either vaccinated or recovered. [Recovered from what? Humanity, decency, morals or empathy?]

Even if in Austria the unvaccinated get it in the neck — the general Corona situation in the country seems to be relaxing, at least momentarily. On Monday, just under 1,800 new cases were reported within 24 hours. The lowest value for two months. Probably the result of the three-week lockdown that ended on December 12.

Afterword from Hellequin GB:

You can take the Nazi out of the population, but it looks to me that you cannot take the Nazi out of Government. I do wonder what colour their uniform shirts will be? Brown or black — what do you think?

15 thoughts on “Austria is Recruiting for the Corona Stasi

  1. Sounds like excellent candidates for overpass ornaments, carbecues, and house bonfires.

    These people have addresses and bosses who also have addresses.

  2. History sure does rhyme in Europe this Christmas season. When do they smash the shop windows? Has the government let the contracts to rebuild the old camps or are they going to build new ones? Here in the US we are slightly behind but I am sure Dementia Joe and the rest of his cronies have a plan to catch up.

  3. Once you get outside of Vienna, the rest of the country is different. Once those inspectors go to these towns, cities and villages, they are going to find a very hostile environment, I sure would not be surprised when a more than a few of these inspectors end up missing or have very tragic accidents.

    • I don’t know about tragic accidents, but yes – it will not go well with the village Austrians I know. To me it looks like the “government people” are intentionally provoking a fight.

      • How do you think the village Austrians will react? Do you really believe they will refuse entry to a government official? Do you really believe they will challenge the government? And why do you believe that? I am seriously wishing to know as I live next door in Hungary and find it a bit difficult to believe there would/could be mass resistance. The few Austrians I am acquainted with are gung ho pro vax.

        • I must admit that I can’t say for sure, because I am not an Austrian.
          But what I seen in the hills around Linz, the guys there don’t strike me like good government mandate followers, judging by the total disregard for “no smoking in the pubs law”, and “mask wearing mandates” also didn’t go well at all… They are the kind of guys who ski in the forrest when the sign says “do not ski in the forrest”, which I always found amusing about them.
          But I also know many provaxx Austrians, from Linz, and from Vienna. That is why I think that Austria is kind of divided country, and a good testing ground for the “mandatory vaccinations”. I believe that the divide between the “leftists” and the “right wing” is very real in Austria, but I can’t be sure how many provax fanatics and antivax partisans are there in Austria as a whole, because I just know only my little part of the Bohemian Forrest.

          • Barn Swallow, the Austrians are very right wing and very much royalist outside of Vienna, the government truly thinks they population will just roll over and do what it demands, they could not be more wrong, and the Austrians are getting angrier by the day. They will send in a couple of these inspectors for a trial run, and then all hell will break lose. They will have a government crisis shortly and it will be delicious fun to watch.

        • Bastet, Yes, they will not only refuse entry, they will shoot the SOB on the main street of the town and hang his corpse in town square. They will not only challenge the government, they will spit in it’s eye and dare them to do something about it. The so called governmnt has picked a fight it cannot win and the people know it and have become emboldened by it.

  4. I think the idea of the enemy here, like always in the Corona psy-op, boils down to mass behavior change, in this case herding the population towards jabs and especially the jab passport scheme.

    So these inspectors are recruited probably because the state has no capacity to process the millions of fines in a short time. Its weakness is that it has to be quick, because the issued fines do not cause people to do anything, only the collected fines do. If the adminstrative execution process of the penalty collection took a year, that would hinder the jabbing agenda which is urgent for the PTB.

    Therefore I do not think these inspectors will knock on other people’s doors like Jehova’s Witnesses — at least not yet; the tax-like collection of the fines is much more intimidating and effective because then the victims are alone against the state enforcers who can seize the money on your bank account or seize your other assets like houses and cars, or the judge can order that you go to prison instead.

    Thus the best strategy for the Austrians would be some kind of mass obstruction of the administrative process of the fining.

    – First, nobody should tell their names when fined — there are not enough policemen to enforce this. And you must not acknowledge taking the letter from the postman or the incoming email if they target all the unjabbed form a list.

    – Secondly, the process should be painfully slowed down by class-action lawsuits and endless appeals that indundate the system, so that they cannot keep up even with these newly hired workforce.

    – Thirdly, hundreds of thousands of people should apply for these jobs and then quit immediately when hired, leaving the jobs undone.

    Be creative and unified — there can be active and passive elements in the resistance; the point is to burden the system of fining in order to make it collapse or at least slow down. ‘They’ have a very tight agenda and slowing it down will further pressure their minions and make them panic.

    Mass obstruction and disobedience could thwart this tactic of coerced jabbing.

    • A lot of people underrate the behavior change alone. It almost doesn’t even matter what they get people to do. Once they build an infrastructure of compliance, that’s the most expensive and valuable asset on earth.

    • The Austrians outside of Vienna already have a game plan, if the inspectors come into their towns, they will find it extremely hazardous to their health to remain.

  5. I wonder if I ever go skiing in Austria again 🙁

    But maybe I got it all wrong! Maybe I could grow a beard and sneak in as a refugee and get a state subsidy for the skipass – and ski for free? Win Win!

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