Meanwhile, Back at the Cultural Enrichment of Austria

While Austria is cracking down on the unvaxed, illegal migrants continue to pour across the country’s borders. In contrast to ethnic Austrians, the invaders don’t need to show vaccine passports in order to gain access to their host country’s goodies.

The following article from Austria reports on the people-smuggling industry that brings “asylum seekers” into the country. It includes a video with no narration, which doesn’t require any subtitles.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the conservative Austrian site Unzensuriert:

Asylum Industry

December 19, 2021

Failure of ex-Interior Minister Nehammer shown in asylum numbers: More than 144% compared to previous year

According to a report from the daily newspaper oe24, the asylum numbers have exploded no less than 144% compared to the previous year. That this could happen relatively unnoticed by the public is likely due to the overwhelming coverage of the coronavirus by the mainstream media.

Borders open like a barn door

The Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Austrian Freedom Party, FPÖ) has several times referred to “the borders, which are often open like a barn door,” and to the smuggling mischief. Actually, hardly a day goes by when illegally-arriving Africans and Orientals aren’t arrested somewhere in Austria.

Spectacular case in Lower Austria

Unzensuriert reported on a particularly spectacular case. During the night from November 15-16 in the municipality of Schwarzenbach, Wiener Neustadt District, illegal asylum seekers were once again arrested, including a wild car chase. The alleged smuggler ran off after a car crash and left 14 Syrians in the vehicle, who immediately asked for “international protection”.

Video shows hundreds of illegal migrants

A secretly recorded video which caused great excitement shows how hundreds of illegal migrants were picked up by buses at the border crossing in Spielfeld, in Steiermark. Here is the video.

By the end of October, 28,288 asylum applications

According to the oe24 report, by the end of October, 28,288 asylum applications have been filed. By the end of the year, there should be at least 30,000. Numbers which show that the restrictive asylum policy continually preached by ex-Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, in truth, does not exist. You might be surprised that the borders for illegal travelers stand open while Austrians are in “lockdown”.

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