The Slow March of Amorality

Our Israeli correspondent MC discusses Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, and the miasma of corruption and evil that pervades the worldwide response to the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The only survivors of 150 Polish people who walked from Lodz, Poland to Berlin huddle in blankets on December 14, 1945. They are waiting by a railway track hoping to be picked up by a British army train and given help. (Fred Ramage — Keystone/Getty Images / Photo colorization by Sanna Dullaway for TIME)

The Slow March of Amorality

by MC

Amorality is not the same as immorality. Amorality is the absence of any kind of morality at all. It reflects an animal society that works off deceit, instinct and emotion. Can a dog get ‘angry’? I don’t know, but a dog can certainly get scared and invoke a ‘fight or flee’ irrationality.

So too with humans: induce enough fear, and humanity will, in panic, flock towards imagined safety and the mitigation of said fear.

After 70+ years of peace and ever increasing wealth and comfort, we in the Anglo-West are unprepared for the shock of overwhelming fear and its associated propaganda. We have been taught to respect and trust government, not treat it with fear and suspicion as the Founding Fathers did.

The Constitution makes an assumption, and thus contains a serious flaw: it assumes that it, the Constitution, floats in a sea of Christian morality, and, as a consequence, can be interpreted and be the arbiter of any nuances of ‘citizenship’.

But what if that sea changes colour? What if the people cease to respect Christian morality? What if amoral leaders blur the edges and remove the public’s ability to perceive righteousness?

It is not that people are evil or immoral; it is just that the reference points of (Christian) culture are obscured and there is nothing to replace them. So the Constitution sinks, having been torpedoed by a lurking submarine (U666?).

One expects governments to tell the truth to “we the people” but truth can be difficult, and a little lie here and there might help.

Fauci told big, big lies to President George W. Bush:

Fauci apparently neglected to tell President Bush that Nevirapine had never won FDA approval as a safe and effective drug. “Dr. Fauci had to know all about the safety problems, but he must have either omitted or whitewashed them when he sold the program to Bush,” says Celia Farber, who researched the episode extensively for her 2006 article in Harper’s Magazine. NIAID’s powerful apparatchik didn’t fret that FDA had already refused Nevirapine its official safety imprimatur.

— From The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) p554

Nevirapine was another so-called AIDS cure — expensive, ineffective and fatal.

But such is the power of a Fauci lie that Bush, like many a President, fell for it.

Tony Fauci is one of the amoral. He seems to have only one objective in life: a rich, powerful Anthony Fauci. Because, for the amoral, “the ends justify the means” Fauci stands a king of the castle over a mountain of innocent corpses, whether it be the children of the Incarnation Children’s Center in New York City, or the current 5-11 year olds being jabbed with mRNA vaccines to save granny…

On the whole, fit healthy children do not die from Covid, but… Ooh — they forgot Maddie, she just had a tummy ache…

From Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the mRNA jab:

There are three issues parents need to understand:

The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including

  • Their brain and nervous system
  • Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots
  • Their reproductive system, and
  • This vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system

The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable:

  • You can’t fix the lesions within their brains;
  • You can’t repair heart tissue scarring;
  • You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system, and
  • This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family.

The second thing you need to know about is the fact that this novel technology has not been adequately tested.

Our great and glorious (well-paid) leaders want you to get your kids injected with a POISON?

This is amorality in action.

NIAID, led by Fauci (and by Brandon) wants a needle in every arm. The Fauci empire is built upon the huge amounts of taxpayer dollars that pass through NIAID’s coffers destined to buy absolute influence over the medical profession and the media. Fauci is a well-paid puppet, not for the USA, but for Big Pharma, for the last 50 years he has built his empire on omerta — the revenge cult of Sicily.

The basic principle of omertà is that one must not seek aid from legally constituted authorities to settle personal grievances. The suspicion of being a cascittuni (an informant) constitutes the blackest mark against manhood, according to Cutrera. A person who has been wronged is obligated to look out for their own interests by avenging the wrong themself, or finding a patron—not the state—to avenge them.

The first real victim of Fauci’s ‘Omerta’ was the German-American virologist Dr. Peter Duesberg, who challenge the whole Gallo-Fauci HIV-AIDS fiat. Duesberg pointed out that AIDS was a lifestyle problem restricted to those who used hard drugs through shared needles, and particularly Nitrile ‘poppers’ often used to heighten orgasm in homosexual acts.

Duesberg, although eventually vindicated, never received another academic grant. He was shunned by colleagues and had his lab facilities closed down (the university changed the locks).

Fauci controlled the chequebook, and everybody kowtowed. Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book as cited above has the complete history, and it makes for grim reading.

But Fauci does not exist in a vacuum. Whilst many people are apostles of fear, many are also amoral enough to jump on his lucrative bandwagon. Gates, the eugenicist, wants globalism and a master/slave society. Democrat Never-Trumpers climbed on the political tiger in order to get rid of the President at any cost — now they are stuck!

Many took the money and are now compromised. Fauci can destroy them as easily as he did Duesberg.

Fauci and cronies have gagged the medical profession (not difficult; the Nazis did it too) and the media (never famous for its integrity), and most of Capitol Hill is dependent on Big Pharma donations.

The NIAID is a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization sitting in the middle of government, and Fauci, its head, is like Jabba the Hutt sitting on his throne, the slime rolling off him like sweat, and the miasma of corruption everywhere.

Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci is a horrifying read. Not only has this guy got away with millions of murders, he has squandered billions in tax dollars, and nobody has the wherewithal to bring him to justice. He is still there perpetuating the problems, lining his and others’ pockets whilst enabling a coup d’état which will eventually bring down the USA.

Kennedy is a Democrat, of course, but he is not amoral — he has not succumbed to the current Democrat disease of wokoid fever, and can still be objective rather than subjective.

There now appears to be a huge discrepancy between what we are told officially and what the true picture is:

LONDON, England (LifeSiteNews) — Researchers from Queen Mary University in London (QMUL) have discovered anomalies in COVID-19 vaccine data indicating that the narrative supporting the effectiveness of the jabs is “massively exaggerated” and that the vaccines expose recipients to a risk of “increased mortality.”

The most likely factor for the erroneous statistics has to do with government authorities misclassifying those who have died within 14 days of a COVID injection as “unvaccinated.”

“When it comes to the vaccine, ultimately, the only truly objective way to evaluate its overall risk [vs.] benefit is to compare the all-cause mortality for the vaccinated against the unvaccinated,” he stated.

“So, in crude terms, if the virus is as dangerous as claimed and the vaccine is as effective as claimed, then we should by now have data confirming that the vaccines are saving a lot more lives than they’re killing.”

Looking closely at the data provided by the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), which suggested the vaccines were effective, Fenton and his co-author Dr. Martin Neil, “found so many inconsistencies and anomalies in the data that when you take account of the most obvious explanations for these, there really is no reliable evidence that the vaccines reduce all-cause mortality.”

“In fact, if you take account of the fact that newly vaccinated people [who] die, [are] likely being misclassified as unvaccinated—because that’s the most likely explanation for the strange things in the data—then you get to the conclusion that the vaccines don’t seem to reduce the all-cause mortality, but rather produce a genuine spike in all-cause mortality shortly after vaccination.

So where is the medical profession on this?

Physicians who still practice medicine cannot afford to write or say the following for fear of being canceled. As a retired physician, I cannot be coerced to keep silent with threats to my medical license or hospital privileges.

COVID-19 is probably the greatest and most successful swindle in history. By comparison, Carlo Ponzi and Bernie Madoff were pikers. The COVID scam has affected most of earth’s 7.8 billion inhabitants, consumed trillions of dollars, and achieved a level of government control unprecedented in modern democracies.

Essentially the medical profession, with a few notable exceptions, are nothing but “intellectual jobsworths”. I asked my GP about mask exemptions, which are supposedly legal in Israel and have published criteria. I probably qualify because my blood oxygen level SPO2 averages out at about 92-93% (should be 96-97%). My GP was horrified I had even asked — not horrified that her patient might be in danger from a mask, but horrified that she might be put in a position to have to write an exemption. She was scared by the implications for herself, and presumably, her career.

It is our own fault, of course — we conservatives seem to be so individualistic that we cannot unite to fight. We are totally penetrated (see the Baron’s article from a few months ago) and are like a herd of cats — we would rather scratch each other than scratch the enemy.

I know for example there are readers who hate Joos and Brits, and yes we have our faults, but is it relevant to lash out and belittle all the time? Joos and Brits are not the enemy, they might have been once, but Joos and Brits are not going to enslave you; Fauci and Gates are.

The first thing is to overcome the fear, and if possible, to help others overcome their fear. The victims of COVID were and are overwhelmingly elderly and infirm anyway. We were talked into fear by guys in white coats telling us “we’re all gonna die.” It’s a lie.

It used to be that liars could be named and shamed, but in an amoral world, lies are of no consequence. Indeed, lies are not lies; they are fluid truths. If I identify as a liar, my lies become truths. Just ask ‘Lia’ as his her swimming costume bulges in all the wrong places.

Somehow, breaking ladies’ swim records as a male with a male body and musculature is hollow and somehow just pathetic, but if we are amoral, then who’s worried?

Is rape immoral? Not if you are amoral, because for you there is no right and wrong, only opportunity. Inhabit the girl’s locker rooms, catch young girl alone — the school district will cover it up, so What, Me Worry?

Amorality is a bully’s charter, and is just asking for vigilante justice. Just as the bully can exploit the minor, so can the bully be lynched by the horrified parents. But somehow I don’t think that is what was/is intended.

It is almost funny to see those businesses who donated to BLM last year become the targets of BLM-style looting and shoplifting this year. There is almost a poetry about it. Soon Frisco will turn into a ghost city. As it becomes unpleasant and impossible to do business in, so it will be left to the rats and the vultures to feast upon themselves.

In my experience, slums are made by the people living in them, the locale reflecting the malaise (or otherwise) of the people. Brent Council (outer London) poured millions of pounds into the Chalk Farm housing project — it made no difference, because they may have fixed the vandalised paintwork, but they did not fix the vandals who just had even more nice new paintwork to destroy.

The (unarmed) police did not go to Chalk Farm, and all those who could got out.

So what do we do with slumees?

We have to patiently fight them and lock them up, perhaps with a multiplier on their prison sentences — first offence multiply by 1, second by 1.1, third by 1.1, fourth by 1.3 fifth by 1.8, let Fibonacci rule. And if Gaol is unpleasant and humiliating, so what? So is having to live in Chalk Farm with the bullyboys.

But how can we justify locking up the Sharks and the Jets when we fail to even consider the Whale Sharks and the Jumbo Jets as criminals? Are they are just too powerful to fail (or prosecute)?

Vaccine technology assumes that Germ Theory as proposed by Pasteur and Koch is correct, and that if you kill the ‘microbe’ you cure the disease. However, Germ Theory has never been proven, and as modern medicine finally learns the importance of the gut biome, it looks like Béchamp and Terrain theory was correct after all. None of Fauci’s many vaccine attempts has worked — and they won’t if its not the microbe (HIV) that causes the problems in the first place.

Vaccines have made many amoral people very, very rich. But scrape the surface and the dishonesty starts to become immediately apparent. 25 years ago we all gave our early teenage girls a Gardasil HPV shot to supposedly protect them from cervical cancer.

HPV Vaccine

In 2009 and 2012, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by Gates’s partners GSK and Merck, on 23,000 girls 11-14 years old in remote provinces of India. These experiments were part of Gates’s effort to bolster those companies’ sketchy claims that HPV vaccines protect women against cervical cancer that might develop in old age. Gates and his foundation have large investments in both companies. Since deaths from cervical cancer occur on average at age 58 in the United States and affect only 1/40,000 women, and since virtually all these deaths are preventable with early detection by Pap smears, any vaccine given to young girls to prevent the low risk of preventable death half a century from now ought to be 100 percent safe — and this vaccine isn’t even close. Both Merck and Glaxo disclosed in their Shareholders Reports that profitable performances by their flagship HPV vaccines were top indicators of shareholder value. Gardasil has been a top seller for Merck, earning total global sales of $1.2 billion in 2011, a windfall for the company floundering to recover from a $7 billion court settlement related to criminal charges that the company had knowingly killed between 100,000 and 500,000 Americans by defrauding customers about the safety of its blockbuster pain pill, Vioxx. Merck’s executives nicknamed the HPV vaccine “Help Pay for Vioxx” and fast-tracked it to market after shoddy safety tests under pressure from Wall Street analysts itching to downgrade Merck’s “buy” recommendations.

At least 1,200 of the girls in Gates’s study — 1 in 20 — suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died — about 10 x the US death rates for cervical cancer, which almost never kills the young. India’s Federal Ministry of Health suspended the trials and appointed an expert parliamentary committee to investigate the scandal. Indian government investigators found that Gates-funded researchers at PATH committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying illiterate parents, and forging consent forms.

— From The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) P716

This dangerous vaccine was approved and given to girls as young as 9 across Europe and Australasia with, of course, the same devastating consequences:

HPV Vaccines and Fertility

Gates’s strong patronage of HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) deepened suspicions that he was weaponizing vaccination against human fertility. Merck’s clinical trials showed strong signals for reproductive harm from Gardasil.177,178 People in the study suffered reproductive problems including premature ovarian failure at ten times background rates. Female fertility has dropped precipitously beginning in 2006 in the United States, coterminous with Gardasil uptake.179,180 Historical drops in fecundity have occurred in every nation with high Gardasil uptake.

ibid p719

I have never been a fan of vaccines. My saga started in the military where the mandatory typhoid jab TABt gave me three days of hell every time. The ship’s doctor claimed that there were no side effects. Then my oldest son threw a febrile fit following MMR, the “safe and effective” measles jab that is neither safe nor effective.

To any who care to do the research, it is difficult to find any jab that is either safe or effective, but they are all very profitable. If you want to look for yourself I would strongly recommend Kennedy’s book and follow the references. It paints a grim picture of the history of vaccines and of those amoral people who profit from them and cut corners to get them into healthy bodies with sometimes horrific consequences.

Our leaders know this, but they turn a blind eye and continue to buy their shares in Big Pharma.

Big Pharma is an absolute cornucopia. A pill costing 8 cents to make can be sold for hundreds of dollars. And there is nothing benevolent about Big Pharma; they will happily poison tens of thousands if there is profit to be made. This is amorality of the highest order.

Aspirin (1918 Spanish Flu), Thalidomide, Vioxx, Opioids/Fentanyl have each in their turn wreaked their horrors and carnage on their victims, murder unchecked and unacknowledged.

And then we have Fauci Flu and the purposeful withholding of proper effective treatments to allow Remdesivir to destroy the kidneys of seriously ill Covid patients at thousands of dollars a dose, and then when it kills the patient, to pass government GO and collect 37,000 dollars…

All this sold to you packaged in a white lab coat with a self-confident smirk smile.


Finally, consider this:

Put simply, through the medium of this sponsored report, Gates is saying that we need a rapid mass vaccination strategy in place to anticipate the accidental or deliberate release of the kind of enhanced pathogens that his working partner, Dr. Fauci, was funding the development of in Wuhan, under the pretext of vaccine research. Though Gates’s simulation highlighted the need for masks and respirators, Gates, Dr. Fauci, and Kadlec ignored stockpiling these items, and the same for any antiviral drugs that might successfully treat sick people. Instead, they were laser-focused on next-gen vaccines, on compulsory administration to healthy uninfected populations, on censorship and other coercive devices, on constructing and controlling global health agencies, and on surveillance technologies.”

ibid p871

We’ve been HAD!

Thanks go to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for his amazing book — well worth just the few dollars.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

17 thoughts on “The Slow March of Amorality

  1. Scary as Fauci attacks RFK Jr. as insane, something dictators always say about their critics if they can’t kill them.

  2. Yes, islamisation has broken down Christianity which was already declining, to a point where it will cease to exist soon. The word Christmas is now rarely seen or spoken in Australia. They have mentioned it a bit more lately because they realise there is a “dollar on the table” and like prostitutes have shelved their hatred of Christianity and white people to cash in for a few weeks. I am now scared to write Merry Christmas in emails to govt bodies unless they do it first.
    BLM and global woke retailers – delicious karma. The rest of us should stop buying their crap anyway.
    Australians can barely keep their clothes on and now many young women become massively wealthy posing on Fans Only. They earn a million dollars a year. Why study, get a degree and a job and slave away to maybe have 1million dollars when you die?
    Money has always been the greater moral currency in Australia. They’ve always talked more about money than ideas and good works. US had a greater Christian ethic, but mass migration from the third world has managed to break it down there too.
    The morality here is “if it makes you feel good do it” and money is most important. Many here couldn’t tell you what the ten commandments were any more and that every breach can be excused, especially by blaming the victim.

    • No idea where you live Sara, but people have for a week now said good morning and merry Christmas to me every single morning. even kids. And yes this is Australia.
      Houses are covered in Christmas lights and cars in reindeer ears – yet its summer. The full Christmas spirit is alive and well.

      Why you would ever write merry Christmas to someone in a government office is beyond me.

      Everyone is happy and smiling everywhere I go. Christmas is written everywhere. People are filled with Christmas spirit.

      So, perhaps you live in those left wing scourges of Melb or Sydney.

  3. Trust no one. Ignore the manipulated, massaged, and cherry-picked statistics. Be baffled by the science. There is one thing you can’t ignore, the behavior.
    The response to COVID-19 is simply not justified by the severity of the disease.
    They have bragged about getting the jab, they have bribed and cajoled us, they have bullied and threatened us, tried to frighten us, and now they’re trying to destroy us and take away our livelihoods. They have changed the definitions of “vaccination” and “herd immunity” to meet their needs.
    All this is being done over a disease with a 99%+ survival rate with safe, effective alternative methods of treatment.
    This doesn’t amount to proof positive that something is wrong, but it should be sufficient evidence that taking the notavax is probably not a good idea.

  4. Not to mention the total lockdowns from the latest harmless version called O-Macron. It has also jumped continents in 2 days and sent the media into a frenzy . Not to mention more cannon fodder for further shut downs by the delighted government adherents to their global masters. Interesting times ahead .

  5. “It is not that people are evil or immoral”

    Yes, they are. And most people can become a TRANSFERER of evil, even if he/she is not a psychopath. It is happening.

    • It is the amorality that is the problem, immorality is in essense being naughty within the constructs of a morality, being amoral means that there is no construct of morality at all and hence ‘naughtyness’ does not exist.

      Fauci is amoral, he can sleep at night because he does not perceive that he is doing anything wrong….

      Meanwhile his mountain of corpses builds up and up.

      • @ MC

        I see your point. I am actually debating only the part that “it is not that people are evil” — because most of them do have the potential for evil.

        But continuing on this thread of the concept of amorality, which is an interesting approach, I think amorality is now irreversible because it has permeated society and became a competitive advantage — like in every dark era. No way back.

  6. Fauci Makes ole Mengle look like a Saint. The fact that the people(sheep) continue to allow this in the face of lots of evidence shows just low western civilization has declined to this point. I just wonder, how many have to die before we get angry enough to start the Great Purge?
    It is not that we hate Jews or Brits, it is the fact that the lions have become the sheep and let themselves be led by donkeys without a care in the world, all fat, dumb and happy. The Brits and their Great Game is why we are where we are today, with the marxist left and globullist in charge. As for the Jews, it is the jews like Soros and the bloody like we utterly despise, and the fact the other jews will without question openly side with that evil to protect them. Then they wonder why they all end up on trains to camps, gulags and massive pogroms. Until the Jews start policing their own, others will do it for them and throw the baby out with the bathwater. It isn’t right, but that is the way it is, when push comes to shove, we are all tribal by nature.

  7. Another lie about “evil Nazis” … “Fauci and cronies have gagged the medical profession (not difficult; the Nazis did it too)”

    Knee-jerk (emphasis on jerk) insertions of the “evil Nazi” must be the go-to cliche for those who cannot move beyond the lies imposed on us from the actual winners of WW2. Hint: not us.

    OMG! Fauci is as evil as Nazis??? OMG!!

    Is this supposed to make the ADL side against Fauci? it is to laugh.

    • old coyote
      I’m sick of that too mate. I. Far from perfect was the third reich, but yes on balance I’d have to give the bad villainy award to the Allies. The high command and leaders that is. I hear it so often now.
      How about “Oh you Evil Churchill you”
      Or, “My God, you’re as bad as an Evil Eisenhower”

      Bit of a ring to the last one I must say…

      “Now run along and be a good little Adolf now ok”

  8. Maybe, just maybe …. it’s possible ….
    I suspect, even if just ever so slightly mind you,
    Possibly a wee touch of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

    But hey, I’m no expert. Barely educated is me.
    What would I know anyway that educated medical professional types don’t have a full and reasoned grasp on huh.

    Can’t possibly imagine.

    • Wrong! It has become more communistic in nature, the bloody naxi’s would never do what todays traitors have done, the bloody communist on the other hand did and still do. Do you think the naxi’s would have let the bloody 3rd world invade like they are doing now? Yeah, didn’t think so, but the bloody communist think all are the same and are doing it today. The communist of Stalin made that amateur Hitler look sane. The Soviets did far worse than any naxi and not one of those bastards ever came up for trial. They are bloody celebrated. The hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Frankly speaking, if the bloody Brits and their ever changing allegiances had lost, we would not be in the position we find ourselves in at the present time.

  9. Baron,
    I just want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Sane New Year.

    Thanks for persevering with Gate of Vienna and may you continue to do so for many more years.

  10. Why are these refugees in the photo described as polish .They are more than likely some of the 8 million ethnic Germans forced out of thier former homellands in another Stalinist purge to rid the newly conquered territories as undesireables.

    • Excellent point! They probably came from Silesia or East Prussia, a few of the many that didn’t make it. The Soviets shot them and put them in mass graves, yet nothing is or ever has been said about it, only those pesky naxi’s did things like that.

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