Waiting for the Corona Boxcar

A reader came across this 1938 speech in which key terms have been modified to reflect current events:

From Das Schwarze Korps [SS Newspaper], 24 November 1938

“So, we are now going to have a total solution to the Covid-19 question. The programme is clear. It reads: total separation, total segregation! What does this mean? It does not only mean the total exclusion of the Unvaccinated from the economic system… It means much more! No Vaccinated person can be expected to live under the same roof as The Unvaccinated. The Unvaccinated must be chased out of our houses and our residential districts and made to live in rows or blocks of houses where they can keep to themselves and come into contact with The Vaccinated as little as possible. They must be clearly identified.”

(Benno Müller-Hill, Murderous Science, New York: CSHL Press, 1998, p.48)

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Corona Boxcar

  1. I just showed this to someone, who I thought would apprechiate this……
    Was I wrong in that assumption.

    Just two words were thrown into my face – CONSPIRACY THEORIST – and in the next moment I got the whole tirade about Non-vaxxers and that they are a danger to society, bla, bla, Mainstream Propaganda.
    After he was finished with his tirade I pointed to the Page again and said –

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