It’s Time For Millstones

But whoever causes one of these little ones that believe in Me to stumble, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea. (Mark 9:42)

The “pandemic” caused by the Wuhan Coronavirus and the official response to it provide the most abundant material for paranoid speculation that I have seen in my lifetime.

When I write about SARS-CoV-2 and the experimental mRNA medical treatments for it that are being pushed on the populace, I do my best to stick to well-established facts. Whenever I speculate, I label what I say as speculation. I refrain from the most extreme speculation, that is, statements with the thinnest background of established facts. It doesn’t mean that I don’t engage in such speculation, but simply that I don’t write much about it.

Below is a list of what I consider to be established facts concerning the Wuhan Coronavirus. In order to be labeled as facts, there must be ample data from multiple reliable sources to support them. I keep Occam’s Razor handy at all times to help me cut through the chaff.

1. The disease exists.

There is an infectious disease that spread widely across the world in 2020. It is commonly labeled COVID-19. It may or may not be the same virus whose genetic code was sequenced and published. We know that the disease exists because of a widespread spike in deaths, especially in nursing homes, from a respiratory virus with consistent symptoms that occurred in multiple countries in the spring of 2020. Since the virus has never been successfully cultured, its exact genome is uncertain, but it exists.

2. The disease has a very low mortality rate, not much higher than that of the seasonal flu, and possibly less.

Statistics on COVID-19 have been consistently fudged (see #3 below), but even using the presumably overstated official numbers of deaths, the disease would not have qualified as a “pandemic” before the WHO changed its definition of the word at the onset of the outbreak in early 2020.

3. Official statistics on the disease have been heavily manipulated.

There is considerable evidence that governments have deliberately inflated the incidence numbers for SARS-CoV-2. The first trick was to cite the number of “cases” identified by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which was almost totally bogus, given the way that it was being used. There is also evidence that doctors and hospitals were pressured into identifying deaths as being from COVID-19 when such diagnoses were extremely questionable.

But the most damning evidence was the disappearance of deaths from the seasonal flu as reported in official statistics. For the flu to flatline in that manner is a statistical impossibility, which is how we know that something very hinky is going on.

4. The disease may be treated in its early stages by commonly available drugs that are reliable, effective, and safe to use.

In multiple clinical studies, both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been shown to reduce the severity and lethality of the disease if utilized as soon as the first symptoms appear. Yet governments, medical “experts”, and the media have consistently downplayed, ridiculed, and otherwise propagandized against the use of such drugs, instead pushing the “vaccine” at the expense of all other treatments.

5. Healthy people under the age of 70 are very unlikely to suffer from a severe case of the disease.

Based on official statistics, those who are most at risk are the elderly and people with multiple serious pre-existing conditions, such as COPD, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Young people are very unlikely to develop symptoms if they contract COVID-19, and if they do, the use of treatments outlined in #4 will keep the disease from being more than a brief interruption in their normal life, no worse than the common cold.

Children are especially unlikely to catch the Wuhan Coronavirus. If they are otherwise healthy, their risk of contracting the disease is extremely close to zero.

6. The “vaccines” being promoted for use against the disease are neither safe nor effective.

Despite the efforts by governments and medical institution to suppress the statistics, it has become clear that the experimental mRNA treatments provide very little protection against SARS-CoV-2 after a few months. This is why the “boosters” are being promoted (and mandated). Each successive booster will likely fade in effectiveness sooner than the previous one.

In addition, even according to the official government statistics, it is clear that there are severe side effects from the use of the “vaccines”, including death. There is growing evidence that the mRNA treatment may permanently compromise the immune systems of those who receive it.

The only people who might stand to gain from being vaxed are the elderly who have other serious medical issues. Everyone else would be well-advised to eschew the jab.

The “vaccine” is particularly contraindicated for children under 18, for whom COVID-19 poses almost no risk. The mRNA treatments have been shown to cause myocarditis and pericarditis in young teenagers, especially boys.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The focus of this post is drawn from items #5 and #6 as they concern children.

Healthy children have very little chance of contracting COVID-19 or experiencing symptoms from it. The death rate from the coronavirus in this group is close to zero. Yet the risk to such children posed by the vax is very real, as exemplified by the 12-year-old boy in Hamburg who died from the adverse effects of the BioNTech “vaccine”.

Data on the incidence of such adverse effects are being downplayed, manipulated, and hidden from public view. Nevertheless, the risk to children is clear, even using the sparse official data. And we are in the early stages of collecting data. The incidence of serious side-effects is likely to increase as more time passes and more data elude the efforts of the official censors and become public.

Small children have almost no risk of death from COVID-19. Their risk of dying from the vax is small, but measurable. Even with the paucity of currently available data, where children are concerned the risk of death from the “vaccine” is at least an order of magnitude higher than the risk of death from the Wuhan Coronavirus. I expect when the full data become available (if they ever do), the risk will turn out to be several orders of magnitude higher.

Therefore it is unethical and immoral to “vaccinate” children against COVID-19.

Those who administer the vax to people under 18 have violated their Hippocratic Oath. If there were any justice in the world, they would be prosecuted for their actions.

But there ain’t no justice. Not only are children being jabbed, but vaxing them is being pushed hard. Now that the FDA has approved the vax for the 5-12 age range, I expect elementary schools all across the country to mandate the jab for pupils who wish to attend classes in person.

Those who are responsible for such policies are EVIL.

Political and medical officials at the highest level are well aware of what I outlined above. They are not promoting (and mandating) the mRNA treatment for children out of ignorance. They know what they are doing.

Sundance at Conservative Tree House notes that only 27% of Americans approve of jabbing children under 12. He surmises that the 27% largely comprises childless people, who are more likely to be leftists who lean towards totalitarian solutions, and have no personal reason to care about what happens to children.

The children themselves are incapable of giving their consent. I assume that parents who allow their kids to be jabbed are largely ignorant of these facts. If they care about their kids, how could it be otherwise? Nevertheless, they have failed to do due diligence in their investigation of the issue, and some of them will surely come to regret their dereliction.

But no one is really capable of giving informed consent, because information about the long-term effects of the “vaccine” does not yet exist. No one can become fully informed, so informed consent is impossible.

It ultimately doesn’t matter what motivates the people at the top. Whether it is simple venality, or an effort to reduce the world’s population, or the first step in the trans-humanist project, or some other nefarious motive.

It makes no difference. Those who knowingly inflict this atrocity on innocent children are utterly evil.

If there is ever a reckoning for what is being done, they will be lucky if they get nothing worse than the millstone treatment.

26 thoughts on “It’s Time For Millstones

  1. Thank you for a very great synopsis of the situation vis a vis the Chi Com Fauci Flu.

    I have curated over 2000 articles from all over since the Scamdemic began and the truths you have outlined are common to most of them.

    As far as the children being shot up with this concoction, I agree with you that there is no punishment severe enough but I am deeply troubled that the parents of my grandchildren have had their children injected.

    My heart is broken because of where my adult children are at with this- they are Demo-Commies and their political views suck but it is a mystery to me how they can be such good people in every other respect.

    Just last night I went for a walk with my oldest daughter and she told me that she did not invite me to her home when a California relative came to visit because I am a Pureblood without the shot. There was no talking to her about this. She might as well have stuck her fingers in her ears and said “na na nah na I won’t listen.”

    Because I am the only person in my immediate family and circle of “friends” I can only pray that the worst thing that will happen will be for the fake vax to simply wear off with no ill effects.

    Living in NY we still have the worst mandates, especially with the face diapers in our schools. If you live in a free state, you can’t imagine what it’s like.

    Empress Hochul says that if 90-100% of the children get the fake vax she will consider removing the mask mandate.

    I hate these people with the energy and force of 100 suns.

    • GET OUT!!
      GET THE [vulgar intensifier] OUT!!!
      Born outside Buffalo, 20 years living in suburban Rochester.
      GET THE [vulgar intensifier] OUT NOW!!
      Your home IS NOT that nice.
      Your job IS NOT that great.
      Your neighbors SUCK, and will turn you in when the time comes.
      GET OUT NOW!!!!!

    • Nicely put- and I hope you are a genuine Native American, and not an affirmative action one. I do not think the vaccines are fake, though- they clearly do help many people, at least in the short run. I’m a “senior citizen” and got the Pfizer vaccine- no significant ill effects.

      OTOH, here in Korea, there have been cases of young people who fell ill shortly after getting vaxxed and dying shortly thereafter. F. Joseph Biden does not want you to know this- or talk about it either. Oh yeah, neither does Zuck or Jack Dorsey.

    • If any of the suspicions about the notavax are correct, the world is going to be an emptier place and our hearts are going to be shattered.
      But do not comply.

    • I empathize with you regarding your children and grandchildren. Our daughter has swallowed the leftist agenda hook, line and sinker and is rabid with it. While it saddens us, it’s even more worrying to us about our grandson who is 4. There’s no doubt that she will have him jabbed for his fifth birthday, just another reason we’re working to obtain custody of him. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.

    • I can’t imagine what that feels like. I was 40 when I had my first child, now 14, and my son is five. We keep them close, do remote (charter) schooling, have done so for the last three years.

      We’re VERY careful to safeguard them, and none of us will be given the clot-shots- EVER. Indeed, when the hospitals were busily trying to inject my kids as newborns, I had to impress on them that the law would not protect them from ME, should they choose to ignore my wishes.

      IF, by some stroke of luck, they managed to give any of my kids the NOT-VAXX shots, Hell would not stop me from … delivering retribution, shall we say… to those responsible.

      Make those who chose to do this, for money or power, PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE.

  2. The exposure of the massive corruption and evil in our society is the only good thing that’s come out of this ongoing COVID scam. I pray it will open enough eyes and stiffen enough spines to end it with extreme prejudice.

  3. I think you forgot one thing. What does the vaccine do if it is injected into the blood stream rather than intramuscular? If someone were made to state (or hypothesis cause they will say they have no evidence) what it does. That demonstrates that whatever level of safeness it has depends on proper administration which isn’t necessarily just injecting it into the deltoid. When the vaccines does what it does, and the sacrificial cells are not in the deltoid, where are they? Someone may argue there are veins or it is unlikely that a vein will be hit. There are veins and everyone’s anatomy is different at least a little. Statistically I am sure our variations fit under a bell curve but some of these adverse reactions have been described as an allergic reaction or it must have gotten into the blood stream. I hear the symptoms of the reaction but not the underlying cause. The vaccine used your heart or heart lining or maybe your vascular system to make spike proteins.

    • Covid-19 is a virus that inhabits the bloodstream. Microscopic clots form in the capillaries preventing oxygen from entering the bloodstream. The smooth lining of the bloodstream (which aid the movement of blood through the system) is impeded by the spike protein crashing through the blood vessel walls and disrupting the blood flow.

  4. Make that 10,000 suns, Seneca the Elder…
    As far as the Hippocratic Oath goes, I think it’s been largely weeded out of educational institutions, and I think largely because of Roe v Wade… or was it Eugenics? Anyway, the mind verily reals and blows. Too much cognitive dissonance is my guess. A few years ago I attended the graduation of my nephew from nursing school. It was the Oath of Maimonides, through which one could drive a tractor trailer fully loaded with clauses and exceptions to prohibiting virtually any crime in order to provide ‘comfort and quality of life’.
    It’s important to get the nursing staff on board with their mission, in that they are on the front lines, doing much of the mundane and heavy lifting. “Thy eternal providence has appointed me to watch over the life and death of Thy creatures”
    Which glasses are you wearing today Doc? The ones to watch over my life? Or the ones to watch over my death?

    • They are firing doctors and nurses left and right for not getting the death shot, so that tells you something right there, don’t do it. Now they have massive heath care worker shortages everywhere, who woulda thunk it?

  5. So the physician’s “Duty of Due Care” has been suborned to the political agenda that has been paid for by Big Pharma. Children are now no longer safe but are now targets of the New World Order inasmuch as they will inherit what the adults who died prematurely from the vaccine have left behind. Only Satan could have thought this one up.

  6. How did you lose your children? I have 3 adult children – 2 spouses are ambivalent – going along to get along.

    The third spouse, ( together with my daughter) just relocated to a farm in Idaho to begin serious prepping for the other two siblings and families to join them.

    I don’t understand nor do I sympathize with those who “lost” their kids to the demonic left. There is no excuse for it, but neglect of duty as a parent,.

    It’s time for some serious reflection on how much energy was put into crafting the child into an adult. 2 spouses of my 3 kids are apolitical – they are adapting to life in Magaville.

    Wokistanis never had a chance to corrupt – it as the an option.

    Diligent parenting is the answer. You are reaping what you’ve sown.

    • Everyone has free will. To make their own choices. My wife and I both got the bat flu late last year. Kids knew it. Know we survived, yet 2 of them ran out and got the shot. All raised in a conservative home. All rasied in a Christian home. One of them voted for Trump both times. Not all things are a simple as you seem to make it out to be. I think fear plays a huge part. Fear of death. Fear of job loss. Fear of being different. I talked with them. Showed them the same stats listed in this article. People make their own choices. People will have to live with the consequences.

    • I have to disagree. We, as parents, can do all the “right” things bringing our kids up, but they make their own choices as youths and adults. Tell me, do take credit for every good thing your children do as well? Instead of blaming bad parenting, you should be thanking God for the graces He gave to you and your children. “There but for the Grace of God go I.”

    • I was going to point out how adult children make their own decisions and aren’t carbon copies of their parents and their ideas. But I’m still trying to imagine the cognitive dissonance that leads you to believe Trump is looking out for your best interests despite evidence to the contrary. He did some good, but he also sold out a significant number of his support with things like the bump stock ban and failing to reign in jackbooted thugs like the ATF. Don’t forget it was Trump that fast tracked the mRNA shots with his Operation Warp Speed. He’s got a significant share of the blame in all this. Run tell that over in ‘magaville’.

  7. One would expect the flu to disappear due to the actions we have taken to combat covid. COVID is airborne, regardless of Dr. Fauchi’s lies about the mattet. On the other hand, the flu is primarily droplet born. The particles of covid are too small to be caught by the mask, however virus lsden droplets do get caught by the mask, Which is why it gets wet.

    Airborne viruses float in the air while droplet borne viruses fall to to the floor, or on counters, or doorknobs, or somewhere where disinfection works.

    In reality the both float in the air. I think this really relates to how infectious the viruses are. It appears Covid requires much less Inocullem to get an infection going.

    In most diseases, including covid, disease severity is determined by the inoculum starting the the disease.. The more innoculum the worst the disease, The less the innoculum the list the severity.

    Intuitively this makes sense. If you walk past someone with the disease in the store and inhale a couple of Virus particles your innate immune system will take care of it and you won’t even know you’ve been exposed. If you’re later tested you will be sero negative because it never got that far, Youy innate immune system dealt with it and you never developed antibodies.

    On the other hand if someone sneezes in your face and you get hit with trillions of virus particles you will have a bad run of the disease and consequently a bad outcome.

    In both instances you are starting with zero immunity and once your innate immunity’s limited capacity is exceeded, it is a race to produce antibodies faster than the virus reproduces. Both follow an exponential curve. A head start matters.

    If your infectcion source is lyeing in bed next to you, as mine was. A tough go of it is gauranteed. While she is both building virus particles and building antibodies, she is also sheeding virus particles and you are are inhaling virus particles over an extended perion of time leading to a large innoculem and condiquently a tough go of it regardless of starting health.

    N.b. there is no blame here. Sometimes it is just your turn to be beat down. Fecal matter happens. Regardless the point is there are many factors besides age or starting health.

    Ivermectin works my family all got Covjd and took ivermectin and did well. The only exception was me. While I bought enough horse paste, and it was horse paate, for the whole family some was inadvertantly dropped in the toilet. Best laid plans i tell ya. If i knew then what i know now i would have pulled it out and took it anyway. Regardless, when i did the math, there was enough for everyone but me.

    Thus, i had a bad run with it and went to the hospital, where they gave me oxygen that i needed and simultaneously tried to kill me with rendesivmere. I am not being flippant or facetious here. Go to the CDC page on Rendezivmere and look at the two linked studies. During the ebola trials in west African they stopped the study becsuse liver damage stood out in a pandemic with a disease wirh a 90% case fatality rate. When i pointed this out to Dr. Mangle, my term for the sob, he started ranting about former president Trump. If i could have gotten out of bed i woyld have beat his @$$. Do not go to the hospital if you can avoid it. I only got them to discharge me when I told the Rn. I was going to rip the IVs out and start tearing up them and thier $hit if i couldent go home.

    I am convienced no one will benefit from the clot shot. The spike protien is widely considered a bioweapon and is in and of itself pathogenic. The clot shot causes your own cells to produce the spike protien, thus the clot shot is a bioweapon. Do not take it, nor let anyone else you can influence take it.

    Initially I avoided it because it was made with fetal cell lines amongst other reasons. If it was born of evil, np good would come of it. Evil begats evil, etc. However if that doesn’t make sense to you, just know that the [Vaxx] is a bioweapon. The more we kearn about it the worse it appears. Do not let them squirt a bioweapon in you, it cannot be reversed.


    • I used high doses of Vit D and anti=malaria pills that I have by drawer full. It worked, no chink flu for me.

  8. The first illness in history that can only be diagnosed with Occam’s Razor.

  9. Child abuse, pure and simple. And, any parent stupid enough to go along with this clear violation of the Nurnberg Laws is just as guilty as the war criminals who are perpetrating this genocide.

  10. They are firing doctors and nurses left and right for not getting the death shot, so that tells you something right there, don’t do it. Now they have massive heath care worker shortages everywhere, who woulda thunk it?

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