She Survived by Playing Dead

The following clip from a talk show on French TV features a young lady named Marine who recounts her harrowing experience on the street at the hands of two thugs who robbed her and nearly killed her. At no point does she refer to their ethnicity, but I have no doubt that they were “youths”, i.e. Arabs or Africans.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What happened? —We are both walking, my girlfriend and I, happy and content.
00:05   We were both very happy, just the two of us, then I turn my head
00:10   and I see two men. —Were you all alone in the street? —No, the two of us, my girlfriend and I.
00:15   That’s right, just the two of you? That’s it? —No, the light was orange
00:19   and we were fine, it wasn’t scary. We were really fine. I turned my head
00:25   and I saw these two men. I saw one of them in grey and the other in black.
00:29   I saw them both with a scarf around their necks but they didn’t have a coat on
00:34   and I thought to myself, given the weather, a scarf without a coat. That isn’t normal.
00:39   So looking at them, I notice that the faster I walk, the faster they walk.
00:43   I see their scarves go up over their noses. I say to my friend Amelia,
00:48   “Amelia I think it’s time to run now.” So I started to run.
00:53   I crossed the road as fast as I could, but I tripped and fell.
01:00   The two of them came and pushed me to the ground.
01:04   The one with the black tracksuit wanted my handbag, at all costs, that was his ultimate goal.
01:09   The one in grey started to kick me all over my body, in the chest and especially in the head.
01:18   And he didn’t stop. Then the one in black told him to stop and said, “You’re going to kill her.
01:22   She’s bleeding too seriously. You gonna kill her. That’s when you have to stop.”
01:26   The one in grey was in a frenzy. He was laughing. He was taking pleasure in striking me.
01:33   He was really enjoying it. Under such stress I could no longer hold on, and I’m
01:39   somewhat ashamed because I wet myself. I couldn’t help myself and I dropped my bag.
01:46   The one in black took it and left.
01:50   His accomplice in grey pulled out a hammer, the kind that are found in buses to break the glass.
01:56   He looked at me and said, “I’m going to finish you. I’m going to finish you.”
02:02   So he hit me in the head with a hammer, and in that moment, it was like I was on pause.
02:08   I heard my friend Nathan playing the piano. I heard a sweet melody on the piano in my head.
02:13   I heard Nathan say, “You can’t go to sleep now. You can’t. You can sleep later,
02:19   but you mustn’t fall asleep. You have to stay there.”
02:23   And then that pretty melody turned into piano plus drums with each hammer blow
02:28   and this music is what kept me alive. I was concentrating on this music inside my head.
02:34   This light that was so orange, turned into dark red. My eyes were full of blood.
02:39   I felt myself dying. I felt myself dying. I saw (?).
02:44   I saw my friends in my head. I saw the image of them pass by. I saw my family.
02:49   I tried to hold on as best I could and he saw I was starting to fade away.
02:56   I opened my eyes and my mouth and I played dead.
03:00   I would never have thought I would have to play dead to get out of the situation.

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  1. Unless events like these touch each and everyone in France Britain and all of europe , and until those bloody events change the minds of all population and discover the traitors who invited these criminals and murderers …. until then nothings will change.

    That will take another 40 years because europeans are hard to hear and harder to understand,

    Oh merkel . . . oh victims

    Freedom in europe ….. free to bring unlimited number of murderers and call them refugees.

    Everything goes back to human nature. Traitors feel compassionate for Afghanis.

    Who will compassion for europeans?

    • Recently in Philadelphia an African illegal immigrant raped a white woman on a commuter train. The white men and women sitting near the victim, who ignored this rape were just as complicit.

      No civilized and ethical person should tolerate these scum. [Intemperate instructions redacted].

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    We’re at war with communists, and it’s them who opened our borders, caused the rape and murder of our citizens, and destroy the family. Loser = communist communists = The NaZis

    Chase out communists wherever yiu find them!

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