Syrian Culture-Enricher Runs Amok With a Knife on a Bavarian Train

Another day, another mentally ill Muslim stabs people at random on a train.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Saturday’s Bild:

Three wounded in attack on ICE [Inter City Express train] witness reports

“Travelers shouted: ‘There is a stabber!”

Syrian attacker (27) arrested

by Karl Keim
November 6, 2021

Seubersdorf (Bavaria) — There was a knife attack on an Inter City Express train between Regensburg and Nuremberg on Saturday morning. Three people were seriously wounded, BILD learned. The victims were three men, aged 26, 39, and 60.

Renate Kamman (77) was standing right in the aisle when she heard the screams of the other passengers: “They shouted, ‘There is a stabber. Everyone back!’ They almost ran over me.”

Ludvig Faust (68), who was sitting in the train, says, “We heard a scream. People came running out of car number 4. I wanted to know what was going on, then I suddenly saw a man on the ground. Fortunately, the police were there incredibly quickly.”

The knife attacker was arrested at the scene. According to BILD’s information, he is a 27-year-old Syrian, Abdalrahman A. He reportedly has had psychological problems and called for help on the train. He reportedly came to Germany in 2014 and is a recognized refugee.

By chance, special police forces were on board the train

About 300 passengers were on the Inter City Express from Regensburg to Hamburg. Luck: Two special deployment trains of the Support Commandos (Special Forces of the Bavarian police) were on their way to a football match in Regensburg and were in the immediate vicinity at the time of the crime.

The evacuated passengers are at this time being cared for in a room near the Seubersdorf train station in Neumarkt District in the Upper Palatinate, said a spokesperson on Saturday afternoon.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (72, CSU) thanked the police and the train personnel. His spokesman, Steve Alter, posted a statement by Seehofer on Twitter:

Federal Interior Minister Seehofer:

“The awful knife attack on ICE is frightening. I hope that the wounded and those who had to experience the incident quickly and completely recover. I thank everyone, especially the police and train personnel, for their intervention by which worse could be prevented. Through quick action, no further danger exists for others. The background of the incident is as yet unclear and will now be clarified. Only then will an evaluation be possible.”

Bavaria’s interior minister, Joachim Hermann (65, CSU), also commented on the knife attack. Hermann to BILD: “I am shocked over the terrible knife attack that took place on the ICE to Hamburg. My thanks to the police and rescue personnel for the quick intervention and assistance to the wounded passengers.” He expressed the wish to the wounded that they recover as soon as possible from the attack.

Meanwhile, the investigation is in progress. “The police are working hard to clear up the background of the awful crime and the motive of the perpetrator as fast as possible. It must also be determined to what extent psychological problems exist,” said Hermann.

The attack took place near Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. The police headquarters of the Upper Palatinate were on the scene with a large contingent. Criminal Police and forensic teams were on the ICE collecting evidence.

The train route from Regensburg-Nuremberg has been closed since morning. Other trains on the route were initially held back at suitable stations, said a spokesperson for German Rail at noon. Meanwhile, long-distance traffic has been diverted to Ingolstadt. For passengers, that means a 30-60-minute longer travel time. When the stretch will be opened again is still open to question.

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  1. What a shame he wasn’t ventilated a little with his own knife before being turned over to the cops. Heck, he could have done it to himself for all they know.

    • Every train in Germany is equipped with cameras. They can see or record nearly everything. If you want to be helpful, you must first look where the camera sight is diminished or non existent (good luck with finding such a spot – except the restrooms. But they can see you entering.) and then be helpful.

      Not that I would suggest such a thing.

      • Then perhaps a little creative vandalism is in order.

        A can of spray paint or a ball-peen hammer would make short work of cameras in public places. Patriots could carry out this work in disguised in full muslima regalia including a black burka and black robes. Some pillows wrapped around the waist would lend authenticity to the disguise. No neo-Gestapo goon would dare lay hands upon or accost random muslimas to find the one responsible for putting their cameras out of commission either. If you can’t beat them, join them!

  2. German politicians have caused this by flooding their erstwhile peaceful country with islamic savages, yet the same sort of people get re-elected time after time. Anyone who objects is sneered at, smeared and slandered. Why?

    • Because the powers that be actually think they and their wretched families will survive the coming Great Purge. None of them will, for there are Santa’s little helpers making lists and checking them twice to see who has been naughty and who has been nice. I am really going to enjoy the look on their shocked faces when the health and welfare checks are being made at 4 in the morning. LOL

  3. This attack was neither senseless nor random (in case any spokesman says so).
    The stabber is muslim. The victims kafirs.
    The muslim’s instruction book says, of kafirs, “Kill them wherever you find them”.
    No mental illness is needed to understand that command.

  4. The vote is rigged Peter.

    We all know Twain’s refrain “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let you do it”.

    All western govts need to be overthrown before anything can be done.

        • Be careful what you wish for Pete, because when the culling begins, the strong and most ruthless will rule, not these scheming , greedy, traitorous one worlder types. democracy as we know it is dead, what is coming will make a Franco, Pinochet, etc pale in comparison, for welcome to the coming days of the the most ruthless strongmen the world has ever known.

  5. Wonder what prompts Enrichers to go into this “Sudden Jihad Syndrome”…

    Is it just mental illness, or might they be frustrated, that something didn’t go their way – hence they feel the need to vent their rage, on some nearby Kuffar?

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