Different Creeds For Different Breeds

An Afghan culture-enricher expressed his theological differences with an Evangelical church in the German city of Nordhausen by removing the furniture and appointments from the church. The responsible authorities acted with tolerant firmness against the misguided miscreant in a manner that can only be comprehended if one is German.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Neue Nordhäuser Zeitung:

Different Creeds At the Frauenberg Church

Church cleared because of religious differences

Thursday afternoon at the Frauenbergkirche in Nordhausen: Pastor Klemens Müller happened to look out of the window and watched a man carry the movable furniture out of the church. He had already dragged chairs, hymnals, and the cross from the church wall and other altar items onto the forecourt and didn’t seem to have finished his work yet…

When approached by the pastor, who had hurried over and had not ordered an evacuation team for his church, the young man justified his actions with religious principles. In the dispute with Pastor Müller, who was introduced to the Frauenberg congregation at the beginning of October, he described the Christian faith as wrong and took the view that it is fundamentally a mistake that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Which is why he felt compelled to redecorate a house of worship in such a manner. He did not act aggressively and made his point of view clear that he could not accept the Christian faith. However, he was so understanding that he stopped his clearing work after Pastor Müller confronted him.

However, the congregation of the St. Maria Frauenberg Church had imagined something different under its previously quite successful slogan of an “open church”. On Sunday, the generous opening times of the church, which have been offered for weeks, will end as planned. There will not be a figure of Christ on the cross for the time being, because it broke during the “transport work”. Whether it was intentional or accidental cannot be determined after the fact. While Pastor Müller was in dialogue with the peaceful and calm man about questions of faith, his secretary called the police, who in the end imposed a ban on the intruder and, after recording his personal details, pronounced a dismissal and filed a complaint.

It is now up to the parish to decide whether the religious zealot will be charged with burglary or trespassing. The police report later states that a 30-year-old man rioted and a complaint was made.

For everyone who is interested: The man comes from Afghanistan and came to Germany in 2017.

Perhaps Lessing’s “Nathan the Wise” [a play by Gotthold Ephraim pleading for religious tolerance] should be offered again in the city theater in the near future. For some contemporaries, the work on tolerance among world religions seems to be urgently required.

— Olaf Schulze


Based on our article on the incident yesterday in the Frauenberg Church, the Nordhausen district administrator Matthias Jendricke said the following to the nnz (Neue Nordhäuser Zeitung): “I condemn this trespassing with property damage in the strongest possible terms. Such behavior is the reason why I made a plea in the summer not to accept any further refugees from Afghanistan. Most of them reject our culture. It is a mistake to think that they would want to integrate well, as yesterday’s incident proves once again.

“In addition, we currently have no way of deporting people who have committed criminal offenses to their home country, because there are no longer any flight connections to Afghanistan. We don’t need a new admission contingent for Thuringia and we won’t solve Afghanistan’s problems if we bring unlimited numbers of these people to us.”

Contrary to previous reports, the man is 25 and not 30 years old. He came to Germany in the autumn of 2015 and has lived in the Nordhausen district since 2016. The parish will file charges for property damage and trespassing because a showcase inside the church was broken into and cleared out.

11 thoughts on “Different Creeds For Different Breeds

  1. Alas, where have those good times of olde gone, when the butcher, the carpenter or the shop clerk from across the church square would have delivered the perp to some surgical attention?
    Todays clergymen and preachers belong to a dangerous and endangered species.

    • Diversity is our strength is a 100% true statement but not when you say it and not when I say it. Diversity is our strength is analogous to divide and conquer or your weakness and division is our strength. Along the same lines, I am no supporter of unity. I would rather everyone stay divided until they realize I am right.

  2. Nearly 60 years ago I argued with my high school history teacher. He claimed the moslem immigration to West Germany and France was certain to benefit Europe and the World. I took the opposite view.
    Mr. L. is long departed, so he can no longer comment.
    I think current events prove me right.

    • That is interesting. I am wondering why, and what reasons he gave that these immigrants would benefit West Germany, and the reasons you gave that they would not. I would also think a teacher of history would be more suspect of these kinds of immigrants coming into the western world.

    • Everywhere the RoP goes, chaos is sure to follow. The RoP…at war with humanity for 1400 years.

    • nearly 60 years ago, there was hardly a thing like moslem immigration, no issue for arguments. A few thousand Turks, happy to find gainful employment were no problem. So I remain insecure about what could have triggered that argument in those days. Believe me I was there. The foreigners on the constructions where I worked were Dutch bricklayers ( early sixties).

  3. “Nathan der Weise” was the worst book that was ever written.

    It provided generations of German pupils (me included) with a totally wrong impression of what Islam is all about.

    The interesting thing about this is really the reaction of the SPD politician. Never heard it in this clarity from a left-wing politician before.

    • Interesting! That period of enlightement knew an obsession with everthing oriental or exotic. Mozarts Serail…., Lessings Nathan was a Jew,btw.
      The friendly, unspoiled and smart ” wilde” was a literary topic in France too, see Montesquieu or Voltaire.Don’t know about english literature.But Wait, Robinson and Friday?
      Let me add that about 1700 years before, Tacitus praised the way of life of the barbarian germanic tribes.

      • The Savage appears Noble at a distance, less so as the distance decreases. My ancestors on the plains of Texas a hundred and seventy-five years ago had a decidedly less romantic view of the Comanche warrior and way of life than those living in New England at the time. Respect for their capabilities, but little tolerance.

  4. If the muslims tried that in my neck of the woods, they parishioners would have stomped his guts out. That goes for both Catholics and Protestants,

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