Déjà Vu All Over Again

There is nothing new under the sun, and what is happening now in Europe and throughout the West has been seen before within living memory.

The following account by a 91-year-old German woman discusses the parallels between the current situation in Germany and what happened under the Third Reich and the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, German Democratic Republic).

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Epoch Times:

Guest Comment — Contemporary Witnesses

Is the third dictatorship coming?

By Marianne von Rosen November 16, 2021

Marianne is 91 years old. What she’s currently experiencing reminds her of times gone by. She wrote this story down herself.

I, Marianne, am the senior citizen of the family, born in 1930, 91 years old. What I am currently experiencing reminds me strongly of the times that I have already experienced twice.

I was born near Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. My grandmother was Jewish, so I was one quarter Jewish. My mother was half-Jewish, but red-blonde. You couldn’t look more German. I was also sun-blond, with long hair and a braid that was up to 1 meter long. We lived in a village with three liquor factories because the water there was particularly good. My father was employed by the Raiffeisenbank in Stralsund.

From 1933 on, our life gradually changed. My father lost his job at the bank because he did not want to part with his half-Jewish wife. He was allowed to work in one of the liquor factories that belonged to a relative. Many children were suddenly no longer allowed to play with me. If I played with our pastors’ daughters and the children of one of the schnapps manufacturers came there too, then I had to go home because the parents of these children refused to have contact with non-Aryan children.

At school, my older sister and I got worse grades because we were non-Aryan. We weren’t allowed to join the BdM, the Association of German Girls, so we weren’t given a uniform or a scarf with a knot. Later, when we went to the Girls’ Lyzeum in Stralsund, we were no longer allowed to sit with Aryan children on the train to Stralsund. We needed our own 2nd class compartment, which of course had to be paid for by my parents.

We were not allowed to take part in many excursions. One story is particularly schizophrenic. Grand Admiral Dönitz, chief of the German Navy, visited the Stralsund naval base. In an open car, like Adolf Hitler, he drove through the city, the streets lined with cheering spectators and a large contingent of the Hitler Youth in their uniforms. On the main street I, the non-Aryan girl, was allowed to give him an eel. Because I wasn’t afraid to say anything and I looked so Germanic with my blonde hair and long braid like no other girl at school. In addition, I was given the appropriate BdM clothing (white blouse, black skirt, brown jacket with insignia, black scarf with knot).

After handing over the eel, I had to turn in the BdM insignia, scarf, knot and jacket. In the evening a reception was given in the theater in honor of Dönitz. There I was needed again as a particularly Germanic-looking girl. I received the complete BdM clothing again, stepped on the stage, said: “Heil Hitler” and announced with “German greetings”: “The Stralsund young girls choir is now singing …”. There were a total of three songs that I announced. After the event, all of my [BdM] clothes were removed from me because they were reserved for the Aryan girls.

The Gestapo carried out raids on our home several times. But my father received a discreet tip in advance so that the family was never home during the raids. I even went to Görlitz twice at the age of 13/14 with my 7-year-old brother from Stralsund because our paternal grandmother lived there. The other grandmother died of cancer at the age of 32.

I particularly remember Christmas 1944. My mother tearfully asked my father to shoot her so that all the terror could finally come to an end. That was when I saw my father cry for the first time. The next day he was picked up by the Gestapo. It was a really “heartbreaking” moment. Later my father also had to go to a concentration camp because he did not want to get a divorce. So we lived with great worries and were relieved when the war ended and the Russians moved in.

Life in the DDR dictatorship

Then the second part of my story began, life in the DDR dictatorship. My father was always open, honest and steadfast. That’s why he quickly came into conflict with the SED bigwigs. He was repeatedly in DDR prisons because he was accused of sabotage and the like.

I myself always said what I thought was right. I have seldom held back my criticism of the system. I was only able to take the Abitur [high school certification] because I joined the FDJ (Free German Youth) at short notice. Shortly after graduating from high school, I left the FDJ. I started a teacher training course in which I entrusted my opinion on the political situation to an older, very friendly and helpful colleague. Unfortunately it was an “IM”, an informal employee. He immediately passed this information on to the “Stasi”.

I was walking through Stralsund one afternoon when I met a friend and said: “What, you are still there? You’re already wanted.” I went home quickly (we lived in Stralsund after the end of the war) and saw two completely “inconspicuous” men walking back and forth in front of our house. I called my parents from a friend’s. That same night my father found me a way to escape to Berlin in a truck that was being used to smuggle car tires from West Berlin.

It was scary, but I arrived in East Berlin unmolested and took the subway to West Berlin. There I was able to report to the refugee office and later also received recognition as a political refugee. This is how my time in the second dictatorship, the DDR, ended.

The third dictatorship

Now I am witnessing the entry into the third dictatorship. It started with the law of epidemic emergency. This law is similar to the Enabling Act of the Hitler era. Parliament is overruled, and under the aspect of “epidemic emergency of national scope” a kind of emergency regime was started.

In 1933, not all anti-Jewish measures were passed immediately. They came only little by little and got sharper over time. Because of this, many Jews thought it was unnecessary to leave the country until it was too late and from 1941 onwards almost all of them were sent “to the gas”. Now it’s starting exactly as it was in the thirties. A mask mandate is imposed, although a large number of studies since 1974, i.e. long before the Corona period, have shown that these masks, including the surgical masks, do more harm than good. Our decision-making elites are impervious to logic.

Back then I wasn’t served for being one quarter Jewish. Today I am no longer served without a mask or am not even allowed to enter the shop. Then the vaccination is propagated, so that many get vaccinated because of social and professional pressure, even though they do not want to do it voluntarily. They hope that they will be able to participate in social life again. You are not convinced, but just too weak to defend yourself against the vaccination pressure. Gradually, 2G and 1G will be introduced. Unvaccinated people are marginalized and basic rights, which are not called basic rights for nothing and which we have at birth, are converted by the rulers into privileges for vaccinated people.

Our political elite spins the so-called illness and death numbers exactly as they want. Above all, Karl Lauterbach, SPD, stands out particularly strikingly. What about the swindle with the corona deaths, with the intensive care beds, with the “epidemic emergency of national scope” that is being extended ever further? A factual discussion is rejected, a critical paper from the Ministry of the Interior, which showed the damage caused by this policy very early on (April 2020), is dismissed as a private opinion and the official who drafted this opinion as head of disaster risk reduction is sent into early retirement.

Critics of the political and health-related measures are defamed, put under pressure, intimidated by raids and, in addition, assigned to a “Nazi milieu” by the local press. As in the 1930s, people are defamed and denounced, and the judicial system is largely brought into line (judges who have not adapted are put under pressure). The children are persuaded that they could kill their grandparents with a corona infection. They are required to wear masks in schools and in the schoolyard, although the number of children seriously ill with Covid 19 is extremely low. Today children are no longer considered healthy from birth, but a threat to their fellow human beings.

Mental damage

I get dizzy when I think of 1945 with the millions of deaths, the destruction, the unbelievable emotional damage, also in later generations. Unbelievable emotional damage is being done again today. The children’s psychiatric clinics are overcrowded. Many children no longer like going to their schools because they are constantly forced to use masks and be tested. They can no longer see the faces of their teachers. The facial expressions of their teachers are particularly important for the little ones. We have seen that 10-year-olds could no longer run 50 metres after a year without school sport because they became breathless. Many children have gotten fat in the past year and a half. “Home learning” as a miracle weapon is only of limited use.

There is so much that has gotten worse without there being an imperative to do so. Many doctors, the official media, the churches, the government and many others are calling for universal vaccination, of course “on a voluntary basis”. The “unvaccinated” are allegedly inconsiderate, infectious and no longer socially compliant. They should be marginalized and curtailed in their activities. They suddenly pose a threat to the “vaccinated”, although the vaccination is supposed to offer protection against a new disease. Officials are lying through their teeth.

The division of society into good = vaccinated and bad = unvaccinated is already well advanced. Hatred is sown by the elite against those who disagree with government. Many citizens agree to this and also begin with hate-filled speeches against the “deviants”. The number of informers has increased, also encouraged by the political elite. We experienced it first hand here in Gersfeld. If it continues like this, and there is much to support it, then division in society and outbreaks of hatred will increase considerably.

I am currently experiencing the same thing that I have already experienced twice, in the Third Reich and in the DDR. The opponents are silenced, possibly sent to prison (or later to a concentration camp), the compliant and the followers are rewarded and the whole dictatorship now starts over for the third time. I never believed that I would have to experience such a development again. But a large part of our population, especially in the western federal states, has learned very little from the history of the Third Reich and the DDR. Almost everything is currently running as it was in the catastrophic years. I hope it won’t end as terribly as 1945. I’m still a living witness. But in a few years I’ll be dead and my story forgotten.

The article first appeared in the printed Epoch Times weekly issue on November 13.

This article only represents the opinion of the author. It does not necessarily have to reflect the point of view of the Epoch Times Deutschland.

22 thoughts on “Déjà Vu All Over Again

  1. This situation seems to be happening all over the world. There is a hidden hand at work here. Exactly who owns that hand I do not know but we should prepare to resist if we have not already started to do so. Our politicians are not on our side nor do they represent us.

  2. I remember that the Wikipedia article “Inner emigration” was originally in only two languages – Russian and German. Now there are more. But all the same, these are the most extensive ones.

    The Germans are a very thorough and pedantic people and go to the limit in everything.
    But Russian laxity gives weakness. And there is a lot of space – you can hide in the taiga or get lost in some wilderness.

      • In summer it is the same as in winter, but only a little warmer and a lot of greenery. And it’s very dangerous – our area is full of ticks infected with encephalitis and Lyme disease. Also full of animals with rabies.
        I sit in the city and go out into the forest only at the beginning of autumn.
        I’m tired of this life. I feel like a colonist or a prisoner, abandoned on an alien planet.

    • Russians do not take official regulations too seriously. Of course, there is an aggressively compliant minority who demand all the unvaxed to be vaxed by force and who were masks even while walking in a park. But most people in the country appear very skeptical about the official point of view and very lax about obeying or enforcing orders.

      The authorities in different regions show varying degrees of zeal. In some, it is almost as bad as in Germany, in others the regulations are hardly obeyed. In little touns and villages people are almost free.

    • And it is only the beginning. In a couple of years we’ll be living in Mao’s China. Let us pray that it will not finally become Pol Pot’s Kampuchea.

    • I do disagree with you.

      You see, jews couldnt mollify the Nazis. They were declared mortal enemies, to be killed.

      I would say, we are Swingjugend or Wandervogel.
      Because if the Swingjugend or Wandervogel had just worn the uniform of the Hitleryouth, raised their right arm and said certain slogans, they would be accepted back into the fold.

      The same is true for us. We just need to accept the jab and then we are no longer the enemy.


      • The psychology is ancient. Mohammed didn’t come up with the idea that all a kufir had to do to have dhimmihood disappear was say the Shadada own his own. Of course next comes participating in mosque and prayers, followed by participating in the harassment of former fellow dhimmies and jihad.

  3. Baron, just a quick thank you for continuing to post articles on the Gates of Vienna.
    I wish I could still send you my small donations.
    Best wishes,

    • I share your thoughts about funding the baron.
      What if he sold one-page printouts on amazon, say for 5-10$, plus shipping fee ? Could that work?

  4. I rather die fighting for my Freedom than live a life of Slavery, and that’s not even Life, that’s merely existing at the whim of others.

  5. Well there is certainly something out there making many people sick , some much worse than others .. so you go figure what is best way forward to counter this so called virus or whatever it may be ???

    • The best way to counter the CCP virus is to stop watching the news.

      Countering the coronafascists on the other hand eventually will require guns; lots of guns.

  6. Why does this happen, over and over and over again? Because people hunger for the devils companionship when he promises wealth, power, and all the other lusts of mankind. You don’t have to make a “deal” with him when he dangles all those things in front of you for the taking. People are just no damned good. No value is seen in truth, justice, honor, or any virtue, but just in wealth and power and all that goes with it. This is why we are where we are now. Until a return is made to The Good, we will journey through The Bad. Aye, school the younger ones in how to fight and defend themselves, along with kith and kin. But also school them in what is Good and Why.

  7. Thank you, Baron, Hellequin GB, and Marianne von Rosen for this sobering recollection and warning.

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