She Died of the Vax, But Relax: It’s a Very Very Rare Outcome

Back in June an 18-year-old Italian woman named Camilla Canepa died of a blood clot after receiving the AstraZeneca “vaccination”. At the time her death could not be definitively attributed to the jab, but the Italian government ordered that the AstraZeneca treatment no longer be offered to people under 60, out of an abundance of caution.

I went looking for news stories from last summer about Ms. Canepa’s death, and this sentence from an ANSA report made the hair stand up on the back of my neck:

Canepa’s organs, meanwhile, were removed from her body on Friday so they can be use for transplants, sources said.

Just think of those transplanted organs — loaded with spike proteins, exactly what the recipients need!

Now the autopsy results have come in, and it is definite: Camilla Canepa died as a result of the vax.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Yesterday I learnt about Camilla Canepa,
00:06   the girl who tragically died after being vaccinated.
00:12   You may recall that, because it was a really sensational case.
00:15   It also led the government to take certain measures, eventually.
00:19   It was rumored that it had dealt with concomitant causes.
00:24   The prosecutor’s expert witnesses have stated that she actually died
00:29   because of a very rare reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine.
00:34   Neither she had previous diseases, nor she was taking other medicines, so no interaction.
00:42   I am asking you to comment on this news.
00:46   I am asking you whether you changed your mind about certain decisions that have been taken.
00:55   Well, what do you think, anyway?
00:58   Well… it is rightful that they have shed light on this.
01:05   We, as the government, had said that we needed to know
01:11   whether there was a causal link between the event and the vaccine inoculation.
01:18   That said, as we have always affirmed,
01:22   science states it deals with safe vaccines, effective vaccines.
01:26   And by the way, there are no risk-free vaccines.
01:30   There have been cases of side effects and adverse events.
01:37   But data and numbers tell us that we are dealing with a safe vaccine.
01:46   Right, so a tragic and adverse event, wasn’t it, Professor Vella?
01:55   Absolutely, yes, there are no risk-free medicines.
01:59   And yet medicines and vaccines save our lives.
02:03   It can happen, sometimes. It is very rare.
02:07   With certain medicines it is less rare. We know that very well.
02:11   And still we use them and we know how good they are, how many deaths they prevent.
02:18   Unfortunately this was a rare, tragic, sad case.
02:25   Which is due to the fact that there are no risk-free vaccines.
02:31   This is one of the things people should be informed about, leaving anti-vaxxers aside.
02:37   Many people are just supposed to be informed correctly.
02:43   Also calmly, avoiding those heated debates we have seen, at times.
02:49   There are people who are worried. We need to inform these people calmly,
02:54   and with scientifically valid arguments.
02:58   Thank you, professor.

3 thoughts on “She Died of the Vax, But Relax: It’s a Very Very Rare Outcome

  1. I wonder how many people, with a “rare” CASE of these especially safe “vaccines”, have – risk-free to the Pharmaceutical Industry – been wiped out?

    To paraphrase William Shakespeare;

    “Hell is empty and all the devils are in Government, Media and Pharma”

  2. The idea that people are ‘supposed to be informed correctly’ is not possible about a vaccine which has such a short history of use. “But data and numbers tell us that we are dealing with a safe vaccine.” How can one be informed correctly regarding the long term implications when that data does not yet exist? And the scientific data is showing the length of effectiveness is decreasing as time goes by. Not what they were touting at the rollout of these ‘vaccines’.

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