Austria Goes Full Retard

As reported here a couple of days ago, Austria has imposed a new lockdown on all citizens who have refused to be injected with the experimental mRNA treatment that purportedly mitigates infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. In the last day or so reports have surfaced that Germany will undertake similar measures.

According to the latest official statistics, approximately 67% of the German population has been “vaccinated”. That means that nearly 28 million unvaxed Germans will be subject to rules that will limit their movements and restrict their rights. It boggles the mind to contemplate the logistics of such a massive control operation. Are there enough police officers and soldiers available to man the necessary checkpoints? Or will most of those 28 million people be good, obedient Germans and simply stay home when ordered?

Below is a report from Austria on vax enforcement patrols and checkpoints. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   If you see police strolling through the shopping center,
00:04   it’s not because they’re looking for a good deal. Starting today, they’re looking for
00:07   proof of 2G [vaccination or recovery]. Only people with 2G status
00:10   can go shopping in a clothing store, as shown here in Klagenfurt.
00:16   Without it, you are only allowed to go to the supermarket. This lady is in need of an explanation.
00:20   As a result she receives a fine because she has absolutely no proof of 2G status with her.
00:24   A couple of kilometers from there, cars go through a checkpoint.
00:27   Drivers must state their reasons for traveling if they are without 2G certification.
00:33   Our tolerance is very low. The unvaccinated are under a lockdown,
00:38   which of course must be respected. It our duty to enforce that.

7 thoughts on “Austria Goes Full Retard

  1. Austrian cops like American cops won’t or can’t do anything about real crime for example home burglaries, street muggings. car theft, arson, sex trafficking, drug gangs child molestation so I guess police in Austria have lots of personnel to beat up and arrest the unvaxxed.

  2. Just imagine a couple of the unjabbed would band together – come hell or high water.

    Should be a rude awakening for the cops.

    We saw it a few months ago in Australia. A couple of organized police was able to control at least three times as much people who acted as individuals.

  3. A thought occurred to me, what would Germans or Austrians do if the respective governments announced that hence forth, if unvaxxed people were attacked by the recent asylum scum, victims could not expect ANY help from the police, hospitals, the government in general. The vaxxed just the opposite. Could it ever come to this?

    • No, but there is the Free State of South Dakota, at least so long as Kristi Noem remains in charge.

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