Austria Locks Down the Unvaxed

As expected, the Austrian government has ordered a lockdown for all citizens who have not been injected with the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the Wuhan Coronavirus. Unvaxed people will have to stay at home except for essential activities, such as going to work or shopping for food.

In the following video Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) announces the official lockdown order. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The goal is very clear that we give the green light this Sunday
00:04   for nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people.
00:07   Yes, with that we continue the step-by-step plan, the step-by-step plan applies,
00:11   but the development is of the kind that I believe it is not sensible to wait
00:15   and wait until the numbers have reached the necessary level.
00:19   we will take the step now, and it is my wish
00:23   that we take this step on Sunday, nationwide,
00:26   and for all federal states.

16 thoughts on “Austria Locks Down the Unvaxed

      • Certainly there will be a repeat of the Reichstag Fire with the accused turning out to be a pureblood. This will be the proximate cause for a new roundup and incarceration in concentration camps of the purebloods.

    • Nov 9, 1938 – Nov 10, 1938 Kristal Nacht. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. New, rebooted version…

  1. Natural immunity is a powerful defense, yet it’s being suppressed. Nation States are on a dangerous trajectory; in fact, haven’t we been here before?

  2. What happens if, despite this lockdown, cases still rise? Won’t that implicate the vaxxed? Will they be then locked down also?

    I’m waiting to see how they will single out the unvac from the vac. Will there be a badge? Will the homes of the ‘dirty’ unvaxxed be marked? Will police go house to house? What about visitors to Austria? Presently a negative test is the minimum for entry. How will the Polizei determine the vaxed? Well, I have to make a visit to the land of Ordnung muss sein this coming week. Perhaps I will find out first hand.
    What a power trip for the authorities…

    • If the cases still rise, the only response we can expect from the authorities will be more vaccinations. A third dose, a fourth dose, ad infinitum.

    • too many questions…
      You cannot discuss with Science, unless you want to end up burnt, hanged or drown.

  3. It will be interesting to see if the virus continues to spike up, with the patriots shut up in their homes, work, or shopping. Will the inoculated continue to spread the spike protein to other inoculated compliers?

    • Of course, they will. And they will exert selective pressure on the virus helping to mutate and develop new variants against which the existing vaccines will be powerless.

      Thus, new lockdowns and new vaccines will be needed and the last remnants of democracy and freedom will be destroyed.

  4. I predict that the cases will be rising up regardless of these lockdowns, and by Christmass the Mainstream Media could finally declare “Worldwide Vaccine Failure”

    I kind of think that we may be facing a scenario, where the “vaccine failure news” breaks out into the mainstream, and literally scare people to death.

    “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth” Luke 21:26

    • The mainstream media will not be allowed to declare vaccine failure. It will say that the only solution is more of the same thing. New doses, new vaccines, new restrictions. And vaccine skeptics will be ridiculed, threatened, cancelled, censured, deplatformed, fined and silenced in every possible way. The most obstinate may well find themselves behind bars or in mental hospital. I am afraid, this website may well be shut down.

    • I think instead of a booster shot every 6 month it will be a booster shot every 3 mont, then every month, then every 14 days, then per week etc until everybody must have an aditus / inlet implanted that the vaxx can enter 24/7.

      The VAX must flow!!!!

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