Jihad Jennifer Gets Ten Years For Her Crimes in Iraq

An ISIS bride has been sentenced in Munich to ten years in prison for her crimes while she was with her mujahid husband in Iraq. Since her name is Jennifer, I assume she is a convert to Islam, although I suppose it’s possible for Muslim parents to name their daughter Jennifer.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

ISIS returnee Jennifer W. sentenced to 10 years in prison

The State High Court in Munich found the ISIS returnee guilty Monday, among other things, of membership in a terrorist organization abroad. The federal prosecutor had demanded life in prison.

October 25, 2021

In a terror trial the ISIS returnee Jennifer W. was sentenced to ten years in prison. The State High Court of Munich found her guilty on Monday of, among other things, membership in a terrorist organization abroad, accessory to attempted murder, as well as attempted war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The young woman appeared shocked by the sentence, looking first at her lawyer for help, and then up at the ceiling of courtroom A 101. When the presiding judge Joaquim Baier justified the decision of the court, she looked down at her hands.

The federal prosecution had accused the 30-year-old woman from Lohne in Lower Saxony of being a member of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, and having passively watched as her then-husband chained a small Yazidi girl in a courtyard in the scorching sun and let her die of thirst. The child was “defenselessly and helplessly exposed to the situation,” said Judge Baier. The defendant “from the beginning on must have realized that the child was in life-threatening danger chained in the heat.” But she “did nothing” to help the child — although it was “possible and reasonable” (to do so). The court was also convinced that Jennifer W. later threatened to shoot the mother of the child, who was crying for her child, if she did not stop.

Jennifer W. was originally charged with murder and war crimes, among other things. Her ex-husband is standing trial in Frankfurt for the alleged act.

The federal prosecution had demanded a life sentence for the woman, the defense a maximum two-year sentence for membership in the terrorist organization ISIS.

The defendant was conscious of the inhuman goals and acts of ISIS when she traveled to Iraq to join the organization, emphasized the OLG. Jennifer W. and her husband had exploited the mother of the deceased girl as a house slave, explained Judge Baier in the sentence justification. The woman was beaten daily. Jennifer W. often incited her husband to do so. With her ISIS membership, she supported the “destruction of the Yazidi religion” and the “enslavement of the Yazidi people.”

12 thoughts on “Jihad Jennifer Gets Ten Years For Her Crimes in Iraq

  1. A German court actually convicted her and sentenced her to 10 years in prison? Perhaps they were confused and hard of hearing and thought she was an AfD member or had refused to be vaxxed. Of course if the prosecution had claimed she was a member of the AfD instead of ISIS then she would have received a life sentence.

    • That’s is brilliant, I love you post , that’s what they thinking about AFD the real patriots ..

  2. OLG = das Oberlandesgericht München = the Munich Higher Regional Court

  3. very smooth sentence, indeed. A guy that threw a fat firecracker at the door of an unmanned mosque in Dresden got sentenced to 9.5 years though the only harm done was a black smoke residue stain on the door.

  4. and yes, enslaving is what they love: hence they have no inhibitions to live on taxpayers money in a foreign country.

  5. Typical good German woman..
    Perhaps a granddaughter former SS guards at Auschwitz or other German Dead camps..

    • it is not unknown that there were lots of Capos from the occupied country. And let´s talk about Kielce where the profound humanity of your folks showed.
      Poles have a reputation for being the least racist people in the world.
      And if she were a Nazi offspring in her full right, she would never have come close to an Arab.
      Exceptionally, I agree with you on terminology: they were german deaTH camps, not polish as was often said. And one wonders why you with your personal history did not emigrate to Israel, life on a beach, oranges and olives, oh yes, you could have served in the IDF like my cousins daughter and son in law.
      BTW: Daniel Goldhagen wrote that about 300 K persons were actively involved in the Holocaust which includes secretaries and train ingeneers. But you are not into books, are you?

  6. If that had been Canada under Trudeau it would never have made it into court.

    Jennifer would have been given a million $ ‘compensation’ package, be enrolled in an ‘Islamic Studies’ program, tuition-free, at a Canadian ‘university’ … and be living in an apartment provided by the Canadian taxpayers.

    And still have her Canadian ‘citizenship’ intact – so she could vote for Trudeau, again (if we ever have another ‘election’.)

    • Hi Frank i/m Torontonian..
      After 35 years i/m back in Poland few years ..I’ll tell you Paradise here..like Ole Canada i remember from early 80’s..
      Come over..Regards..

      • I wonder what your English grades were in school back in ole Canada where you spent 35 years.

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