The EU Funds Jew-Hatred in Palestinian Textbooks

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the conservative Austrian site Unzensuriert:

With the votes of the left-wing parties, the European Parliament voted for the continued financing of anti-Semitic schoolbooks with 20 million euros

EU funds anti-Semitic books in Palestine with 20 million euros.

The European Union is supporting the school system in Palestinian areas in Israel with several million euros, including for books. Now a study shows that the books are strongly anti-Semitic. Nevertheless, the European Parliament decided that this program will continue.

Jews are portrayed as the enemy

According to the revealing report of the European Commission, the Palestinian children are trained to be activists. In many places, the Jews are portrayed as the enemy. As Bild reports, the commission put the continuation of the program to a vote in the European Parliament— which voted in favor!

Red-Green-Left always the first

From the German point of view, it was the deputies of SPD, the Greens, and the Left Party mainly responsible for the voting result. The Union [CDU and CSU] and the FDP voted unanimously against a continuation, the AfD [Alternative for Germany], for the most part, as well. Incomprehensible when you consider how quickly the Red-Green-Left bloc in German politics always warns mantra-like about “anti-Semitism” at every sign of patriotism.

Alternative peace project rejected

The amount involved is not insignificant: Just for the current legislative period of five years, €20 million in taxpayer money is allotted for the anti-Semitic school books. Especially scandalous is that they already had an alternative plan for the money. With a negative vote result, the money would have flowed to organizations in the Palestinian area that demonstrably promote peace. How this Red-Green-Left could refuse it is something their deputies have to explain to the voters.

One thought on “The EU Funds Jew-Hatred in Palestinian Textbooks

  1. Germany has never managed to eradicae joo hatred, only suppress it, and that not very well. Tyrannical regimes always end up with anti-Semitic behaviour because it is a vulnerable minority group that can be bullied without (apparently) any real consequences and secondly because anti-Semitism was never limited to just the National Socialists, the Social Democrats too were guilty but did not get caught at it.

    Few Germans of the time did not partiscipate in the Holocaust, even if it was just to turn a lind eye. Public and religious protest stopped Aktion T4 (the extermination of the disabled and retardedin late 1938), but not the final solution to the Jewish problem as defined in great detail at Wannsee.

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