Bone-Break Dancing in Lund

Last Monday I reported on a street battle between culture-enriching clans in the Swedish city of Lund. Below is a news report about the incident from Swedish TV, which includes footage of some of the skirmishes between the two warring groups. The whole thing seems choreographed to me, as if it were performed by an all-male version of the June Taylor Dancers. But maybe I’ve watched too many videos of culturally enriched street fights.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …and it was here one of the fights broke out, the second fight, that began at an address
00:03   in the Linero area in Lund at 10:30am. — Warning: Feature contains strong images
00:12   Several large fights broke out at various locations around Lund.
00:16   At least five persons were taken to the hospital,
00:19   and a large number of police patrols were called to the scenes.
00:22   I am now standing in Ban Street outside the central train station here in Lund,
00:26   and here one of the fights broke out. The other fight —
00:30   that began at an address in the Linero area in Lund at 10:30am.
00:37   Then the fight continued here outside a restaurant on Ban Street.
00:42   At about 11am, another fight broke out involving ten persons.
00:47   Here is the large scale damage.
00:50   You can see that chairs are knocked over, kicked, broken chairs.
00:54   There are reports that furniture was thrown.
00:57   An hour later, another fight broke out outside Skåne University Hospital
01:02   where 50 to 60 people were involved.
01:05   Suddenly we heard the police come.
01:09   Then a mass of people came. They just flew together, for sure about 20.
01:15   And they began to kick and punch each other.
01:18   All were dressed in black. Then a lot of police cars came, some police dogs, and so on.
01:24   It was really horrible to see. Really. —Two groups can be connected to all three fights,
01:29   and there were injured parties from both sides in the hospital.
01:33   What the fight originally was about is something police are now trying to find out.
01:38   We know that a total of five people have been injured.
01:42   One person has been arrested, and we don’t know much more.
01:46   We have also received information from witnesses we have spoken to here.
01:49   Both relatives, people inside the hospital, and people who work in the hospital,
01:55   who say that these groups who fought have been split up inside the hospital.
02:02   There are a lot of people in the hospital.
02:05   We also see some of the groups outside the hospital area hanging around,
02:08   but the police appear to have control of the situation.