The Devil Wears Green

The unvaxed are terrorists. They must be brought to justice. So say the Greens, the Reds, and all the other varieties and flavors of totalitarian despots.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

The devil wears green — Volker Beck: Vaccination refusals terrorize society — time for mandatory vaccination

Former Green member of the Bundestag Volker Beck is attacking those who refuse to be vaccinated and appeals to the court virologist [Jester] Drosten, who criticizes the vaccination quota and recommends communicating the urgency of vaccinations in Germany.

Volker Beck, who always demands tolerance and stands up for human rights, took the lead from the pharmaceutical lobbyist, who brought an unsuitable test to market, and posted a tweet asking himself: Against which wall did the grasshopper run into?

Those who refuse to vaccinate cause restrictions on freedom and economic damage for everyone.

In the process of weighing up, I come to the conclusion: it is time for an #implementation. An irresponsible minority must not terrorize society.

What qualifies Beck to make these deranged statements, who appeared as a pink majorette, was caught with crystal meth, and wanted to exempt sex with twelve-year-olds from prosecution? Is he so far removed from reality that it would explain the [bovine effluent]?

The government is causing the restrictions on freedom and the economic damage, so that the irresponsible minority sits in Berlin, terrorizing parts of the population with excessive measures.

2 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Green

  1. People like Volker Beck say these things because they have accepted the restrictions as legitimate, and that it is legitimate for them to continue in the face of ‘holdouts’. This is classic battered spouse syndrome. The abused spouse internalises and legitimises the abuse, and so blames herself and others for it, but never the one committing the abuse.

  2. The ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work.
    Even if you get vaccinated, you can still get the disease, and still spread it.
    I know this from personal experience. My wife has COVID-19. She works in healthcare information. EVERYBODY around her is vaccinated. But she said “It is going around the office.”
    Think about that. Everybody is vaccinated but COVID-19 is “going around the office.”

    The vaccine is useless. Or possibly worse than useless.

    The people promoting it do not have our best interests in mind.

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