Palling Up With the Palis

The Belgian government is drawing flak for continuing its financial aid to “Palestine”, despite the fact that the money is being diverted to support terrorist attacks against Israel.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Belgian Dutch-language site

Belgium continues with development aid for Palestine despite suspicions that the money ends up with terrorists

by Tom Lallemand
August 3, 2021

Our country is continuing with controversial development support for Palestine. An investigation warned that Belgian money may possibly end up in the hands of a terrorist organization, but the minister of development cooperation, Meryame Kitir, sees no reason to put a stop to the developmental aid.

In recent years, millions of euros in Belgian developmental aid has been sent to Palestinian NGOs, but a report from the Israeli intelligence services accuses the NGOs of channeling that money to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an organization officially labeled as terrorist by the EU.

However, Belgium will not stop the developmental aid to Palestine. That is what the minister for developmental cooperation, Meryame Kitir, said after she conducted a Belgian investigation. “On the basis of that investigation, I see no reason to freeze the resources, nor to conduct an additional external investigation. I trust in our Belgian partner organizations and in the existing control system,” said Kitir.

There is necessary outrage on social media about Kitir’s decision. “Is Belgian developmental money used to finance a Palestinian group which the EU has labeled a terrorist organization? Israel warned our country in May… But the government, after its own investigation, sees no reason to freeze the money,” said the De Tijd investigative journalist Lars Bove, who was retweeted by various N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) leaders, such as Theo Francken.


“Is Belgian developmental money used to finance a Palestinian group which the EU has labeled a terrorist organization? Israel warned our country in May… But, after its own investigation, the government sees no reason to freeze the money,”

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