All Must Get the Vax

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Medical twilight in virus panic

by Wolfgang Hübner

The vaccination pressure, which continues to escalate in politics and the media, is producing ever more openly and brutally those negative human attributes that the Left has been so fond of branding as the “fascist potential” of society. Since the majority of the Left has not only switched to the side of the rulers with flying colors when it comes to Covid, it is ironically now reserved for the enlightened Right to identify and analyze this “fascist potential”.

It is not difficult: Doctors report publicly that they no longer want to treat unvaccinated people. And others want to give priority to vaccinated (!!) Covid patients in intensive care units over the treatment of unvaccinated people in an emergency. Other doctors are ready to vaccinate even young children.

Most medical professionals obviously have no problem administering — for good money — masses of experimental vaccines with an unprecedented number of negative side effects, including death. Almost none of them seem to care about the possible long-term effects of the emergency approvals. Unscrupulous virus profiteers such as Markus Söder and Karl Lauterbach have the vast majority of doctors on their side.

Of course, there are also critics of virus hysteria and vaccination among the medical community. But this is probably only a minority, who also do not have or only insufficiently have speaking time in the opinion-forming media. As in the rest of the population, there is a division among the medical community, which threatens to become deeper and deeper and which cannot be bridged.

It is certainly not too crude to classify the vaccine proponents among doctors as supporters of “machine medicine”. They actually consider the human body to be a meat-like machine that only needs to be re-oiled or injected in the event of difficulties such as those with Covid. If that is also financially viable, so much the better!

The fact that people also have individual psyches, however, very different mental and emotional states, which are exposed to extreme stress, especially in the virus crisis, may well not be of particular interest to “machine medicine”, because their appropriate attention is not recognized by the health insurance companies. It has long been clear what devastating damage the virus hysteria, instrumentalized in political media, has already caused in many human souls, and continues to do so.

Fear and panic, that’s what the German psychoneuroimmunologist Prof. Dr. Christian Schubert recently raised concerns about in a detailed interview in the “Nachdenkseiten”, which is absolutely worth reading . This means that immune reactions that protect against infection are suppressed. According to Schubert, this has been very well proven scientifically.

He refers to research results, according to which the risk of infection in people with traumatic life events is “significantly increased”. This also plays “an important role in the prognosis of whether and how a patient will survive a Covid-19 infection.” The critical professor: “We are experiencing the biggest crisis in Western medicine to date… Never before has medicine shown so openly how little interest it really has in people.”

Afterword from the translator:

An American journalist interviewing Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg Trials told him that those things could never happen in the USA, because they have a democracy and the First and Second Amendments. Goering laughed and told him that if you can instill enough FEAR in the people through constant propaganda, then you can do whatever you want… with the people.

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  1. and Goering has been shown to be correct. He most likely watched the government propaganda films that were shown in the theatres here that were used to encourage enlistment and other actions that would help in the War Effort. Both of my parents lived through it as young adults and the experience scarred them permanently. What I am watching today is a replay of what was done to them.

    • Goering was the most intelligent of the whole sordid bunch; was a genius according to IQ testing by US Army officials during his captivity. Goering was a legitimate war hero on the Imperial German side during the First World War and would have been remembered much more fondly by history had he never became involved with the Nazis. He certainly understood Germans and how they thought. He didn’t just watch the propaganda films; he was one of the prime movers behind their production.

      • …and look how he ended up, as a fat junkie war criminal with a strong narcissistic complex. I don’t really have respect for Goering, although I don’t deny he was an Ace. But I do have respect for Ernst Udet – Udet was a real deal, IMHO.

    • Looking at what is going on in the world I can’t help thinking how much it resembles Hitler taking power in the Weimar Republic and not just in Germany, but all over the civilised world, including the US, China and Russia. The only places that are not yet ruled by the new totalitarians are the ISIS and Taliban-controlled territories and probably the wilder parts of Africa. Brazil is trying to preserve its independence, but for how long?

  2. Goering – like virtually all of the top officials of the Nazi Party – understood to an extent that his American interviewer did not, the tremendous and unprecedented power of the new tools for shaping the behavior of the great masses of people. In a nutshell, the Nazis (foremost among them propaganda master Dr. Josef Goebbels) joined the insights of Freud, LeBon, and Bernays upon the psychology of individuals and groups and the nature of propaganda – with the technological advancements of the early 20th century, in particular mass communications – radio, film, and mass-produced newspapers, propaganda posters and leaflets.

    These methods for shaping the behavior of the masses worked so well that they are still used and copied today by unscrupulous and amoral people, though of course no one links it with the national socialists for obvious reasons. And even back in that era, men like Josef Stalin and his inner circle were certainly paying attention to these developments, and they ended up using some of the same methods as their erst-while “allies” later to be enemies.

  3. I went to FOCUS and I found this:
    Im Supermarkt, um Freunde zu treffen, bei Ikea, im Kino, im Restaurant oder beim Friseur: Jeder muss wohl ab Herbst seine Impfnachweise oder Genesungsbescheinigungen griffbereit haben, um diese am Eingang vorzeigen zu können.

    It says that if you go to the superrmarket, meet friends, IKEA, cinema, Restaurant or barber. You have to show your proof of vaccinations or that you recovered from a COVID infection. Without these you cannot enter.

    And in the video to this article it is also said that these rules also apply to trains, regardless if its a local traffic or long-distance traffic.

    So, these rules, if fully implemented mean:
    a) I will not be able to get to my working place (train is much cheaper than car)
    b) I will not be able to buy food, because I buy all my food in a supermarket.

    So: I will run out of money fast, but it is secondary as I will starve and thirst to death long before that.

    And if I go to the unemployment office: Does anybody want to bet against me? I know what they will say: You didnt get the vaccine, therefore your own guilt= no money, bye.

    Of course, I have always the choice of putting this Ҥ$%&%/ poison (for all out there: I censored myself to ease the Barons workload) into my veins.
    Count Stauffenberg comes to my mind.

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