A Judicial Revolving Door for the Culture-Enriching Rapists of Lethbridge

Our Albertan correspondent DL sends this follow-up to last week’s report on the culture-enriching “grooming gang” of Lethbridge and Calgary.

The Insanity of Our Courts Continues

by DL

The Lethbridge Muslim “groomers” are being protected now by a publication ban on the details of their bail amounts and bail conditions. Alberta Provincial Court Judge Jerry Neil LeGrandeur issued bail for most of the Muslims on the sex-grooming charges, but applied a “publication ban” on the details of that bail issuance and its conditions.

You will notice in the stories below that Judge LeGrandeur, in ordering a publication ban, also ordered the accused to “surrender their passports”, which virtually guarantees these vile men are some of “Justin Trudeau’s Darling Refugees”.

This judicial lunacy of using unlawful leniency when dealing with refugees was manifest in Lethbridge, Alberta in 2016. That year Wijdan Yasir, a Pakistani National, had sexually assaulted three women in the swimming pool of the Holiday Inn hotel in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Wijdan Yasir was released on a $1,000 “no cash bail” by Chief Crown Prosecutor D. Vaughan Hartigan. Wijdan Yasir jumped his bail twice and failed to appear, and in spite of his criminality on the repeated breach of his bail conditions, Yasir was re-released back into the community before his trial, again by Chief Crown Prosecutor D. Vaughan Hartigan.

Before his trial on the sex assault charges, Wijdan Yasir finally fled to Pakistan, where he remains to this day. Out of reach of Canadian courts, out of reach of justice.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Vaughan Hartigan was promoted to the Alberta Court of Queens Bench as a sitting judge.

Incredibly, in spite of Wijdan Yasir fleeing the country after being released on a “no cash bail”, as detailed in “Story Two” below, Alberta PCJ Judge Jerry LeGrandeur still allowed one of these current Muslim sexual predators to be released on a $2,500 “no cash bail”.

This is the totally dangerous, incompetent, negligent, corrupt and politically activist insanity of our justice system in Canada.

This cannot be tolerated.

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6 thoughts on “A Judicial Revolving Door for the Culture-Enriching Rapists of Lethbridge

  1. Well, that is not only disgusting, but it’s also outrageous. I really do wonder about today’s “justice” systems. It seems to me that Muslims get away with a lot and that is so totally wrong that words fail me.

    I can only think that these “justices” know very little about the Muslim “religion” and I put it quotes because I fail to see anything religious about it, since it permits a Muslim male to do anything he wants to do with his wife/wives. I could be wrong because I do not know more about the Muslim religion other than what I’ve come across in the news. But it does seem as though the rights all belong to the men and the women are essentially slaves.

    • The stuff of violent patriotic revolution that will start in the west and gather momentum as it drives east. Decorated vet.

    • The reason these so called judges and prosecutors release these savages and put a lid on information is, they don’t want to put a light on the fact that their community relations just ain’t working and don’t want the average Joe to go hunting with no bag limit, which would probably include them and their wretched families.

    • When the SHTF, they too will hang. Like Santa, there are people making a list of who has been naughty and who has been nice.

  2. On the other hand, Wijdan Yasir is also out of Canada which makes that country slightly better off.
    Maybe that should be an offer? Self-deport and never come back, and we’ll forget about extradition?

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