Follow-Up on the “Albertan” Rapists

DL, who provided the tip for my earlier post about the grooming gang operating in Alberta, sends this follow-up material about the cultural enrichment of Alberta, and its enabling by white lefties:

You will notice that the reporter referred to the perps as “Albertans”. The guy who did that was Ryan White of CTV/Bell Media.

There was a previous incident in Lethbridge with a Muslim Pakistani National by the name of “Wijdan Yasir”. Wijdan was released by Chief Crown Prosecutor Vaughan Hartigan on a “no cash bail”.

The reporter who covered the “Wijdan Yasir” was the same reporter Ryan White who covered this latest story. Ryan White referred to Yasir as a “Calgarian”.

The perp Wijdan Yasir jumped his “no cash” bail and ended up in Lethbridge court on the sex assault charges before trial on a matter of “non appearance”. Once again, with Chief Crown Prosecutor Vaughan Hartigan in oversight, incredibly in spite of non-appearance, Wijdan Yasir was again released on a “no cash” bail.

Again, Wijdan Yasir then jumped bail and fled to Pakistan. Wijdan still remains in Pakistan.

Here is Ezra’s / Rebel News coverage of the Wijdan Yasir story and the refusal of Mass Media to post Yasir’s details.

Of concern is that the Chief Crown Prosecutor Vaughan Hartigan who oversaw the mishandling of the bail for Yasir has now been promoted to a justice on the Alberta Court of Queens Bench.

Notice in the court bio that Hartigan is sympathetic to “non traditional” sentencing for Indians, a hard Leftist prosecutor, now a judge in Alberta’s superior court.

2 thoughts on “Follow-Up on the “Albertan” Rapists

  1. In the CTV report the Mayor of Lethbridge says:

    “It’s a horror story.” – It’s a horror but not a story. It’s reality.
    “It’s something that no parent wants to hear about…” – Well I guess not Mr. Obvious.
    “I am very disappointed….” As to opposed to what – being elated by this news ?

    Time for a new mayor in Lethbridge.

  2. I went over to Rate MDs to see what was posted about Dr. Ziyaad Noor that’s involved in the case . He got some good reviews up to June. The latest reviews since the case broke are calling him filthy, disgusting, a pervert who should be shipped back were he came from.
    And then there was this one:
    “Thought this what a bit off last year when I took my 12 year old daughter to see him. He made her take all her clothes off and all she was there for was a sore throat.”
    I’d say that was a red flag for sure. Really.

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