We Have Ways of Making You Love Cultural Enrichment

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Federal government sends political commissars to German schools

by Manfred Rouhs

Education policy is actually a matter for the country. But the federal government has a say. It is now making use of this by training 151 full-time political commissars with whom it wants to bring German schools ideologically in line.

So that the action does not remind of bygone, totalitarian times, the political commissars of the 21st century are called “respect trainers”. Who or what should students learn to respect? Who else? Not their teachers, for example, but people of foreign origins. With a different skin color, language and nationality. 151 full-time employees are to fight racism in Germany’s schools from 2024, because, as Spiegel Online quotes a state secretary in the Ministry of Family Affairs:

“We must not tolerate political or religious extremism, hatred and misanthropy in our society — especially not in our schools.”

What happens to students who refuse to obey the political commissioners? Are they thrown out of school? — We will experience it and we can look forward to it.

“Extremism, hatred and misanthropy” are extensible and interpretable general-purpose terms that can be interpreted one way or another. For example, anyone who criticizes the policy of open borders can be classified as an “extremist” and suspected of “misanthropy”. Real disrespect for classmates Ali and Mustafa is not absolutely necessary for this.

From 2024 a wave of repression, spying and denunciation will descend on German schoolchildren, paid for with taxpayers’ money. A total of €36 million will then be spent on this each year. The AfD [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany] parliamentary group has announced resistance to this. In a request, Götz Frömming requests clarification from the federal government.

12 thoughts on “We Have Ways of Making You Love Cultural Enrichment

  1. Perhaps german students need to accept that foreign cultures, especially those from Orcistan and its clones, are superior to their own rich cultural heritage and adopt them.

    Imagine young Hans and Franz extorting the teacher for good grades and to disregard their habitual truancy then beating it senseless when it refuses or just for the fun of it. Perhaps little Greta or Magda can take to wearing full female orc regalia and throwing acid in the faces of those female teachers who do not. After all, they’re just emulating cultures superior to their own. The real fun would begin when they take this cultural adoption further up the school hierarchy to include culturally enriching carbecues of vehicles belonging to administrators and school board members, with maybe even a grenade attack or two on their places of residence.

    • I’m pretty sure that this would then be contrued as Cultural Appropriation.
      And as we know by now, that’s a NO NO in Wokistan.

    • Dont forget the good old islamic tradition of owning and firing your personal AK-47 on full auto into someone who insulted you.
      After all – insulted honor can only be repaired by spilling blood.

  2. You have a point there, Moon. As for the christian names, you seem stuck to the aera of black-and-white movies. The last Hanses or Magdas were christened in the 30ies or early forties. No harm done, though.
    I suspect that the recent floods in several parts of Germany will raise the question of overcrowdedness. Too many people living too close to river shores for that reason. Like all central european countries- Belgium, Netherlands- Germany is among the densest populated areas of the world. And government is working on the increase.

    • You’re right, I am from an older generation although it’s crazy to think of Gen X as old already! The last generation to remember life before the internet I suppose. Hans & Franz were a Saturday Night Live sketch back when it was ok to ridicule effeminate types as “girly men”. Magda was the name of Goebbel’s wife, and everyone knows a certain busybody named Greta who would undoubtedly be doing the world an aesthetic favor by wearing a burka permanently.

      • yes,I remember: pumping up with Hans and Franz? I loved that show and have it on dvd.
        In one sketch, Belushi interviewed people in the
        Bortsh-Belt ( Catskills) why they all drive german cars. I might be your generation.46 vintage?
        I always like your comments, but on few occasions, I have to talk back.

        • Born under the reign of the peanut farmer in the era of stagflation. I was fortunate enough to coexist on the planet for a few months with the legendary Maria Callas, although unfortunately she wasn’t aware of my existence. And fortunate enough to learn to read via phonics at my elementary school.

          • but sharing the planet with Stalin, Truman, Eisenhower and Einstein beats Callas, doesn‘t it.
            No foul intended

  3. “What happens to students who refuse to obey the political commissioners? Are they thrown out of school? — We will experience it and we can look forward to it.”

    Home schooling is outlawed in The Fourth Reich but private schools have about 9% of all students. So, you live in a big city like Berlin and 30% of your local school is Muslim. Guess what – private school looks mighty good.

    If you can read German this is pretty good.


  4. ALL Polish know Germany and GERMANS didn’t learn any historical lesson from 1 and 2-nd World War..
    There are not capable..We Poles know that by our skin thru 1200 years common History
    They want their EMPIRE..Lebenraum..It’s theirs obsession..
    Only solution is dismember their country forever…
    Other-ways we will have 3 World War again..
    They just sign political pact with Communist Russia again..

    • Yes , NORD stream 2 is going to be a massive drama for Europe and Ukraine. Non German Europe will need to come up with a solution or they will be slaves to Germany.The Baltic pipeline is critical. Biden in the White House is going to make it difficult, Trump would have made sure it happened quickly.

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