The Clueless Clucking Clan

MC’s latest essay concerns the intersection of Racism, Woke ideology, and the Corona “pandemic”.

The Clueless Clucking Clan

by MC

I am an anti-vaxxer. I have spent hours of study, looking at the benefits of vaccines, and also the risks associated with vaccines, and the effectiveness of vaccines — I have also followed the money…

In my opinion, it is not a pretty picture.

My oldest son had a febrile fit following on from an MMR injection (he is now 40) — he survived, and in spite of some small personality changes, he was OK.

It was my sister-in-law who warned us about the MMR Jab and its dubious history (the first version was withdrawn after adverse side-effects were reported). My wife and I had argued over having the jab for our son; unfortunately, I won.

I would encourage all parents to do the research for themselves, here is a good place to start.

If I wanted to break the Constitution of the USA I would have to choose my point of attack very carefully; I would need to get the People to want to break it, to be so fearful of outcomes as to voluntarily submit to destroying individual choice for the benefit of the ‘group’.

What could be better, then, than a ‘Satan Bug‘ and a vaccine that ‘must’ be administered to all for it to be ‘safe’ and effective and provide ‘salvation’?

It is not white supremacy as such which is the problem, after all, almost all of the original communists were white (and mostly male — Kollontai and Luxemburg being the exceptions). Most of those who fought against slavery were white, and most of those who dreamt up ideas of individual liberty and freedom were also white.

It is ironic that dead white men are also behind the wokism that so besets the modern USA and most of the rest of the world, and one might even think that any intelligent non-white wokista would smell a rat…

Imagine a modern implementation of the post-bellum Ku Klux Klan, but designed to support minority non-white interests instead of defeated ‘white’ interests. What would it look like? It seems to me that the Democrat party has once more scraped through the bottom of their barrel of dirty tricks and come up with an inverted KKK clone — lets call it the CCC.

The assassination of President Lincoln created political chaos, especially as he had chosen a Democrat as his running mate Vice President in the hope of some sort of reconciliation. President Trump was not assassinated as such, but a majority of Americans believe that there was election fraud, and that Sleepy Joe is just not legitimate.

The reactions of the Democrats to the Arizona election audit has convinced me that there is something to hide here. Instead of welcoming an audit as an honest winner would do, the Democrats are squirming like a child who has had an ‘accident’.

Wokism is pure racism and is Nazism in drag. It will soon turn lethal if not scotched. The political buildup that led to Adolf Hitler started with a ‘red/green’ alliance; The socialism of German Workers’ Party (DAP) combined with the ‘volkism’ of the Thule, Vril and Wandervogel pseudo-religious cults gave us the NSDAP and many millions dead.

The original KKK was set up to try and defend a helpless society that had lost most of its menfolk for the Cause, whether by death, injury or just the difficulty of getting home.

Sherman’s “March to the Sea” was an act of sheer barbarism, and set the stage for an economic war against the Southern States, ensuring that many would go into a state of starvation, both black and white. A newly emancipated ex-slave population in a devastated economy was a social nightmare. In a set of states where fear of a slave revolt had been endemic for decades, fears ran even higher.

Hungry people in a state of fear do not make rational decisions, and the KKK was a predictable outcome.

However the encore of the KKK in 1915, which became very popular in the 1920s, was a particularly nasty leftist political religion based on race and with political connections to the Democrat Party:

“Their message struck a cord, and membership in the Klan ballooned in the 1920s. By the middle of the decade, estimates for national membership in this secret organization ranged from three million to as high as eight million Klansmen. And membership was not limited to the poor and uneducated on society’s fringes. Mainstream, middle-class Americans donned the white robes of the Klan too. Doctors, lawyers and ministers became loyal supporters of the KKK. In Ohio alone their ranks surged to 300,000. Even northeastern states were not immune. In Pennsylvania, membership reached 200,000. The Klan remained a clandestine society, but it was by no means isolated or marginalized.

In the 1920s, the Klan moved in many states to dominate local and state politics. The Klan devised a strategy called the “decade,” in which every member of the Klan was responsible for recruiting ten people to vote for Klan candidates in elections. In 1924 the Klan succeeded in engineering the elections of officials from coast to coast, including the mayors of Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon. In some states, such as Colorado and Indiana, they placed enough Klansmen in positions of power to effectively control the state government. Known as the “Invisible Empire,” the KKK’s presence was felt across the country.”

Even PBS has trouble disguising the Democrat/Fascist nature of the Klan. All part of the huge post-war deception of Democrat politics — that they are the sole defenders of non-white minorities.

The politics of stealth in a Republic is very damaging. Deceit erodes decency and soaks history in uncertainty and doubt. Recognising the CCC as a cloned KKK without hood and gown is difficult for most, one has to get past the names and the visuals, and only look at their actions — looting, burning and mayhem.

Real racism is in short supply in the US of A, so the race supermarkets have to stock and sell an ersatz product laced with a recognisably race-flavoured artificial concoction — as advertised on TV. Not the real thing of course, but pigs with lipstick. They think it is popular culture and fashionable, but I strongly suspect that the pigs are boars and the lipstick is bloody.

What right has a Muslim to practise his religion in a ‘Christian’ country? He has every right as long as he keeps within the Law and the Lore. Grooming underage girls is illegal, as is bombing marathons. But lore is more about practising a religion within the mores of the greater society, so as not to upset others. Muslims as a group tend to get this wrong. For example, the moment they step on American soil their wives and daughters become equal under law, and if Muslims men disagree, then I would strongly suggest they are in the wrong place.

But ‘Diversity’ and ‘Multiculturalism’ provide a camo screen to obfuscate the protections of law. Muslim women have rights, but it is ‘racist’ to insist that they be enforced. Yet Islam is not a race? No problem, just invent one.

But what is ‘racism’? It is nothing but a great big abstract war hammer, a verbal cosh, a blackjack to be used to silence those who look behind the wokist curtain and lift the robes of the CCC ‘trans-man’.

Nazi racism was based mainly on culture. Jews and Slavs were of an ‘inferior’ culture, even if their skin colour was acceptable. Skin colour racism was not really relevant in a homogeneous 1930s Europe; few were people of colour. However, following on from the allied (American) victory in WW2, an artificial narrative had to be created that was relevant to the USA, such that pre-wokist man could alienate, separate and fragment the culture by skin colour instead of class or religion (Jewish or Orthodox).

It took a full-scale war to stop Nazism.

We have to accept the same with the Wokist variant of Nazism. If the Democrats are not thrown out in the mid-terms, then it is going to take a war to stop them, but who will be the ‘good guys’ this time? Most of the rest of the civilized world has fallen for the same utopian spinner.

In fact, the US of A is behind the rest of the world on the slippery slope to tyranny. The US Constitution has not made stealth Nazism as easy as it has been in the rest of Europe, Canada, New Zealand and parts of Australia. The Founding Fathers saw something of the sort coming (did they read their Bibles, maybe?). What they did not allow for was a totally corrupt media exploiting the powerful tools of visual propaganda to raise fear and chaos to frantic levels.

It is a huge mistake to assume that the connections between the Democrat Party and the Chinese Communist Party are benign. They are corrosive, and the object of the exercise is to remove the USA as an obstacle to communism/globalism by undermining the US Constitution. It is very obvious that the first milestone is an effective one-party state, porous borders, illegals voting and rigged ‘Emmental Cheese’ elections.

If one can win the war without shooting then that is success. If one can win the war without the other side even realizing that there has been a war — even better.

The boat which is the USA still has an anchor, but it is getting very rotten and will soon lose contact with the bedrock and drift into desolation. The tsunami of media bias and negative propaganda will carry the boat out to sea and sink it.

We have been at war it seems for over a decade, but we are more interested in our little devices — we were taught to make love, not war, by those very people who are now the enemy that is destroying us. Bling stupidity mixed with lusty hedonism all centred on a 6-inch screen.

Classic Liberalism requires the Ten Commandments to adhere to. Modern progressive ‘liberalism’ is drifting untethered and will thus go over the nearest waterfall. To be ‘tolerant’, to honour ‘diversity’ you have to abandon your own identity and culture; you become nebulous, and thus destructive.

All socialism has a rotten core of tyranny surrounded by a shell of deception; cracking and removing the shell is not enough, because the rotten core will just use its vast resources to build another shell of different colour. Most liberals are gullible; they see the gaily painted shell and fall for it, not understanding that behind the deception is a man-consuming monster.

Communist China was a product of WW2 — a side effect of Stalinism, but with a Führerprinzip even more firmly in place. China was able to stimulate Nazism/Wokism in the USA by putting substantial brown envelopes in the right places, including many in the Republican quarter. President Trump was financially independent, so during his presidency China lost its stranglehold on the USA, and moved heaven and earth to remove him and get their own puppet(s) in place. Nothing new here.

The promotion of a pseudo-pandemic panic placed the USA in the hands of a Pinocchio (with a few strings detached) and a harridan with all her strings attached to the wrong places. I was very right to be vaccine-hesitant, but I never realized that the deceits surrounding traditional vaccines could be so harnessed to drive what has essentially been a coup d’état. Orchestrated fear has been the key to open pandemic’s political box of dirty tricks, but it seems that secular USA cannot take it onboard that they have been had in a big way. They thought that the Bible was only for bourgeois idiots needing a prop, and are now reaping the consequences of their own ignorance, even if they do not yet realize it.

Nazism is alive and well, but in drag, with Christians as well as Jews its target, antifa tee-shirts instead of brown shirts, BLM instead of SS. Solitary confinement as ‘domestic terrorists’ instead of ‘politicals’ in concentration camps.

If the Covid vaccine is a true mass elimination tool, and the evidence that it is seems to be mounting, then it is much more effective than Operation Reinhard death camps as a policy for the extermination of useless eaters. T5 with plausible deniability, product of a Wuhan wet food market — Nah. People willingly rolling up their sleeves for the injection of ‘phenol’ without any kind of informed consent because a ‘nice’ doctor recommends it with a smile. Consent — yes, informed — NO, in fear they trust.

And it’s a final solution to the overpopulous plebian problem……

The clan maybe clueless, but their puppet masters are ruthless monsters.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

9 thoughts on “The Clueless Clucking Clan

  1. BLM/antifa are communists, and the bloody naxi’s(brownshirts) were formed to fight the communists, your history is a little fuzzy my friend, for the communist chinks got help from the soviets, the nationalist had help from Germany in the 20’s-early forties to not only fight the communists but the Japanese as well. They ran out of gas in 49 because they spent all their effort to fight the Japanese and the communists let them with not much help, and the stupid US and Britain gave them weapons which they used against the nationalist and the South Koreans in 1951 to great effect.

    There will be war ole boy, that is for absolute certain, for the forces of nature cannot be denied and the great unwashed and useful idiots of the left make it inevitable with their race to the bottom, the left really truly believe they will be on top at the end of this insanity. They won’t, they have made their destruction and elimination inevitable by their own hands. The people who have wrought this upon us won’t escape the Great Purge, for no one will be in the mood for tolerance,acceptance and diversity at any price.

    What we get for governments after all is said and done won’t be democracy in any form as we know it, it will be a totalitarian crap shoot people of the Franco or Pinochet variety. Dumbed down useless eaters left to their own devices vote for the treasury in the end, and women who should never been allowed to vote in the first place are always the bane of any advanced civilization. All this stupidity, corruption and indoctrination and the people who fall for it is just a preamble of very nasty, brutal, bloody and horrific ending. To the Victors go the spoils. Deo Volente.

    Oh do leave God out of this, for he will want nothing to do with what is coming.

    • Brothers make the most bitter of enemies, the street fighting in 1920’s 1930’s Germany was a ‘turf war’ between rival political gangs; Nazism and Communism are to all effects identical collectivist entities, that they fought in Germany does not mean that they are opposites in the USA. To the Nazis it was all about AH, the Social Democrats did not have any particular Fuhrer figure. maybe they were ‘never-Hitler’.

      Stalin had to adopt ‘National Socialism’ in 1942 to get his troops to fight, and China was always about nationalism and Mao.

      • There was never any love lost between naxi’s and communist’s, commies are collectivist, the nax’s were nationalist first and foremost, it was how they took over so easily, for the Germans fear communism more than anything, they were not deaf and blind to what the Soviets were doing to their own people and the surrounding territories, they made the naxi’s look like rank amateurs in scope and scale at what the communist’s did. The bloody naxi’s made the mistake of lumping every jew into the ranks of the communists, whose leaders were jews trained by the bloody soviets. If the Germans had waited a year or two before invading the soviet’s, chances were pretty good a General would have taken out Stalin and company and could have averted war.
        As for the Chinese, the nationalist were nationalists, Mao and company were for Mao and his communist abominations and the Chinese suffered for following that devil.

    • The pandemic and flash floods. We never saw coming. Those who are supposed to be guarding coasts are actually doing the opposite. Shouldn’t these craft be sunk as any gift column would be. Not sure buying a property in any major city right now would be so smart. I imagine.

    • Matey, He knew this was coming, and has declared it in detail almost 2,000 years ago. Humans, at Satan’s urging, are attempting to lay claim to what God has created. The resultant chaos which we are seeing the beginnings of, will be answered by His judgment as He cleans house.
      Take a good, long look at this planet’s geology. The violence of the crustal upheavals that occurred 4,000 to 5,000 years ago stand out as start reminders of the judgment in which only eight people survived.
      As for the Jordan plain which was once a plain so fertile that it supplied food to the surrounding nations is now, and has been for at least 3,500 years, a barren wasteland that nothing could ever grow on again after the moisture in the air was turned into fire by the separation of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water molecule.
      This planet is the Lord’s special creation and we were given stewardship of it. To say that we have been derelict in that stewardship is an understatement. Now comes the consequences of our rejection of Him, His Love and His Grace.

  2. MC, throwing them out won’t work. Most Republican politicians and wannabees are RINOs. Some are probably stealth Democrats or Stealth Communists. There is no political solution. Culture is upstream… that’s where the real work is. And religion/faith is upstream of culture.

  3. and just who do you think orchestrated all this and now is standing at the podium conducting the symphony that is being broadcast on smart phones? He will never give up, even though he knows what his end will be that was ordained when he first rebelled.

    And when you see these things occur, look up, for your redemption draws near. As for those who prefer today by sight and not tomorrow by faith, my heart goes out to them to somehow spare them the awful trial that is certain to follow.

  4. Yuri Bezmenov wrote and lectured about this kind of thing back in the 80’s. According to Bezmenov, war is a near-certainty at this point. It will be either a civil war or an invasion. Personally, I think it will be a civil war. The problem with this idea is that the enemies of the US are literally a bunch of fruitcakes, soyboys, and ghetto goons. They aren’t fighters. Maybe some muslim trash will rise up and fight, but are there enough of those [epithets] to make a difference?

    Well, details aside, the goal for our enemies at this point is to collapse US society with a war so it can be rebuilt into a communist state in the future. Once the rebuilding stage begins, then you’ll see all the queers, soyboys, and ghetto goons wiped out.

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