Happy Rebellion Day

Happy Independence Day, everybody!

I want to make sure to include as many “extremist” keywords as possible in this post so that it can be flagged as the work of a dangerous insurrectionist by the Department of Homeland Security.

What began on July 4, 1776 is commonly referred to as “The American Revolution”. However, it’s important to remember that our ancestors rose up in rebellion against the British Crown in order to reclaim their ancient liberties as Englishmen. It was an armed struggle against tyranny, and was considered a treasonous insurrection by King George III. If it had failed, the people we remember as our Founding Fathers would have been rounded up and hanged.

So let’s hear it for rebellion!

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VDare refers to the Fourth of July as “Juneteenth for white people”. I like that phrase — it has a certain ring to it.

I saw it this morning at WRSA, and later decided to include it in this post. When I consulted Google to search for the link, it was nowhere to be found.

So I switched to DuckDuckGo. I still couldn’t find it, but wow! What a difference in the result sets between the two search engines. The first two pages of the Google search showed me nothing but sycophantic celebration of the Juneteenth phenomenon, plus articles about systemic racism, the legacy of slavery, and etc blah yak. DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, presented me with plenty of dissident points of view on the same topic.

Google has become completely overt in its censorship of political incorrectness. There is the Narrative, and only the Narrative — nothing else is allowed to appear.

George Orwell famously wrote: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” But now that our dystopian future has finally been realized, a more accurate vision of forever would be represented by the image at right.

Imagine being a white person in that future — forever.

Since Critical Race Theory is now the dominant ideology in the Permanent Government, the media, Hollywood, the academy, public education, and most major corporations, that’s what we white people have to look forward to. There is no place for whites in that future except to be ground into the dust, assuming they are allowed to survive at all. The ideologues of the new regime make no secret of their plans for us — they’ve told us that “whiteness must be exterminated.”

So why are white people putting up with all this malevolent nonsense?

I have no answer to that question. Some sort of collective madness is abroad in the land. Whether it will abate before whiteness is in fact exterminated has yet to be determined.

10 thoughts on “Happy Rebellion Day

  1. Happy Juneteenth for white people to you too!

    Also read the same Vdare article on WRSA as well, but I usually check the site first thing in the morning and the link hadn’t yet been corrupted.

    As to why white people put up with this nonsense, there are several reasons in my opinion. One is that for many it simply isn’t on the radar. Plenty of distractions to keep their attention diverted. Also, a sizeable portion of whites especially the college indoctrinated, actually believe their indoctrination and see it as a good thing that they will be replaced by people of color. Having no experience with actual white genocides such as have been going on in Zimbabwe or South Africa, and never having been forced to live in the slums inhabited by people of color, they believe the narrative they receive from the official sources who are also college indoctrinated like them.

    But the most important reason why nothing happens is that what can the average person do? There are no real non-violent avenues remaining and that kind of resistance only gets one fired and blacklisted. Violence is outside most people’s experience and who would one target anyway? When the whole west is going insane any individual act is like trying to sweep back the tide with a broom. While there are certainly a lot of very angry people who would take action if they could, the cost of doing so far more than what would be gained from it.

    • Until the 3rd worlders start disappearing(which is going to happen) whitey will put up with his extermination, until he doesn’t and God ain’t going to help those when whitey gets in the mood to annihilate all in his way.

  2. It always bears repeating: yes, the commitment to revolutionary *military* action was made on July 4th (or 2nd for you contrarians), but as John Adams pointed out, a revolution had already been achieved in the thoughts and sentiments of the citizenry (quotation marks excluded in light of failing memory).

    Armed conflict would not have been sustainable without the massive shift in feeling already achieved among The People.

    • Why no commentsection on vdare??In the name of Anerica,supposedly,many horrificatrocities and illegalities have and are occurring.Why are we stealing Syria”s oil and wheat as evidenced by videos?Wheres all the reparation talk for the theft and ruination of Native land,gold,silver,water,minerals?Juneteenth,fine,its great that humans were relieved of their bondage.But…..History………Barbary coast Blacks were notorious human traffickers and violently captured and sold Whites,usually Christians,even Whole Towns!!!!!!Blacks and Natives as well as Indians,Saudis owned/own slaves.White Cargo is a good starting point for Real slave history.Women still suffer assaults,intimidation,stalking,less promotion,less pay,less access to better internships than men of Whatever ethnicity.We are pstchologically,emotionally,socially,physically abused and given diseases by men.Our ideas,inventions,improvements have been and still are routinely stolen by men,where are Our Reparations????Where does it end??All must do a better job at being compassionate,tolerant,loving humans,Now!!!!Agree with statement that you think things suck soooooo bad,you want separate lingo,holidays,anthrm,then Leave.See how things work out in Canada,Mexico,Belize,Getmany,Zimbabwe,India,Jamaica.Sucks soooo bad to learn standard english,math,decency,why are soooooo many sneaking in here??????

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