Living Under Gang Rule in Sweden

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Sweden: “If you don’t have a big family that can protect you, you have no chance”

Entrepreneurs in Sweden who lost their companies as well as their families or have had to move abroad for fear of being killed. That is shown in a report on the Swedish medium SVT [state broadcasting]. The reason for the uncertainty are criminal gangs that systematically extort entrepreneurs in Sweden. Now the Gothenburg police are sounding the alarm: The problem is huge and not even the police can protect the victims.

“Either you pay, or you defend yourself and your life is completely ruined,” says the policeman Ulf Boström. Boström has been working in the northeast of Gothenburg for 16 years. His phone rings all the time. Worried mothers of gang members, imams or people who have received a letter from an authority but do not understand what it says on it. The police are simply overwhelmed.

In his everyday life he meets many people who live under constant threat of death. Those who pay gangs and family-based criminal networks for extortion attempts, and those who refuse.

According to Boström, the police cannot protect everyone. “Because we’ve allowed this business to spread across Sweden for so long, there are gangs in every major city. They have eyes and ears everywhere.”


8 thoughts on “Living Under Gang Rule in Sweden

  1. Presumably due to wanting to keep his job as tolerant and compassionate and colourfully diverse, the Swedish cop, and no doubt the State TV program, do not mention whether these shakedown rackets are intra-ethnic or cross-ethnic.

    Because those who ring him up, see the 3 categories at end of para. 3, are all non-native Swedish.

    Do Somalis or Syrians etc. prey on only their own nationality? because common culture and language lend credibility to the threat?

    How is the local town government involved, especially if it holds Somali or Syrian politicians: kickbacks, bribes, ethnic bloc votes?

  2. Hmmm, Just arm the hell up and get your Viking on, no fuss, no muss, just get the job done, forget about calling the police to take a statistical report. Come after me or mine at your peril.

    • My guess is that they’d arrest the person who armed themselves for self-defense. Remember, progressive governments want those refugees because a divided country preferred by these totalitarians.
      Here in Canada, churches are being burned down and police do nothing. If a moque was burned down, they’d call out the military to defend their pets.

      • You are right.
        Your neighbours will happily rat you out to the police.

        Black Ops – OPSEC anybody?

        • Alex, make it know that snitches will get stitches or worse and it’ll stop after the first couple of examples are made.

      • What nobody knows can’t hurt you, one man with enough ambition can accomplish great things.

  3. “we cannot protect everyone”! No. they cannot protect anyone; and they are making no effort to do so. Swedish Polis are part of the problem NOT part of the solution.

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