Germany is Looking at the Chinese Model

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Tichys Einblick:

Effective in Climate Protection

Ministry of Education is considering social point system based on the Chinese model for Germany

In a study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education, one of six future scenarios is the introduction of a social point system based on the Chinese model. Jobs and study places then depend on social commitment and a small ecological footprint.

Orientation for the “world of tomorrow” is what the Federal Ministry of Education wants to offer with the “Foresight” (Vorausschau) campaign. For this purpose, six future scenarios have been devised in a commissioned “value study”, which researchers will discuss there. In addition to the “European Way” and “Ecological Regionalization”, there is also the “The Bonus System” scenario. The point is that every person receives an individual social score, which should play a decisive role in the allocation of jobs or university places, for example. It is a social point system, as it is currently being tested in China. However, this scenario does not serve as a dark dystopia — neutral, almost positive, the effects are shown and weighed up.

The paper by the Federal Ministry of Education states: “For certain behavior, points can be collected in the point system operated by the state (e.g. volunteering, caring for relatives, organ donations, provision for old age, traffic behavior, carbon footprint). In addition to social recognition, collecting points also has advantages in everyday life (e.g. shorter waiting times for certain courses).”

The approval of the law among the population would increase through “the dynamics of climate change”. The system is in fact successful in this area: “This generated pressure to act to counteract, whereby a points system turned out to be an efficient control mechanism for dealing with the consequences of climate change (e.g. by scoring the ecological footprint). The ‘polluter pays’ principle was made transparent through the point system. In addition, given the good economic situation, the point system proved to be a suitable instrument for the labor market, which is characterized by a shortage of skilled workers and workers,” it says.

In the year 2030, the social point system will then only be fundamentally questioned by a minority: “The point system will meet with approval from a majority of the population in the 2030s, as many feel that it has a binding orientation function for a more complex and differentiated society occupied by different social groups. At the same time, in Germany in the 2030s, the point system as a forecasting and control tool was gradually anchoring new norms in everyday life.” The social point system would obviously also be profitable for democracy. The state sets incentives “for activity in civil society or political organizations, as this is conducive to pluralistic discourse and is seen as the basis of the social evaluation system. Only those who are active here are able to get involved in social decision-making.”

The thought patterns here are pretty much in line with those of the Chinese Communist Party, which with its social credit system also seeks to increase “honesty in government affairs”, “commercial integrity”, “social integrity” and “judicial credibility”. The social point system is currently being tested in several mega-cities in China; the purchase of 17.5 million flight tickets and 5.5 million train tickets has already been refused because the number of social points was too low. However, poorer points can also lead to poorer career opportunities, reduced internet access or higher taxes.

This is apparently a system that some in Germany also consider to be one of the six central future scenarios and that also brings a number of advantages (for example in terms of climate change). Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) writes in her introductory letter to the “Foresight” campaign: “With this in mind, I invite you to look into the future with us.”

Afterword from the translator:

I don’t know if anyone that reads this can smell what I smell…? The smell of an open mass grave for those who love their freedom and their families. This IS Dystopia; this is the death knell for any traditional family and free community. This is not a step forward, this is a step into the Darkest Age for Humanity, because it’s a declaration of a permanent civil war for the lower classes. This is a merger of a feudalist system of fascism for the elites and a Marxist/Maoist system for the lower classes — us, the grain and grit for and in their mills. Although the finest flour is only for them, and the rest for the likes of us. Because those who make those rules and “check” those scores will be the ones with the HIGHEST “credit” from the moment they’re born all the way to the grave. This has NOTHING to do with freedom, but everything to do with slavery. At this point I like to quote my favourite 18th-century philosopher, David Hume:

“It is seldom, that liberty of any kind is lost all at once. Slavery has so frightful an aspect to men accustomed to freedom, that it must steal upon them by degrees, and must disguise itself in a thousand shapes, in order to be received.”

This quote is framed and hangs in my study and kitchen as a constant reminder to be vigilant towards all politicians, creeds and ideologies, because the shackles and snares that lead to serfdom are never far off.

7 thoughts on “Germany is Looking at the Chinese Model

  1. A system based on formal indicators is disastrously inefficient by definition because it encourages formalism. It will stifle talented people and will benefit cynical arrivistes.

  2. I am of divided opinion about social points due to lived experience.
    Draft dodgers in peace times ( central europe) were in the work force 18 months plus earlier than I was being drafted.
    In civil service, that gave them more service time and thus chances of promotion. In my lifetime this sums up to about minus 80K €.
    Or did their promotion take place because they were smarter than I, knowing at age 19 that there will be no reward for service to the country? Today I think that the state stole 18 months of my life.
    ( add. to one commenter here: I never planned to invade neighbouring countries, living near the french border and far from Kielce)

    • Look at it this way, your military training is going to come in handy shortly, so it wasn’t a waste of time after all.

  3. Very commendable indeed, the german efforts to be “effective in climate protection”.
    Now, if only they had tried to be effective in reading and understanding the weatherforecast and acting with foresight…
    I believe that foresight has very much to do with the ability to learn lessons from the past.
    Germany scores rather badly on a quite a few subjects in this respect…

  4. Oh Tichys Einblick, ye’ Atlanticist sheep, as if the far more insidious “Anglo-Saxon” style of so called democracy already reigning supreme in Europe/North America is anything but a social credit system where everybody who isn’t a cultural Marxist is cancelled, and holds far more influence here in Germany than the Chinese model can ever be pretended to have.

    I swear, the fact every establishment “conservative” politician and their dog is worried about Chinese influence of all things just demonstrates to me what a joke this whole idea is… worried about the wrong things.

    • PERFECT assessment of geo-political situation..
      Anglo-saxon ” democracy” in the proces ,menage to antagonize around 4oo millions Slavic people in CEE Europe..
      Will see how it will work for Teutonic-Dutch-Frenchi Commie-Fascist..
      Historic bill to pay is coming fast upon them.. !

    • The social credit/point system is alive and well in colleges, or was that collages? My GPA was sliced half of a grade point because I wouldn’t support the narrative and write my papers according to their pre-determined conclusions, (which under US Law is constructive fraud and a felony). The result was a waste of time and money. The social credit system is here and has been for the past 20+ years. Only now it has grown big enough that like the proverbial Leviathan it can rise to the surface and rule the waves so that those who don’t bow to it will be shipwrecked.

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