A Cop-Killer in Biskopsgården

Culture-enrichers in Sweden have been targeting cops for many years, but on Wednesday they finally managed to kill one. Which goes to show, I suppose, that they’re not very good shots.

Since the material shown below was translated, a young “Swede” named Sakariye Ali Ahmed has been arrested and charged with the murder of a policeman named Carl Andreas Danman in the Gothenburg neighborhood of Biskopsgården. As far as I can make out from the Nya Riks article, Master Ahmed is seventeen years old. I don’t know what the rules are in Sweden, but in the USA his name would not have been publicly released until prosecutors had decided to charge him as an adult.

The photo at the top of this post (also posted by Nya Riks) is unusual: not only is the face of the alleged perp not pinkwashed, it’s not even pixelated out. I gather that the youngster is a Somali — big surprise.

Here’s a brief video from Swedish TV. The anchor seems to think the images in it are disturbing, but I don’t see why. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following text (also translated by Gary Fouse) accompanied the video at Expressen:

“Fight! Fight! Come on, Old Man!”*

Police: Posted July 1, 2021

An unknown perpetrator opened fire against police and a witness heard several bangs.

A policeman, who was just over 30 years old and relatively new on the job, was on assignment with a colleague on a moped in the vulnerable area of Biskopsgården in Gothenburg late last night.

*   Note: The quote in the title of the article refers to a statement heard on the video, which appears to be a taunt to the police from a bystander.

Here’s a longer article from Nya Dagbladet, also translated by Gary Fouse:

Policeman murdered in Gothenburg

At 10:34pm during Wednesday [June 30, 2021] evening, a policeman was shot in the immigrant-dense neighborhood of Biskopsgården in Gothenburg. The policeman was taken to the hospital with serious gunshot wounds, but medical personnel were not able to save the man’s life.

According to the tax-funded SVT [Swedish State Television], a police patrol was talking to some people by Höstvädersgatan in Biskopsgården when some person(s) suddenly started shooting at them and seriously wounded a policeman in his 30s, at which time his colleagues called an ambulance and gave the wounded policeman first aid.

Just over four hours after the shooting, police announced that the man had died from his gunshot wounds.

“This is a tragic event. This affects us all; this is a colleague who has died on duty. We have made a national decision to have a minute of silence at 12 o’clock and have the flags at half staff all over the nation,” said Klas Johansson, Western Regional Chief, during a press conference.

Police have taken in several people for questioning during the night, but as yet have not arrested any suspected perpetrator for the act.

It is noteworthy that the incident played out in Biskopsgården, which is hard hit by mass immigration and criminality, and Greater Gothenburg area Police Chief Erik Nord admitted that this is an area where police are usually especially careful due to all the gangs and conflicts that “smolder” there.

“This is one of the areas where we have special supervision,” he said.

The deceased policeman was reportedly just over 30 years of age and had not worked very long as a policeman. It was also confirmed that the police patrol was in uniform at the incident, but that they were not at the scene to investigate any particular crime; rather it was part of “ongoing patrol work.”

“We are strongly determined to clear up this crime,” states Klas Johansson.

It is noteworthy that police as yet have not chosen to release a description of the shooter, although they have information on that. They would rather not say if there is a connection between the murder of the policeman and gang criminality.

“We won’t do that right now. We state that this happened in an environment where there are shootings between local criminal networks. It is a clue in the preliminary investigation that is being conducted,” said Erik Nord.

Video transcript:

00:00   A policeman has died after a deadly shooting in Gothenburg.
00:04   We at Expressen have received images from the incident in Biskopsgården.
00:08   Out of respect for those involved,
00:12   we choose to show only parts of the incident, but we still warn about strong images here.
00:16   Warning: Feature contains strong images.

16 thoughts on “A Cop-Killer in Biskopsgården

  1. A single minute of silence and flags at half staff? That’s all his life was worth?

    I’ll be impressed when the Swedes finally decide to roll in Biskopsgården in their Stridsvagns and start leveling the slum block by block until they turn over the perp or all the invaders are dead.

    • Don’t hold your breath, man. Anyway, four months to deployment of Wuhan2, and the mass casualties start; the Mongs are going to rip through the EU.
      I don’t care, they’ve been warned loudly and often, for decades, and still those people keep demanding more ism’s and schisms and climate dictatorships and depopulation. Counter-survival behavior seems to be an essential element of the euroweenie psyche.
      Recall, most of these zeks have only a few decades of relatively sub-lethal governance. Most have known only democidal feudal, military or socialist totalitarianism of one sort or another. At best, modern eurowads, and leafs, live in socialist kakistocracies; predictably, the terminal phase has begun.
      I do hope this sort of thing takes off among the cultural enrichment engineers in a big way. We have a federal agency in leafland that has proclaimed itself a textbook government-corporate fascist entity, and they desperately need cultural enrichment. Istanbul Twist, Tehran Tug, Dirty Ahmed or Somali Love; I care not at all. Fortunately, the mooks outnumber the fascisti by a loud margin…they out number the CF, too…aaahhh, my Army of Darkness, Plague, War, Famine, and ten feet of rope. After all, one must take time to enjoy life’s small pleasures.

  2. Well, they’ve already got the perp in custody. And they’ll probably throw the book at him — sentence him to at least 45 minutes in the Comfy Chair.

  3. I can still remember a Sweden populated by hard working , law abiding people and then the politicians let in masses of what have previously been described as orcs. One of the primary duties of a Government is to ensure the safety of its citizens. Unleashing hordes of lawless monsters upon them is at least a dereliction of duty. Of course, no action will be taken against those who are responsible for introducing this policy of mass immigration and those who object are still sneered at and smeared but, unless there is a drastic change in the political ideology of those who rule Sweden, depredation and destruction will continue.

  4. Strong images? The huge mass of flesh newscaster is a strong image. The Swedes have colour and fat codes. We have become Mad Magazine before PC. BLM? Does any life matter – that much anymore?

  5. This seems to be a typical Migrant Sport all over Western Europe.
    At least the French Police aren’t messing around with that type of thugs.

    That reminds me of my first encounter with would be Hijackers in Lome/Togo in 1989.
    I was driving home from Work and had to drive through a couple of kilometers of dense Jungle.
    Suddenly a tree crashed in front of me onto the road, seconds after another tree crashed behind me on the road and a bunch of panga-wielding Thugs from Ghana came towards me.
    Lucky for me I was armed, got out of the car and shot the biggest of them in his leg, the others skedaddled after a few more shots.
    When the Gendarmerie eventually showed up, they asked me why I didn’t shoot the guy dead?
    I was a bit taken aback with that questions and asked the Gendarme instead “WHY?”.
    The answer I got was quite simple.
    That guy needs now Medical treatment, he needs to go to Jail, needs to go to court etc.etc… All that costs MONEY.
    If I would have shot him dead instead, they only would have to dig a hole and bury the body. Costs NOTHING

    That Logic is undisputable.

    I told him, if it happens again I’ll follow his advice.

    • I am surprised that being from South Afrika that you would have been better trained by being in the SADF???? The jungle always takes cares of problems.

      • I wasn’t born in South Africa, I started my African Adventure in Togo, 1rst. of January 1989.

        I was born and grew up in Blieskastel, Saarland, Germany.
        Although I did my Military Service in the German Airforce, I was relative new to the African Continent when that happened, and I wasn’t so sure of how the Police would react.
        After that incident, I knew.

        3 Years in Togo
        2 Years in Rwanda, until the Genocide came along.
        2 years cruising around Africa.
        In 1996 I arrived in South Africa, met my Wife and the rest is Family History.

        • When in Afrika, never EVER involve the authorities, that is rule 1, No2, handle it yourself, for the jungle takes care of all problems. I see that Germany weakened you in the years you were there, bloody tragic!

  6. When the German GSG9 elite force moved against two memebers of the 3rd Generation Red Army Fraction in Bad Kleinen and one police officer was shot, one of the terrorists also died. Officially suicide. But there were some who said it was a revenge killing of the cops.
    Whoever thinks that this was a first step to death squads:
    Antifa and muslims today can do what they want. No repercussions.

    • This is naive.

      Because the young, go-ahead Sicilian aristocrat played by Alain Delon says to the bewildered and confused old one played by Burt Lancaster in Bertolucci “1900” when they are looking at the new railway which will bring their joint wealth, the grain harvest, to market quicker:

      “Everything has to change so that everything will stay the same”.

      Why do US corporations finance BLM? Why are US and EU “conservative” parties so “leftist”?

      Because in the time of Bad Kleinen, the German and other Left was a genuine threat to ruling interests. So murdering Wolfgang Grams was OK by those commanding the police.

      In 2021 however, shooting a culture enricher dead means cutting some basis points off the aggregate demand and hence GDP, which he represents.

      He is also a useful, because violent, demoraliser of the local Caucasian indigenous on their sub-average wages and fine voting “gimmedat” fodder for “left-green” parties

      • Wolfgang Grams wasn’t murdered, he was properly executed. As we should be doing to all these 3rd world vermin committing atrocities against us westerners.

    • Alex, the Commanding Officer shot that terrorist point blank and was congratulated and decorated for it.

  7. Oh look at the 3rd worlder reading the news report, ain’t diversity shoved up our backsides against our will great!? 😉

    • Just goes to show that being knowledgeable and actually knowing something about whats happening in whatever sphere one’s reporting upon are not necessary for such work. Although being able to read a teleprompter probably puts her in the 95th percentile of whatever ethnic group she claims membership of.

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