A Citizen of Somalia and Sweden

Gary Fouse has translated the Nya Riks article mentioned in my previous post:

Sakariye Ali Ahmed arrested for police murder of Andreas Danman

Caption: Sakariye Ali Ahmed has now been arrested for the murder of policeman Andreas Danman. Screenshot FUP/Samhällsnytt.

Somali Sakariye Ali Ahmet, born March 18, 2004, is reportedly the person who is under arrest for the murder of a police officer in Biskopsgården (Gothenburg). This has been reported by the newspaper Samhällsnytt which refers to an anonymous police source. They point out that he was previously convicted of attempted murder.

Ahmed is currently residing at Friskväderstorget 5. apartment 1203 in Gothenburg together with the females Sakiyo Ali Ahmed, born May 21, 2002, and Tariik Ahmed Abdi, born January 3, 1984, who is the suspect’s mother.

Sakariye Ali Ahmed has previously come up in a case with the Administrative Court in Gothenburg. The verdict can be downloaded here.

The District Court in Gothenburg sentenced him on 25 March 2020 to one year in juvenile detention for attempted murder (13 November 2019), illegal threat (27 August 2019), and attempted theft of a means of conveyance. The verdict can be downloaded here. The crimes are in parentheses. From the verdict, it is clear that he did not need an interpreter and is a citizen of both Somalia and Sweden.

3 thoughts on “A Citizen of Somalia and Sweden

  1. “Former head of Germany’s spy agency slams Angela Merkel’s immigration policies as ‘fatal’ and says country is ‘declining politically and economically’ “. Sweden insists that this is not possible.

  2. Hmm.

    One can take the orc out of Africa but it isn’t possible to take the Africa out of the orc. If the caption hadn’t been there, I would have assumed the photo was from Chicongo or New York. Obligatory gang sign, black garments, hoodie, and vacant dead stare. Only 17 yrs old and already achieved his first successful (known) murder. Next after a very brief incarceration look for his first rap album contract, along with some Bentleys and the mandatory gold grill with matching gold chains. Didn’t take long for that young orcling to start aping his brothers in crime.

  3. Shall we open a betting pool about the punishment?

    I say: misspent youth, clinically insane, insane asylum and everything free for the next three years. Then he will be quietly released. And we will find out only if he commits another deed.
    What do you say?

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