Send in the Army!

It looks like Endgame is fast approaching for Modern Multicultural Sweden. Municipal leaders in the Gothenburg — the country’s second-largest city — are calling for the army to be sent in to control cultural enrichment in the city’s gang-ridden no-go zones.

The call for military intervention isn’t coming from the WAYCISTS of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats), but from representatives of Moderaterna (the Moderates), the nominally center-right party of former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

That’s how serious the situation is.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Moderaterna in Gothenburg: Send in the military against the gangs

After recent serious violence in the Gothenburg suburb of Hjällbo, Hampus Magnussen, the municipal counselor (M) in Gothenburg, is proposing that the military should be deployed against gang criminals in a motion voted through by Moderaterna (Moderates) in Western Sweden. In the autumn, the proposal will be considered at the Moderates party meeting.

“We have a police authority that is under enormous pressure and in many ways is at a disadvantage. So we think that the military can support them in many tasks where they have relevant training, such as setting up roadblocks and searching vehicles,” says Hampus Magnusson to Dagens Samhälle.

Presently, the Swedish military cannot be used on the grounds that “there is a risk that it could use force or violence against individuals,” according to the provision on defense forces support to civilian activity, something the Moderates in Western Sweden want to change.

“It is my absolute judgment that there must be a change in legislation. What is happening today in Sweden where individual policemen’s homes are being fired at, and there are explosions at police stations, is the domestic terrorism of our times,” says Magnussen to Dagens Samhälle.

Magnusson’s proposal is supported by the municipal board chairman in Gothenburg, Axel Josefson (M).

“This is a way that can help the absolutely acute police shortage we have in Sweden, where we want to go back to a system in which you can use emergency police who can support the police in special incidents, and it will naturally be under police leadership,” says Josefson to Expressen.

26 thoughts on “Send in the Army!

  1. Oh, god, this is rich.
    This is why I gave up writing political satire in ’17. You cannot make crap like this up.
    I gave it up after the house of lords morals whip was caught on camera in the hookers pink bra, snarfing coke off said hookers afterbody, guzzling Champaign, and gloating that the tax payers get stuffed with the bill.
    So. The wokester feminazi’s have had enough cultural enrichment, and are calling for the evil, mostly white, ethnic Swede’s of the army to save them.
    Bravo! Were I the Swede CDS, I’d refuse. Stew in your own juice, cucks.

  2. “the nominally center-right party of former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.”

    From vague distant memory wasn’t this the guy who said that if we are tolerant etc of them now they are in the minority they will be tolerant etc of us when we are in the minority???

    Lovely blond daughters too if I recall……. They’ll have value in the predicted Reinfeldt order….

  3. ” use force or violence”…. well, this is what armed forces are made for.
    But before action, they should study a bit of islamic warfare. As soon as they encounter serious resistance, they will withdraw or arrange cease fires.
    This would be the moment when those soldiers will have to browse each and every home for drugs and weapons. The homeowners will be crying and rolling on the floor like toddlers to arouse pity, but to no avail!!!
    The only language they understand is brutal force.

    • Search? House to house?
      No, no, no.
      This is why white folks invented aerial carpet bombing, and massed artillery fires…and Phosgene, Napalm, Mustard, VX, Willy Pete and HEU-jacketed three-stage Hydrogen Bombs.
      Do it properly, or not at all!

      • Finally! Someone who thinks of Victory instead of half measures ensuring we have to do it all over again later. There is no substitute for TOTAL VICTORY. I’ll hoist a glass of good bourbon for a 3rd world free western world.

        • There is no substitute for Massive Overkill when defeating Threats To The Species. Personally, being Russell-type classical liberal, I prefer clever solutions where one is not required to kill stupendous quantities of dimwits; taking out the USSR comes to mind. But some times you just have to use a lot of heat.
          Whatever. Hit what you’re aiming at, and make it count.
          Failing to End the Threat Decisively causes needless casualties, incurs enormous societal damage, and is an inevitable death-sentence for all humanity.
          This is Death by Government, or Democide; and rates as a Survival Situation.
          Clearly, our States are committing Democide on an monstrous scale, and I see no clever way out of this entire marxo-muzzo-globohomo-bug situation.
          This is going to take a lot of heat to fix. Everyone had better come to grips with it.

          • Make no mistake my friend, a massive culling is coming and all rules will go out the window as our western species will have no choice, them or us, and vengeance must be profound and absolute.

      • you are right! It would take thousands of ” feet on the ground” at enormous expenses.

  4. Army under police leadership will never work . The police just want to let the army do the dirty work and take the blame for any and all the bad incidents.
    I would strongly suggest to hire some assassins to take out the gangs leaders every year and make it a tradition until it is cleaned up. The elimination process is known to work.

    • Heck! Just hire me, I’ll bring in about 200 hard ruthless men and keep out the press and total comm shutdown and I’ll have that area pacified in a week, maybe two if we take our time.

      • I am volunteer 201.

        But you can bet on it: Even if Sweden would allow something like that, the other european countries will persecute anybody who took part in it.
        They will call it Genocide, crimes against humanity (did the muslims ever behave according to those rules? I am reminded of the Supreme court case Hayner vs USA, where it was ruled that criminals do not need to tell the government that they possess weapons illegally because it would violate their 5th Amendment right not to incriminate themselves.)

        • Excellent! Welcome aboard! As for so called genocide, weaselly words to keep us from total Victory. There is only warfare and Victory, that is it. Let me explain something, warfare beats lawfare if you have ruthless men to make those of lawfare fear you.

          • We are not discussing wiping out all of humanity, which is genocide; a practice our states are familiar with, and are pursuing vigorously right now.
            This discussion is about pest control, or invasive vermin amelioration, or taking out the trash.
            Number one on the list should be effecting a dramatic reduction of Marxists, preferably by short rope, starting with marxist ‘educators’, ‘elected officials’ and informers.
            A great start would be loudly demanding Nuremberg2, UNEXIT, and capital sanction for elected and appointed officials colluding with un-elected plutocrats to grossly violate citizens human rights, and undermine rule of law.
            But, I’d settle for a million-strong mob action.

          • Kojo, It is because of Nuremberg that we are in this mess in the first place. Use military tribunals for all communists and feminaxi agitators. Job done, then declare open season on all 3rd worlders and they will leave.

      • I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

        • Then no one can be King of the rubble for a thousands years, where is the fun in that?

    • Bounties for every invader phallus.

      At least they wouldn’t be doing anymore raping or miscegenation even if they were to survive such emasculations.

  5. Nothing will change until the gate keepers, who welcomed the culture enrichers in, are permanently removed. No sense in blaming wolves for being wolves and doing what wolves do.

    • Most sensible comment I saw here, up to now. The only interesting thing here is, that a local top politician from the second largest party (by current share of supporters) makes such claims — he would not have dared a year ago. But now the “conservative” parties M and KD have made clear that they would form a government with support of the Sweden Democrats. Question is, whether these three will get enough votes, next elections are in autumn 2022 at the latest.

      But the parallel societies that cause so many problems are here and these problems are now discussed rather openly. Can’t see how red/green could solve them; I guess time is running out for those fools … Sweden will sort this out, in cold blood if necessary and based on law where possible. Tempted to say: more German than we Germans. And they have the advantage they did not get re-edcuated.

      • You ain’t going to vote your way out of this, that time came and went with good times, now the bad times are coming and it will be up to the ruthless men to sort it all out. Time to be the Wolf so quit being sheep depending on your inferiors to protect you and yours and get the job done yourself.

        • You mean ruthless as Germany may have been in the thirties? What was the result?

          • There is only total Victory, or your replacement and extinction by 3rd worlders. The fact that you are afraid to get your hands dirty to throw out the trash surely shows just how weak, decadent and feckless the west has become. There is no one who is going to save you, get it yet?

    • Then start being the Wolf and start sorting it out, forget what the sheep say, for they drove off the sheepdogs because they said they don’t need them any longer.

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