The Imaginary ICU Bed Crisis

One of the notable characteristics of the Coronamadness has been the confabulation of alarming statistics by the health authorities. If governments were unable to find sufficiently dire COVID statistics, they simply made them up. Or, more accurately, they provided incentives for functionaries farther down the food chain to fabricate the requisite data.

In the United States the federal government paid hospitals $13,000 for every patient under their care that died of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Well, son of a bitch! Can you believe it? Hospitals managed to find a heck of a lot of people who died of COVID-19. It was amazing how many motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents ended up dying of Corona.

Something similar was afoot in Germany. The German government needed alarming statistics about a lack of ICU beds in hospitals, so it dished out more money to hospitals with ICU bed shortages. Well, son of a bitch! It turned out that a lot of hospitals had a severe shortage of beds in their intensive care units. Who could have imagined it?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this report from Bild, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The Intensive Care Bed Lie — Were the numbers manipulated? Hello and welcome to The BILD Live.
00:03   My name is Patricia Platiel. —And my name is Celine Koch.
00:07   It is one of the biggest scandals of this Corona crisis.
00:11   It is the number that millions of Germans trusted — the number of occupied Intensive Care beds.
00:17   It has now emerged that some hospitals used tricks to receive more government funds.
00:22   It’s so incredible Patricia, because all the Corona measures were a result of and based on
00:30   these numbers. These numbers determined our lives on a daily basis during the Corona crisis.
00:36   Now we have a lot of questions. —You’ll get the whole story with us right now from
00:40   our Political Editor, Jan Schäfer. And Filipp Piatov is also here, our Opinion Editor at The Bild.
00:45   Welcome. In front of you is the government report. What does it say?
00:50   Yes, I’ll just jump into it. This is the first page from the report issued by
00:54   the Federal Court of Auditors, which was submitted to the budget committee of the German Bundestag
00:59   and it is really politically explosive. Let’s remember what happened on April 16, 2021.
01:06   Chancellor Merkel gave a speech in the Bundestag promoting the legislation
01:10   for Federal Emergency Brake, which included curfews, and she based that on the cry for help
01:14   from intensive care physicians. She said they were sending out one cry after another for help,
01:18   and that number of occupied intensive care beds was considered the hard data.
01:22   Data that couldn’t be manipulated. This number was considered more reliable than the case incident
01:26   numbers, and now this report, on page 29, clearly states this is simply not true.
01:32   The Federal Court of Auditors reveals here, I’ll gladly show the decisive page 29 here.
01:38   This is where the Federal Court of Auditors states that the RKI,
01:41   the Robert Koch Institute had already informed
01:44   Jens Spahn’s Health Ministry in January, sounding the alarm, saying that they were aware
01:52   of numerous hospitals reporting more patients than they had
01:56   or reporting that there weren’t enough beds available.
01:59   The reason for this is quite simple. There were financial incentives.
02:03   Any hospital with less than 25% ICU capacity received financial compensation.
02:11   This means, if fewer beds were reported or that not many beds were available or
02:16   more were full, which ever way you view it, compensation payments were made.
02:21   Meaning the federal government created a law with the second rescue package in November
02:26   that enticed hospitals to report more, to depict the situation in the intensive care units
02:34   as more dramatic than it was and some hospitals, or rather, MANY hospitals took advantage of this.
02:41   Filipp, you’ve already answered many of our questions, but the first question on my mind
02:45   absolutely has to do with all the measures. I’m just thinking about how our daily lives changed
02:50   During this Corona crisis. How is it justifiable Jan?
02:55   Could we have lived completely differently?
03:00   Certainly, we could have led our daily lives completely differently, and we should have
03:04   been living differently in light of these numbers that Filipp just mentioned.
03:08   As a backdrop, hospitals in Germany suffered during the Corona pandemic. Every second hospital
03:14   suffered year-end losses. Hospital managers apparently found a way to get additional money.

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