Palestinians vs. Israel: The Berlin Front

The videos below show two different aspects of the spillover of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into Germany. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

First, a pro-Palestinian demonstration last weekend in Berlin:

Jörg Meuthen is the federal spokesman for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the second video Mr. Meuthen addresses the Bundestag about the need to support Israel in its response against Palestinian violence:

Video transcript #1:

00:25   This a repeat announcement directed at people on the Sonnenallee.
00:29   Please behave cooperatively and show officers proof of your accommodation.
02:02   I would say very aggressive. People here are speaking Arabic, so I understand relatively little,
02:07   but the atmosphere is very aggressive. People were told to leave the area. —Lying press.
02:12   He’s just blabbering a lot. —Some are shouting “lying press”. —What a bunch of garbage.
02:15   He’s just talking s***. —We need to leave. Luckily police are nearby.
02:55   As you can see, now stones are being thrown, as well as firecrackers and smoke bombs.
03:01   The situation is escalating and the police
03:05   are breaking up the march. Fireworks were also shot at us just now.
03:09   The police are having difficulty dispersing the demonstrators, so they randomly grab people
03:14   out of the demonstration for not following the Corona hygiene rules,
03:18   which aren’t being followed at all.
03:21   These arrests caused a massive attack with bottles being thrown at the police.
03:26   It was completely absurd. Bottles flying in every direction.
03:30   Railings from a nearby construction site were thrown, which hit other demonstrators.
03:35   In Berlin, 3,500 people took part in the largest of three demonstrations, showing their support
03:39   for the Palestinians. It began peacefully,
03:43   but during the course of the demonstration tensions increased.
03:47   Police registration of numerous violations of Corona hygiene ordinance.
03:51   Demonstrators did not practice social distancing
03:54   and many weren’t wearing masks, and for that reason
03:57   the police had to disperse the demonstration. —This demonstration is being dispersed.
04:01   Following that, the clashes began. Bottles and stones were thrown at the police.
04:05   Fireworks were thrown.
04:08   The police responded with pepper spray.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Madam President, the rocket terror from Hamas, and the aggression
00:06   that originates from them, directed against the Israeli population, is deeply shocking.
00:11   Being German, I have been appalled and disgusted by the anti-Jewish slogans
00:16   that have roared unhindered and loudly through our cities for the last few days.
00:20   Even here in this parliament, the left-wing Green and Islamic anti-Semitism
00:26   window dressed as “criticism of Israel” is fueled and encouraged by quite a few.
00:32   Israeli victims are relativized, propaganda is spread, and Israel demonized.
00:38   To all of you, I say: Absolutely nothing can justify this terror against Israel!
00:46   For us, unlike many others, this is not simply lip service.
00:51   Our unwavering solidarity is with Israel, now, more than ever, and that includes
00:57   the many Jewish people here in Europe. We stand against hatred and violence
01:01   to protect Jewish lives, allowing them to live in freedom everywhere in the world.
01:06   We want lasting peace in the Holy Land. The EU should no longer be permitted to
01:12   continue indirectly financing extremists of Hamas and Fatah and de facto
01:17   the terror against Israel, through purported aid payments.
01:22   Our full solidarity is with Israel in this struggle for the inalienable right to exist. Thank you.

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  1. Vote AFD, it’s is a only hope for Germany, very very sad what this clowns in Bundestag did to this country, unimaginable.

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