Lampedusa is Full Up

I’ve been covering the immigration crisis in the Mediterranean, with a special emphasis on the landings at the island of Lampedusa, since 2007. The rate of flow has fluctuated, but the numbers have trended gradually and steadily upwards. There was a big spike during the Arab Spring in 2011, when the late Muammar Qaddafi made good on his threat to unleash the African hordes on Europe (after which Hillary Clinton and the CIA arranged for his demise). The Great Migration Crisis of 2015 caused an even higher surge.

A symbiosis between organized-crime human traffickers and migrant-“rescue” NGOs brought the flood of “refugees” to its current catastrophic level. The business is fabulously lucrative for everyone involved, so as long as the EU continues its open-borders policies, the migrants will keep on coming. What used to be a month’s worth of arrivals in Lampedusa fifteen years ago is now the traffic of a single weekend.

The two articles below provide details on the latest landings of African migrants on Italian territory. First, from Corriere della Sera, translated by Gary Fouse:

Migrants: At Lampedusa, 1,200 landings in a few hours. Salvini: “Immediate meeting with Draghi”

Nine consecutive arrivals with “sea carts”: Hotspot immediately full and the emergency returns to the island. The mayor is bitter. “Don’t call it an emergency, it was all foreseen.” Meloni: “This requires a naval blockade.”

by Salvo Toscano

The emergency returns to Lampedusa with 1,200 refugees arriving within a few hours, thanks also to the good weather. And the political polemic is also returning, with the secretary of the Lega, Matteo Salvini, who calls for the intervention of Premier Draghi. “A meeting with President Draghi is necessary,” he says, “with millions of Italians in difficulty, we cannot think about thousands of illegals (already 12,000 landed since the beginning of the year).” The leader of Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia), Giorgia Meloni, speaks instead of a naval blockade. “We don’t want to get used to this type of news. Illegal immigration will be stopped. The smugglers must be stopped as well as the immigration NGOs who take advantage of the tragedies.” “Europe, take action,” added Alessandro Battilocchio, a deputy for Forza Italia [Silvio Berlusconi’s party] and in charge of the Department of Immigration of the blue movement.

The Day

Look at what has happened. In the course of a few hours, more than one thousand migrants have arrived on the island of Pelagie in 9 different waves. The last two between noon and one pm. First, a patrol boat of the Captain of the Port brought 97 migrants to the commercial pier, of various ethnicities, all men, intercepted two nautical miles from Lampedusa on a wooden boat, 10 meters long, with an outboard motor. Less than one hour later, a patrol boat of the Guardia di Finanza escorted 38 Tunisian migrants to Favaloro pier, including two women and a child, who were found on a wooden boat of about 8 meters. In the fifth of seven disembarkations brought to Favaloro pier, 398 migrants of various nationalities, among them 24 women and 6 children, who were found on a broken-down fishing boat.

The Reactions

“Alarming situations,” says Nicola Molteni, Undersecretary of Interior, at Agrigento today for the beatification of Rosario Livatino, who asks for “a European response, totally absent today.” All the migrants have been taken to the hotspot of the island, which was empty and has rapidly been refilled to the limit. “I heard from the Ministry of Interior, and they told me that the quarantine ships have left,” the mayor of Lampedusa, Toto Martello, says to Corriere. “Just one thing: Let’s not talk about this thing as if it were an emergency; it is not, it was all foreseen and predictable.”

The second article is from PolitikStube, and was translated by Hellequin GB:

Lampedusa hotspot already full again: Over 500 illegals landed in a few hours

Only a few days ago the hotspot on Lampedusa had almost been emptied, with 723 illegal migrants distributed or quartered in hotels, in a luxury resort and on a cruise ship. One could already anticipate that the initial reception facility would fill up again in no time at all.

Landings in Sicily continue: more than 500 migrants land in Lampedusa. There are 415 migrants who landed in Lampedusa in two different boats. The first 20-meter-long wooden boat with 325 people on board was intercepted eight miles off Lampedusa.

The second boat, intercepted five miles offshore, was escorted to Favaloro pier by a Guardia di Finanza patrol boat. On board were 90 migrants of various nationalities, 83 men, 6 women and a little girl. The two groups were led to the hotspot, which was empty.

At 8:45am a patrol boat from the Guardia di Finanza escorted another 16 migrants of Tunisian nationality, all men, on a wooden boat about six meters long with an outboard motor. This means that the number of migrants who have arrived in Lampedusa on four boats in the past few hours has risen to 529. All have been moved to the island’s hotspot.


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  1. Germany is destroying Europe for a third time !!, Italians rise up !!, dark times are coming in the speedy way , crime against Europeans, ..

    • No, it is not the normal German. It is Merkel and her cronies, supported by the leftwing loonies.

      Someone left the door at the insane asylum wide open.
      But not only in Germany.

      • Wait if Greens win !!, be afraid very afraid, they are pro asylum , pro “ refugees “ pro everything what’s insane , just wait to September..

        • Embrace the suck, nobody gets out of life alive, so let the commie greens take over and run the country into the ground, for then the hard rough men will take over and do what is necessary to make might great again.

  2. Y’know, if they won’t sink the damn boats, then they should use the invaders as unpaid and unskilled labor.
    Have them build and operate their camp, do the unskilled labor on infrastructure, etc.
    If they don’t build their camp, they they live in tents.
    If they don’t work, they don’t eat.
    Work them to exhaustion every day, feed them adequate, if bland, food.
    Let them know that it only ends when they go back or when they die.

    • Having them do unskilled labor would require others to supervise them and would likely be detrimental to any business or individual their labor was in competition with.

      If the objective is to just maintain them as pets instead of ejecting them from Europe, better to just pen them in a giant open air prison camp and deliver their rations by kicking bags out of a helicopter and leave the problem of distribution to the strongest and the most ruthless. Allow them to return to their country of origin at their government’s expense.

    • They never ever will be working, they came to live from tax payers money, selling drugs and for bonus rape the young girls, the are all illegal, if civil war not started soon , Europe is over so over, !! this EU. Mafia scum working 24/7 to destroying our culture and our way of life, it’s so sad ..

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