Corona Rules

The extent to which the Wuhan Coronavirus has degraded and deformed civil society is hard to comprehend because we’re still in the middle of it. The magnitude of the damage may not become evident for a generation or two, when our descendants look back in horror on what we have inflicted on ourselves (and them).

The three videos below deal with various aspects of the response to the COVID-19 crisis. The first is a report on a young student in Italy who was effectively carted off to the loony bin for refusing to wear a mask in school.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video shows the devastation of the living circumstances of an elderly woman (either 87 or 97 years old; it’s not clear) in a nursing home in Switzerland, all in the name of keeping her “safe”.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The final video reports on a new wave of coronavirus infections in France among those who have been vaccinated against the disease.

I’ve read theoretical explanations by immunologists about why this occurs. The prevailing “vaccines” use messenger RNA to cause the body’s cells to generate the “spike protein” contained in the Wuhan Coronavirus. This prompts the immune system to develop antibodies that react to the spike protein, so when the virus enters the body the antibodies attack it.

The vaccine contains no nucleotides, so it does not induce the body to produce T-cells, which supply long-term immunity to the disease. People who contract COVID-19 under natural circumstances develop T-cells in response, which give them long-lasting resistance to the disease. In contrast, antibodies produced as a result of the mRNA “vaccine” are only present in the bloodstream for a limited time, leaving the vaccinated vulnerable to the disease later on.

At least that’s my understanding of the process. Readers who are more knowledgeable about immunology may want to correct my summary.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   An 18-year-old student from the Olivetti High School in Fano refused to wear a mask in the classroom.
00:05   “The law that imposes the mask as personal safety device is unconstitutional,”
00:08   said the student as reason for his gesture.
00:11   Then he chained himself to a desk. Law enforcement and an ambulance subsequently arrived.
00:16   The municipal police took him to the Santa Croce Hospital; then he was moved
00:20   to the Muraglia Hospital where he underwent a TSO [mandatory medical treatment]. Vito Inserra,
00:24   the President of the Association Liberamente asked that this young man be returned home,
00:28   so he and his family can be treated with the closeness and care worthy of a civil country.
00:32   The debate rapidly spread at the national level and provoked protests,
00:36   especially for the choice of putting the boy under a TSO.
00:39   “We are supposed to shed light on this case with neither turmoil nor bias,”
00:43   wrote the Lega senator Armando Siri on his social media.
00:46   It deals with a very delicate and sensitive issue, since it is about a boy.
00:54   Unfortunately, the information that the media spread do not always match reality,
00:57   since it is necessary to be gentle, at times.
01:00   And we take the risk that the public may overreact.
01:06   This boy has to be safeguarded. I am a parent myself above all,
01:11   and I perfectly understand how delicate this situation is, and that it needs to be taken care of.
01:17   And the debate must not be hijacked, since it deals with
01:24   episodes that had nothing to do with the mask issue.
01:32   Nevertheless, this matter really concerns me as a mayor, as a person and as a parent.
01:40   That said, everyone has to do their job with the due respect, sensitivity and care.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   I cannot even go to visit my next-door neighbour.
00:05   We cannot chat; I am locked up inside the whole time.
00:09   It’s not a life at 97 years old. Is this because of that virus?
00:13   Yes, I understand it well, but my neighbour has not got the virus…
00:17   … nor do I. We could meet from time to time.
00:21   Isolation and strict banning of any contact.
00:25   In France, Since March, most residents of nursing homes have not been allowed to leave their rooms.
00:31   Consequently some refuse to eat, as does this 87-year old lady.
00:37   She has lost 6 kg in one month.
00:41   She is slipping away from us. She is giving herself up little by little.
00:45   She is letting herself die, in a way.
00:49   Her husband is only allowed to visit her from a distance.
00:53   She comes out here on the balcony, on the ground floor.
00:57   And here she is, Juliette. The nursing home no longer wants to accept this,
01:01   and demands a relaxation of these measures.
01:05   From now on, Monsieur Lebeau is allowed to visit his wife in a room.
01:09   SRF News (Swiss Media) to share.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   The problem is that over the last few days
00:03   an important phenomenon has appeared in several nursing homes
00:07   all over France, for example in Montpellier, in the Sarte, in Rheims,
00:12   in the Moselle. At several places
00:15   the epidemic has resumed among the vaccinated,
00:18   among vaccinated the civil servants. I remind you that the nursing home residents
00:23   were the first ones vaccinated starting in January.
00:26   They have had both doses, so the protection is really
00:29   Significant, and it is not a default of protection
00:32   connected to a recent vaccination, I am told.
00:35   So they tell me, “It is old people.” I understand,
00:38   but in fact we cannot see it among the young, because
00:41   the young have not yet been vaccinated,
00:44   but it is quite important information,
00:47   because there are not many severe forms, there are some,
00:50   but there is great fatigue, a respiratory insufficiency; they eat less
00:55   there are phenomena of malnutrition.
00:58   This absolutely calls into question the “protection”,
01:01   and this means that there is circulating…
01:04   …the information from the Institut Pasteur is that these are English viruses,
01:09   and studies are underway to see if these could be variations
01:12   of English variations, if you will,
01:15   but anyway, it is important to take this news
01:19   into consideration, and I believe the main message here is that even when vaccinated,
01:23   let’s be very careful with our contacts, and let’s continue
01:27   with our preventive measures. We will look more closely at these nursing homes
01:30   …we will take a closer look, because it’s important information.

6 thoughts on “Corona Rules

  1. Here is an interesting piece of news from the Russian-language news in Germany. I don’t know if it’s true or Putin’s propaganda.
    If this is true, then it is also not surprising – the Germans know a lot about genocide.
    New problem: Germany suspends vaccinations in refugee shelters

    Until now, migrant shelters have used the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which in Germany will now only be used for people aged 60 and over.

    As stated in the resolution of the conference of ministers of health on Monday, politicians are serious about “reported cases of cerebral vein thrombosis in connection with vaccinations with Johnson & Johnson.” Similar to the Astrazeneca vaccine, several cases of thrombosis have already been reported. For this reason, the Standing Commission on Vaccinations has suggested using the drug only “for people over 60 years of age.”

    According to the Senate administration, vaccination campaigns on the premises of the State Office for Refugees (LAF) and people in homeless facilities have been suspended.

    “We are currently looking for a quick alternative to continuing vaccination campaigns in refugee shelters and homeless facilities. The people who live there belong to particularly vulnerable groups because of their living conditions, ”the official statement reads. Senator for Social Affairs Elke Breitenbach pointed to obstacles in vaccinating refugees.

  2. “Italy who was effectively carted off to the loony bin for refusing to wear a mask in school.” The boy has more common sense and sanity than all the graft taking loony overpaid police in Italy who daily carry out the Satanic Covid lock down mask wearing regime of the gangsters running the government.

  3. “a young student in Italy who was effectively carted off to the loony bin for refusing to wear a mask in school”

    — This is a known commie method! It happened in Hungary to some people under the Soviet rule, before 1989: if someone criticized the political system he / she could end up in a psych ward where they got electric shock “treatment”, haloperidol and other turtures. Then they were put under state guardianship for ever, after made and diagnosed crazy.

    Some of them are still alive — there was a report on the Hungarian TV recently — they are old men who live like vegetables because their brains got destroyed. One famous tortured hero is László Rusai:

    • Actually EVERYBODY gets [shock]therapy who refuses to wear the muzzle:

      It is almost impossible to buy food or travel without it and if you refuse to wear it in public places people scream at you, they call the security or the police, or the bus does not start from the stop. ETC.

      So what happened to the Italian boy is not the exception, it is the rule.

  4. Maybe people get ill from the ‘vaccines’ and then they get [mis]diagnosed with Corona.

    After all, The Great Corona Lie has not stopped… so it is impossible to know what is true in this TV report — maybe nothing, maybe some parts…

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