The Ordeal of Blattelito Smollett

Last month I reported on a “Swedish” thug named Abbe Abdalla Alsaadi, more commonly known by the nickname “Blattelito”. He had been convicted of murdering his girlfriend, only to have the charge reduced by an appellate court. He was paroled after serving 2.5 years of a 3.5-year sentence.

Blattelito has been all over Swedish news for the last few days. He was reportedly kidnapped and tortured, and pictures of his supposed ordeal were posted on social media. He “escaped” from his captors the same day, and was found by police.

After initially opening an investigation into abduction and aggravated assault, police are now focusing on charges related to filing a false report. It seems that Mr. Alsaadi has made himself the Jussie Smollett of Sweden.

Gary Fouse has translated three articles about the Blattelito affair. The first, from Samhällsnytt, is an early report about his purported abduction:

Bloody pictures spread of murder suspect Blattelito — Reportedly tortured

The murder suspect and social media figure Abbe Abdalla Alsaadi, better known under the name, “Blattelito”, was recently released early on parole after serving two-thirds of his prison sentence in connection with a 29-year-old mother of a small child being found dead. After mocking the Swedish judiciary for months, now bloody images are shown on social media profiles.

Samhällsnytthad drawn attention to the social media influencer’s scornful video clip on social media after the Svea appeals court overturned the Solna court’s sentence of 18 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. The appeals court ruled that the prosecutor had succeeded in showing that Alsaadi injected Annie with Tramadol, but not in what amount.

That resulted in a prison sentence of 18 years, reduced to 3.5 years for aggravated breach of the peace against a woman, two counts of abuse, aggravated weapons offense, two counts of illegal threats, sexual harassment, aggravated slander, libel, minor drug offenses, minor doping offenses, arbitrary conduct and five counts of vandalism.

Blattelito, who is of Iraqi background, brags how he has “f***ed the whole system’s father” with reference to the Swedish judiciary. Furthermore, Blattelito has also described Swedish prison as “a hotel-worst luxury”.

In addition to attacks against the judiciary, Blattelito continues, as usual, with his activities and profile as gangster in spite of the events linked to the death of the mother of a small child.

Bloody Images Seen

The profile post strikes many as scornful and has resulted in many comments with the message that karma will punish him in the future. Now images are disseminated of what appears to be a kidnapping situation where the social media figure sits bound with tape over his mouth.

Blattelito, who normally posts material on his social media account several times a day, has not updated it since yesterday. Expressen checked with police to confirm whether a kidnapping took place, but police reported to the newspaper that they have no knowledge of the event.

Recent beating

At the end of January, video clips circulated on social media and on YouTube which showed how Blattelito visited the so-called vulnerable area of Hjällbo in Gothenburg, where he was then attacked by a gang.

Below is a video where Blattelito is shown being beaten:

[See the original article for the video. Video caption: “This is for Annie, Abbe Blattelito.”]

The second article, from Fria Tider, was published after Blattelito miraculously escaped from his kidnappers:

Freed Blattelito: “They connected me to a battery”

February 13, 2021

The immigrant figure and influencer [social media figure] Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi, who was acquitted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Annie Andersson, was kidnapped and tortured by a gang of “small kids”, who, among other things, connected him to a car battery. That is what he himself says in a video.

According to the immigrant figure, the kidnapping and torture was about money. He was forced to tell where he kept money, he states in the video, after which he was able to escape from the “amateurs” who tried to guard him somewhere out in the woods.

He stated among other things that he broke into a cabin in a “slightly secret” place and then rested in the cabin, after which he was able to trek a long way out of the woods without shoes, and finally make it home.

In the video Blattelito also says he regrets that everyone who was hoping that he was dead will now be disappointed.

According to the police website, authorities have initiated an investigation into suspected kidnapping and extremely serious beating. The case is being led by Norrköping and Police Region East.

The final article, also from Fria Tider, was published earlier today. It concerns the police investigation into suspicions that Mr. Alsaadi had pulled a smollett on the authorities:

“Blattelito” suspected of false alarm

February 15, 2021

Alsaadi is one of those suspected of false alarm after it was alleged that he was kidnapped and beaten this weekend, reports Corren.

This weekend pictures were disseminated on the internet of social media influencer Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi in which he was bound and bloody. But “Blattelito” had not been kidnapped, according to Expressen, which earlier today reported that the investigation into kidnapping and especially aggravated abuse will be discontinued.

Instead, three persons are suspected of filing a false report, which may result in up to one year in prison. According to Corren, “Blattelito” is one of the suspects.

Police had reportedly already found him on Saturday, the same day the pictures were disseminated, together with two other persons.

All the suspects know each other.

Photos and a video of the alleged kidnapping are reported to have been found on a phone that belongs to a friend of “Blattelito”, and who himself has a large account on Instagram, writes Expressen.

“Blattelito” says he cannot understand how he can be a suspect since, according to his own statement, he neither took nor leaked the pictures.

Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi was sentenced in April 2019 to 18 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Annie Andersson, who was left to die in a bathtub. The appeals court sentenced him instead to only 3.5 years in prison for among other things, aggravated violation of a woman’s rights. After 2.5 years in prison he was released on parole in November of last year.

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  1. Hmmm? Allegedly severely beaten but not a drop of blood
    On his immaculately clean grey shirt?

    Remember the days when Sweden was for the Swedish
    People only? Happy days!

    • Allegedly severely beaten? Not beaten severely enough for me…

      If I had to guess, I would say it appears that he didn’t suffer anything worse than an accident involving St Greta of Thunberg – Patron Saint of the Age of Stupid, and a ketchup bottle. Maybe he understands the gullibility of his fellow Swedes if he really expects them to believe that a couple of his hard, pipe-hitting gangstas worked him over with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch and that is all he has to show for it. If he had instead said he was beaten up by Saint Greta I might have believed that based off of his contrived photos.

  2. The West just gave up didn’t it. Man don’t those Muslims know it. What’s left (sic) of our children will have to deal with the new nations of Muslims –
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    • The west isn’t given up, our so called leaders have. In case you haven’t noticed? But the people are starting to get angry at their treatment from not only their own governments but these 3 rd world sub human savages. Human nature being what it is, it is only a matter of time where you will see action squads of natives doing very nasty and brutal things to these sub humans and their marxist so called betters. We are tribal for a bloody reason and nature abhors a vacuum.
      What I find rather curious is, when these sub human savages act up in eastern european nations, including ost Germany, the people have a tendency to take care of the problem themselves and refuse to call the authorities. These 3rd worlders disappear all the time there for some odd reason. Interesting no?

  3. The only thing I see is ketchup.
    No deep cuts, not even a shallow cut.
    Sorry, a fake crime.

    I am very disappointed in the justice system for not punishing him for the murder the right way.

    Baron, you may know US history better than me, but what happened around 1851 to 1856 in San Francisco?
    Wasnt it that US citizens were so fed up with the justice system that they decided to do it themselves – you know applying and administering justice?

  4. If that had happened to one of mine, nobody here could ever possibly imagine what I would do to that sub human savage. Think Saint Vlad “Lord Impaler” Tepes, on steroids.

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